Sunday, 6 October 2019


Kanye West’s religious transition seems to be still going in full force, as the rapper recently announced that he will now only make music that aligns with the values of the Bible, and will not do anything secular anymore.

This comes not long after the massive success of the rapper’s Sunday Service that has been taking over the country by storm, and it looks like Kanye is just getting started showing the public exactly how spiritual he is.

It is no secret that Kim Kardashian’s husband has been going through some difficult times behind the scenes, as his bipolar disorder has been pushing him in some strange directions.

However, he seems to have a good grip on his situation and has been working quite hard to make a good impression on anyone.

Kanye has been particularly supportive of people attending his Sunday Service and has been spreading the word about Jesus.

There has also been some massive criticism about his activities; however, with some claiming that some of the pastors involved in his Sunday Service are a bit greedy and selfish.

T.I. recently took part in Kanye’s weekly Sunday Service at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta and he bashed celebrity pastor Jamal Bryant: “It’s not that I have a thing against pastors or preachers, so to speak. It’s just that I’ve been raised in the trenches, and I was taught to peep game. You ain’t finna run no game on me. I will not be extorted.”

He added: “To have both of you in church was meaningful for many reasons

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