Sunday, 20 October 2019


The comptroller of the command, Ahmed Nasiru, expressed surprise over the new trick adopted by smugglers to ferry in contraband foreign rice into the country.

He said the new trend by smugglers poses danger to the health of Nigerians and portends serious security threat to the country, as dangerous drugs or arms and ammunition could be brought in through this method.

According to him, the smuggled foreign rice was neatly concealed in two out of the three compartments of the fuel-laden truck with registration No.NSR 95 ZC.

According to him, “Rice seizures are what we do every day. There is something in what we are witnessing today where smugglers now resort to using fuel or diesel tankers to smuggle items such as rice.

“Now, we are talking about health hazards of these foreign rice concealed inside compartments made for the storage of fuel and diesel. You can agree with me that such item may no longer be safe for consumption because it is already poisoned for human consumption.

“Again, you can agree with me that since these smugglers can use fuel tankers to smuggle rice, they can also use the same mode to smuggle dangerous items such as arms and ammunition, guns, tramadol and other illicit drugs! We need to be watchful.”

He called on well-meaning Nigerians to join hands to fight these elements because “they are not only enemies of our nation’s economy, they are enemies of Nigerians because they are bringing in items that are not good for our health.”

Nasiru said the driver and motor boy of the tanker fled during the operation.

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