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Wednesday, 3 June 2020


June 03, 2020 0
Over 200 families  in Isuofia, one of the towns in Aguata Local Government Area in Anambra state on the first day of  June, 2020 rejoiced with great joy and happiness as Mr Jude C. Okeke the *President General of Isuofia* provided beans, tubbers of yam, noodles and other food items as palliatives to cushion the effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Speaking with the founder Zaram life Foundation, Eucheria Onyemaobi stated that Mr Jude instructed her for a fair distribution of the palliative, which should be a two day event.

The first day which started today is home to home distribution of palliatives to the sick and the aged in the community while the second day is for group sharing of not more than thirty (30) people in a group.

 Mr Jude was moved by the sufferings of the people during this period and as a measure to cushion the effect, provided succor to the households, which has put smiles in their faces.

 The Families expressed gratitude and prayers to Zaram Life foundation

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Tuesday, 2 June 2020


June 02, 2020 0
Davido has called Eedris Abdulkareem a ''Meow'' after the veteran rapper praised him as the music industry's "Odogwu".

Eedris Abdulkareem granted an interview with Object TV where he praised Davido and Wizkid as the only "Odogwu" he knows and also apologized to Davido on their past beef.

The veteran rapper also blasted Burna Boy and said he was too arrogant. That he was not the giant of Africa, hence he should calm down, because other past musicians paved the way for him.

Davido however, responded to the interview by calling Eedris a pussy! Meow!!

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June 02, 2020 0
IN CONGO - The World Health Organisation has announced a new outbreak of the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the WHO made the revelation in a tweet on Monday.

He said so far six cases have been identified with four people already dead.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

A new #Ebola outbreak detected in western #DRC, near Mbandaka, Équateur province. @MinSanteRDC has identified 6 cases, of which 4 people have died. The country is also in final phase of battling Ebola in eastern DRC, #COVID19 & the world’s largest measles outbreak.
He said, “A new #Ebola outbreak detected in Western #DRC, near Mbandaka, Équateur province. @MinSanteRDC has identified six cases, of which four people have died.

“The country is also in final phase of battling Ebola in Eastern DRC, #COVID19 and the world’s largest measles outbreak.

“@WHO already has staff in Mbandaka, #DRC supporting the new #Ebola outbreak response

“This outbreak is a reminder that #COVID19 is not the only health threat people face. WHO is continuing to monitor and respond to many health emergencies.”
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Monday, 1 June 2020


June 01, 2020 0
uwavera omozuwa
Image caption
There is outrage in Nigeria following the murder of a 22-year-old student, Uwavera Omozuwa in a church.
The hashtag #JusticeForUwa is trending in Nigeria, with her family appealing for help to track down her killers.
Uwavera had been studying in a "quiet" church near her home in Benin City when she was killed, her sister, Judith, told BBC Pidgin.
The student, who had wanted to become a nurse, died in hospital on Saturday, three days after the attack
Judith Omozuwa said her sister had also been raped.
Her family said they received a call from a woman at the Redeemed Christian Church of God on Wednesday evening.
Uwavera was taken to hospital after a security guard found her, her skirt torn and her shirt covered in blood, Judith Omozuwa said.

'Failure to curb gender-based violence'

However, a police spokesperson in southern Edo State, whose capital is Benin City, told BBC Pidgin that they were treating the incident as a murder, not a rape, case.
The student died following a fight at the church, the spokesperson added, without giving more details.
Presentational grey line
Uwavera had only just been admitted to the University of Benin to study microbiology when she was killed.
She often went to sit and "read" at the church near her house as it was quiet, her sister added.
Unconfirmed reports in local media said a group of men had entered the church, raping Uwavera and hitting her with a fire extinguisher.
On Tuesday, many Nigerians were angered after a policeman allegedly shot dead a 16-year-old girl, Tina Ezekwe, in the commercial capital, Lagos.
The officer was arrested, police said.
On Twitter, many Nigerians expressed concern about the government's failure to tackle gender-based violence, and questioned whether parents were bringing up boys properly.
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Saturday, 30 May 2020


May 30, 2020 0
Teen Nollywood star, Regina Daniels is expecting a baby with her husband, Ned Nwoko. The news was announced on Instagram by her husband, Prince Ned Nwoko.

He shared photos of the heavily pregnant star and captioned it;

“It is now official. I am excited to announce that my baby is having a baby ❤️ @regina.daniels”…

22 Likes 1 Share

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May 30, 2020 0
Some Nigerian states are dangerous to travel to right now. Some people who traveled to them in recent times came back with the virus.
With the deadly Coronavirus still sweeping massively across the nation, Nigerians must be extremely careful where they travel to or else, they will be brought down by the pandemic.

Currently, Nigeria has raked in 8,915 confirmed cases of Coronavirus since February.

It has been able to discharge 2,592 patients who survived the pandemic, with 259 people who died from the pandemic. Nigeria has 6,064 active cases of the virus to deal with as at Thursday, May 28.

Of this skyrocketing figures, 10 states in Nigeria play major roles in ramping up the virus. These states are dangerous to travel to right now.

