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Saturday, 4 April 2020


Music CEO Ubi Franklin had a live chat session with Big brother season 4 winner Mercy Eke on Friday March 4th.......

The chat:

Ubi: A lot of people are asking me to ask you about your relationship with Tacha, from what I have seen so far I think you guys are good. One thing I really want to do is ask you in front of this video right now is to call all your fans to stop being violent on social media....
I see a lot of clashes because I did a lot of research on you before I came to talk to you and if I ever get Tacha to talk to me right now I'll tell her the same thing.
Anything that happened between you and Tacha I'm sure you have forgiven her and from your heart, you know you've won the game

But for you right now I'll want you to look into the camera and tell your fans to stop being violent to stop calling people out of their names on social media
The game is done, you've won, so let's enjoy winning not enjoy dragging other people, please I want you to do that it's very important .....

Mercy: Okay I'm going to do that but first of all, you said you did a lot of research, and I know everybody knows I don't like trouble, I don't look for people's trouble

Ubi: I know that definitely

Mercy: A person attracts the kind of people that is like you, so what am trying to say is that, I think my mercenaries are like me, I don't act until i am pushed, not like am trying to defend them no...

I might just be looking at you, then one dey I'll provoke, that my own might louder than the one you've been doing for a decade. I might be taking it but when I do something I might be the bad person , I feel like that's my mercenaries I know they stay on their lanes ..

They like to support me and do everything but then when I'm been ridiculed, when I'm been slut shamed or called all sorts of names that's when they'll start defending me. I call it defense I think that's what mercenaries means

: I want to tell you something I've been in the Nigerian industry for up to 15 years and I'll tell you something I've seen artists come and go ....

There are artists today that their fans will Never fight for them again because their time has passed..
The same mercenaries you have today, most of them were Spartans that's ceec. You know it's the same fan base you all share::

They like you based on what they see on TV, they always defend you.
Mercy I wanna tell you on this live chat right now,People have called me the worst names in this life But what is more important to me is what I call myself and that is the advice I'll give .......

Today in Nigeria, in the world, every girl on the streets is an Ashawo' that's what they think so if you think there's a particular fan base that's calling you that, and you don't feel Happy and then your fans are fighting back it's fine but I'll tell you something , make your fans understand that what you call yourself is different from what people call you...

I pray I get whoever is managing Tacha for me to bring her on this show....

Before Tacha went for Big Brother one person ,I never wanted to see on big brother was Tacha, I'll say it her , the reason is because before Tacha went for big brother she was on her page abusing me everyday
I didn't know her from anywhere, iv never met her. I felt really hurt
One day somebody sent me her page and said ''this girl is always abusing you whose this girl?

Why was Tacha abusing me? I'm giving you my own personal experience, she was abusing because she sent me a DM asking me that she wanted to go for big brother and I told there and then that I don't have links to put you on big brother simple! And then after I said that she attacked me, I don't hate her right now but you see, I just feel that was the phase of her life she once had, I'm too busy sitting down to have somebody we're not competing I'll tell you something, you have won big brother, you're a happy person you're fulfilled now but one thing I'll tell you for a fact is that you'll get used to when people call you out on social media, slut shaming you or whatever on social media

Mercy: I'm getting there

Ubi: As I am nothing dey hook me again; I've seen everything, one thing I want you to do is focus on your life , focus on who you are as mercy, you can win: tell your fans to stay calm, tell them that anytime anybody calls you names, they should come and ask you ''Mercy who are you'' then you can remind them that mercy is the winner of big brother, Mercy is a real estate entrepreneur, Mercy is a fashion entrepreneur that is what you should always remind them of not what other people tell them you are.

Mercy: My mercenaries, the people I'm grinding for, the people I'm f**king sh*t for.....
Guys you all know I've always preached peace. Let love lead, there's a lot in this world that we all can achieve as one big family...like they always say, the show has ended, there's life outside the show like there's lot of things happening outside big brother....
Guys let's spread love. Let's love one another,Let's stop the fan with every fan base and know all the fan base are watching us live
You find out that this person I'm not even fighting with him or her.

Please let love lead, let's spread love"

*What nonsense is this?Why not wait to talk to Tacha and then bring up her insulting you everyday with her?why do it with someone she is not in good terms with?Some people need Solomon's wisdom to know how to ask questions.

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