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Monday, 26 August 2019


On Sunday live eviction,Big Brother Naija evicted Gedoni and Jackye from the house after Mike, Seyi, Mercy, Diane, Frodd, Jackie and Gedoni had been selected for possible eviction.

Their dream to own the N60million prize is over.
They are now to be known henceforth as Reality Stars and once out their lives may never be the same again.

Now that Gedoni is out,I guess the S#x aspect of the show that got everyone upset will be a thing of the past and whether his lover Khafi cried as he was evicted or not she will now concentrate on getting the prize

Here is a breakdown of how the votes went:
Mercy- 25:55 %

Mike- 20:60 %

Frodd- 19:20 %

Seyi- 15:69 %

Diane- 11:60 %

Gedoni- 3:98 %

Jackie- 3:38 %

Who is happy with the eviction of these two?


Mercy’s got issued her first strike for provocation and attempted violence on Ike on Saturday night.

Biggie also addressed Tacha’s rudeness to constituted authority. Biggie said she doesn’t answer his calls immediately and she also makes comments under her breath (complaining about being called). Also for telling Joe “fuck you” moments after she was issued her first strike and the manner in which she replies Ebuka. She was issued another strike for violence, disrespect to authority, and undermining the rules of big brother.


Ike sat next to Mercy moments after the live eviction show began. She apologized to him and said she didn’t mean what she said. In her words ” you know my mouth is stupid, you know I’m crazy...I love you,I’m sorry”. Ike apologized for pushing her too. She said it won’t happen again. She said she provoked him and she won’t do such again.

Ebuka asked Esther if her feelings for Frodd were mutual and she said they were. She said they were still getting to know each other and will see how it goes after the house.

Ebuka asked Cindy after the car winning task of Saturday and Cindy said she was happy a lot of the housemates let go of their ribbon. She also said that when they were deliberating about giving the car to charity she was hoping they’ll all drop it and she’ll win.

Ebuka asked Sir Dee about strategies and if he believed some housemates were intentionally hiding in order to go unnoticed in the house. Sir Dee agreed that people were hiding under the radar. He mentioned that thought Esther was but he later realized that that was who she is. He further said that he didn’t think anyone was under the radar anymore. He also said his strategy initially was to be a better person and learn from others but as time went on, the bullshit in the house increased.

Ebuka asked Ike if he was fine and he said he was fine until few minutes ago. His reply to the nature of his relationship with Mercy was that every relationship had their healthy and unhealthy characteristics and that when you have 2 elements of fire there’ll be an explosion. He also said that with time, he believes their relationship would get better. Ebuka asked if the fights will continue and he said everyone fights but they’ll be more careful going forward.

Gedoni was the 11th housemate to leave the BBNaija PepperDem house. He was asked what drew him to Khafi and he said it was her energy because she had this positive vibe to her and is very true to herself and it’s something rare to find in this part of this world. He said at a point, he started investing emotions. He was asked if he was stuck and he said there were times he had to re-evaluate. Ebuka asked him how he felt about Venita and he said he had no feelings towards her and he said he continued going back to her because she was running away from him. He was asked what he enjoyed in the house and he said he enjoyed the games. He was asked if he thought he sold himself enough and he said no because he’s personality time is slow and he learnt more than he expressed. He was asked what next after the house and he said he was going to expand and continue in the fashion line. He was asked who he thought would win and he mentioned Mike.

Jackye was the 12th housemate to leave the BBNaija PepperDem House. Ebuka asked her who she’ll miss most and she said Mike. She said that Mike is like a big brother to her and he was there for her emotionally. She was asked of some of her low moments and she said one was Ike’s incident , when she was trying to stop him from smoking and he ran into the bus and got injured. And she also thought Ebuka was constantly attacking her. And also not being able to control her emotions. She was asked what next and she mentioned her AI project and how she’ll try to make it affordable for SMEs in Nigeria. She was asked who she thinks who win and she said she was routing for Mercy because she wants a lady to win.

Ebuka told Khafi that her win was well deserved as she did the right thing by holding on to her ribbon. He also admonished the housemates to be careful of their choice of words when given tasks and stay competing as that was the reason they were in the house and every other thing should be secondary.

Mercy told elozonam that they were back to normal as her friend Diane escaped eviction. She and Diane faced the camera to thank Nigeria for saving them.

Khafi was sad because Gedoni said “yes” when he was evicted. Mike explained that he was probably just exhausted with all the drama in the house. Khafi said Venita was still making the entire situation about her. Khafi mentioned to Cindy who was consoling her on Gedoni’s eviction that she was surprised Diane was still in the house and Gedoni was gone. She further said that Diane might have been safe because of the situation with Elozonam and that i t’s all part of the game. Cindy agreed with all that she said.


The previous teams were dissolved. New teams were constituted.

Green Team aka Enigma - Seyi, Mike, Ike, Mercy, Elozonam, Diane, Mercy

Red Team aka Legends - Omashola, Sir Dee, Venita, Khafi, Tacha, Esther, Frodd

Ike won the week’s Veto Power Challenge and 100 coins. His teammates also won bonus coins.

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