Some people who travelled to them in recent time came back with the virus.

The states are:

1. Lagos
Lagos is simply the epicentre of Coronavirus in Nigeria. It contributed to almost half of the coronavirus infections in Nigeria.

As at Thursday, 28 May, Lagos has raked in 4,123 confirmed coronavirus cases, discharging 745 patients who survived the virus and ramping up 47 deaths.

The State's active coronavirus cases stand at 3,331. Right now, the state is not a desire destination for tourists and Nigerians except those who can take the risk. Some have done so and came back with the virus.

Lagos is experiencing serious community infections. It is simply the New York of Africa in terms of Coronavirus infections.

2. Kano
Kano is certainly not a place to visit right now, as the deadly coronavirus is sweeping through the land.

Currently, Kano has ramp up 939 cases of the virus, discharged 139 survivors and lost 41 people to the pandemic, leaving 759 active cases for the state to manage.

Those still insisting that they must travel to Kano must be extremely careful or they find themselves in isolation centres.

3. FCT
The Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja is another dangerous place to travel to right now as the virus has ravaged the nation's capital.

Abuja has so far recorded 535 confirmed cases of the virus, with 158 discharges and 14 deaths, leaving 296 active cases to manage.

4. Katsina
Katsina has ramp up 358 coronavirus infections, 51 discharges and 14 deaths, with 293 active cases of the virus to manage.

The state is now a danger zone as it has been infested with the deadly virus, couple with the fact that more tests are not being conducted.

5. Oyo
Ever since its governor, Seyi Makinde contracted Coronavirus and later recovered, Oyo State has not looked back.

The state has been raking in cases of the virus. It now has 260 confirmed cases, 88 discharges and six deaths, with 166 active cases left to manage.

Oyo is a danger zone for travellers because you don't know who has the virus.

6. Borno
The Northeast state has so far garnered 258 coronavirus infections, with 160 discharges and 25 deaths.

The State is another area to look out for by travellers. It is risky travelling there.

7. Ogun
Ogun State recorded the first case of Coronavirus in Nigeria, with the visit of the index case, an Italian.

Since then, the state has ramp up 246 infections, 128 discharges and nine deaths, with 109 active cases.

Ogun is currently, like others, experiencing community transmission of the virus, making visitors at risk, especially as the state shares border with Lagos, the epicentre of the virus.

8. Jigawa
Jigawa State is fast gaining notoriety in coronavirus infections. The state has recorded 241 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and 78 discharges, with four deaths.

It has 159 active cases still to manage. Travellers to Jigawa must be extremely cautious.

9. Edo
Edo State has recorded 240 cases of Coronavirus. It has also discharged 69 patients and recorded 13 deaths, leaving 158 active cases of the virus to manage.

Edo is another risky area for travellers. They must exercise extreme cautiousness if they must travel.

10. Bauchi
Bauchi has recorded 234 cases of Coronavirus. The state has discharged 205 survivors and recorded seven deaths. It now has 22 active cases to manage.

The state has achieved great results, but travellers must be careful as there is still community transmission.

The End!!!
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Wednesday, 27 May 2020


May 27, 2020 0

In another Instagram live Chat with Ms Sandra, Cynthia Morgan says she did not really have problems with Jude Okoye and pins the blame on her former Manager Joy Tongo.........
She also uses the F word on them and says she does not need them.....

Sandra : Welcome to another edition of Upfront With Sandra.

So, some people are accusing you of lying, apparently your former manager released a contract that both of you signed and people are saying you lied and that you were never sick and that you are trying to garner some sympathy, so I would need you to set the record sheet straight.

Cynthia Morgan : Oh! People are saying what?

: Yes, so apparently, I don't know if you've been online, your ex manager posted your contract and a lot of controversy has been going on on social media for the past two days where Jude said he never held back your name, he never stopped you from using Cynthia Morgan. I remember on this live, I asked you what happened to your former name and you said you were locked out of your Vevo account so you had to use a new name. Though you also said you deleted your Instagram yourself and you wanted to start afresh ,but most people said you said he took away your Instagram and your Vevo and stopped you from using your name. I know you didn't say that, coz I conducted that interview and the other things that were addressed by your ex manager and your ex record label owner.

Cynthia Morgan
 : What did you call her? An ex right? (she laughs)

 : Yes

Cynthia Morgan : If I am actually really gonna say anything, first things first, Jude is saying he didn't take my Vevo account (Sandra interrupts)

Sandra : He didn't say that, he said he invested in your brand, so your Vevo account belongs to him. The contract stated that. He also said he didn't take your Instagram account and I know he didn't say that, so I was wondering where that came from (Cynthia Morgan cuts in)

Cynthia Morgan : No, he never had access to my Instagram

Sandra : But people told him you said he took your Instagram, and I want you to clarify that you didn't say that. Also, I want you to say exactly what happened between you and Jude because now some people are trying to rubbish my #bringbackCynthiaMorgan that I did out of respect and love and make it seem like you are our here to garner some pity where you don't deserve it, so you need to clear your name.

