Friday, 29 March 2019


During the ongoing bursary disbursement in university of Ilorin (permanent site) today, the National Executives ably led by *Comr. Musa Mohammed Mancha,* the National President arrived for the usual
monitoring and supervision of the disbursement exercise and the Dean and Sub Dean of students affairs of the university alongside the support of the scholarship board refused the entrance of the disbursement team and the National Executives forced their way inside and outrightly stopped the disbursement process with action.
In a bid of the national executives trying to analyse issues, the Dean and Sub Dean of students affairs unit ordered the securities to beat one of the executives until he fainted with injuries. An incident that forced the rushing of the executive to Civil Service Clinic in GRA Ilorin. He is currently on a sick bay receiving treatment (picture evidences attached above).
Importantly, we apologize to all Kwara state students in  university of Ilorin as we have no choice than to halt the disbursement till further notice because we must fight for our right.
We hereby appeal to all NAKSSITES to be calm and not take laws into their hands while we file the case through lawful means.
On this note, On behalf of the entire national headquarters, *we Ban University of Ilorin NAKSS chapter from any NAKSS activity till further notice and violation of this order will lead to arrest of the chapter executive(s) and cancellation of Unilorin chapter from NAKSS totally.

Aluta Continua!

Victoria Ascerta!! Signed:

Comr. Musa Mohammed Mancha,
National President.

Sen. Abdulazeez Ahmad El Immam,
President of the Senate.

Jurist Moshood Ibrahim,
Chief Judge 

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