Saturday, 19 January 2019


Popular southeast comedian has challenged Nigerian parents over ill gotten wealth by their children.
In an
Instagram post, he wrote
  I wonder how most parents of today are reluctant to query their kids over certain things. The youths of today have lost core values, Yes! But have our parents lost there's  too?
Maybe it's too much westernization or what but I swear I don't get it.
How does your 19year old son who just got admission into the University and has no job he's doing by the side, as a matter of fact, you just sent his allowance to him last month, then he suddenly comes home with a 4matic or Lexus claiming to have bought it for you and all you can do is kneel down to thank God for remembering your family.
Are you Mad?
You won't ask him how come the sudden remembrance? Somebody who has never brought half bag of rice home, suddenly buys you a car and you are not  bothered?

Really parents these days need to do better. I miss back when parents would call out their own child once they suspect anything illegal or dicey and doesn't add up.
But these days, they cover too much iniquity.
See eh, even with all these my hustling and wakaring up and down, the day I drive a car home, I am sure my parents will call me and I will explain in details how it came about.
Not because I am not old enough to own a car, or because they don't know what I do for a living but because they want to make sure that I haven't suddenly ran off track.
Somebody will come and say "what if the child lies to his parents"... Dear parent, please ask first ka Ofozie that the child will lie. And there are some lies that are too glaring. If it doesn't add up, you will know.
The truth is, if that child does illegal or fetish things, one day when he can't find it outside anymore, he will certainly start looking for it inside.
Believe me your son who suddenly became rich won't become poor again even at the expense of you.
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That's the only way I can buy car for myself first before my parents.
Biko, it's beg I'm begging.  "

So wetin una talk

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