Cynthia Morgan : Well, I actually.. If you see my brand, you know I never really wanted to come on live and talk about everything that happened (Sandra affirms)

Sandra : Yes

Cynthia Morgan
 : At some point, the truth will definitely come out .  If I'm gonna talk about Jude, I think.... Jude could have been like I always say... I don't know actually... the contract.... I've not really been following up on what Jude has been saying, especially Joy, it's like... In the past.. If I'm gonna be really sincere I wasn't really expecting any of these, I wasn't dragging anybody to say the truth. So I don't really know what they want. I'm supposed to sue Jude actually. I should sue Jude. Coz if he says I owe him, that means he didn't do his work really well. Cynthia Morgan as a brand, I was like really big, playing gigs, I could remember hits that we did take, and I was hungry and they've been turning down gigs for like N2 million, a million.

 I could remember a particular gig that Joy actually turned down and it was about N3.5 million and she said it has to be N4 million, if it's not N4 million, then we are not playing the gig. And I was hungry, dead broke at home. So I'm not gonna go back talking about this, coz trust me, they are in my past.
People coming out to say I need sympathy, this thing happened about 4 years plus, if I wanted sympathy I wouldn't have changed my name, I would have come out saying "Oh look at what they did to me, so yo gangster for real ,so I don't need Jude, I don't need Joy, f**k you ,that's what I mean and I mean it like 1⃣0⃣0⃣.

Sandra : Calm down, calm down, I know you are riled up now.

Cynthia Morgan : I should be, I should be riled up

 : Yeah, but the contract which has caused all this bad energy, the contract at the beginning said he gave you a 50:50, I don't know the details of the contract coz you are the one that signed the contract, so can you really tell us what happened.

Cynthia Morgan : I already told you, I said it was like an investment. Like if you invest N50 million, if Jude invests N50 million yeah, I am to pay him back the N50 million first and then we start sharing 50:50. You know that's when the 50:50 comes in. I'm gonna have to pay him back first before we start sharing.
Do you get me? That was the contract so like, do you understand what I am saying. It's like a loan and like pay me my money back and then I start sharing 50:50 with you, that's what happened. 

So I no get wetin Jude dey talk, he was confused. I'm not gonna take sides, because both of them hurt me in different ways, but if I'm even gonna take sides with anybody, it probably might be Jude coz I feel Joy was a liar , Joy was a big liar. She was like a middle person and she wasn't a good middle man between I and Jude. I don't really want to go into Joy's details because right now, Joy is really irrelevant to me. I am sorry Jude, I really respected Jude. If you know me, I've really got respect for elders. And this two people, they actually played a part and it was disastrous.
Jude thank you, you can have your Vevo account and when you are done with it, you can delete it.

Sandra : Calm down, what I want to know is what exactly is the cause of this bad blood? What you said at the last live was that you were offered a contract, while your running contract was still in effect, so you didn't want to sign the new contract.

Cynthia Morgan : Yes for 3 years of my career, I wasn't happy, you know what with like fights and everything, so like , at the 3rd year, probably I would have even re-signed the contract if he treated me better in the last one year. I could tell Joy "oh I like this stuff, we should tell Jude about it, but she would say- Jude wouldn't like it" Joy didn't allow Jude say what he liked, it was more like a dictatorship and I didn't like that, I'm not a puppet okay.

: Calm down, calm down. I know first hand about the fact that you were really sick, and when you came to me for the this live, the angle we talked about was about your sickness and the depression that followed, we never talked about Joy and Jude. The questions came from your fans and you had to answer them.
So how can we move on from this, is there a way we can sit together and resolve this? 

Cynthia Morgan : I don't want to sit with those people, if I sit... I can't sit with Joy, that's impossible.

 : But don't you think that would delay your.... You just need to move forward now with your music which is the main thing, don't you think that holding on to this grudge....

Cynthia Morgan : No , I don't have grudge , I already moved on, Jude is not going to stop me. I don't want to fight Jude or anybody. If I wanted to fight Jude, I would have taken it to court, Instagram no be court. I was just saying my truth. At some point, Jude made mistakes, Joy made mistakes, I made mistakes and we couldn't work together and I've moved on, so move on too.

 : Davido has been supportive and he's live right now, would you like to say anything to Davido?

Cynthia Morgan : Yo, shout out to David, a lot of people don't know my story and the reason why he jumped on it was probably because he could relate and I just appreciate that. You have my.... I've always liked David actually, I've always rooted for David until we had one little misunderstanding like that and I appreciate it that he's back on my side.
And like whatever... you know one love that's what really matters.

 : You seem in better spirits than the last time, so is it okay to say that you are ready to move on and give us some music?

Cynthia Morgan
 : I already moved on actually, trust me.

 : Do you have any idea when the OBO and Madrina remix will be coming out?

Cynthia Morgan : No, I don't know.

*She does not sound like what she went through humbled her and i am sure her mouth will start running again when she gets back on her feet.....You have moved on but you started dragging them and still doing so by granting interviews talking....Move on and accept the help that has been sent your way please
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