Tuesday, 13 December 2016



I woke up this morning to a story on a blog where a Popular Nigerian pastor allegedly questioned the righteousness in inviting comedians to church events and sincerely speaking, here is
my thought on the matter.

Firstly, when the Bible said man was created in the image of God, I like to think that that image is more on the inner abilities and potentials than on the physical appearance (i might be wrong) but if I am right, it means that if I have a sense of Humour, then God himself has a sense of Humour. So, laughter, happiness and Joy should be a core thing in the house of God.
Listen, I don't know if its right or wrong to invite comedians to church, but I know a lot of people come to church with a level of heaviness in their heart that no activity in church interests them. What do you say about such people. Come to church heavy and go back heavy. Of course if one should come to church heavy hearted and goes home relieved because of a comedian that ministered in church then that's surely a plus and a step in the right direction.

Secondly, Do you know that comedy is a gift? Its a talent. And I also know that "all good and perfect gift comes from God" and remember the story of the talent in the bible. If you fail to use it, it will be taken away from you and given to someone who has used his its maximum. And yes, I know you will say that there are other places you can use your talent apart from the Church, but I say, if every talent comes from God, what better way to use the talent than to the glory of him who gave the talent?

I recognize also, that the major problem is that generally, comedians are seen as vulgar and mundane with no contribution whatsoever to spiritual upliftment, but permit me to say that THAT IS NOT TOTALLY TRUE. There are comedians who are born again, spirit filled, tongue talking and upright and trust me, if the church reject them, the devil will gladly make use of the opportunity.
Finally, I think the mistake of the church over the years is that they have used spirituality to quietly send the youth (who are  supposed to be the future of the church) into the hands of the devil. I stand corrected but over the years, when you hear most secular artistes talk, they almost never forget to mention that they started from the church and gradually went outside the church in search of bigger platforms with which to maximize their talents and express themselves. Same is applicable to comedians.

Not Every comedian is comfortable performing in clubs and Bush bars, some of us wants to bring it home to the house of our father where joy and happiness flow, where mercy and grace abound. I also know there are comedians who abuse the privileged of performing in church and say things that shouldn't be said in Church, but that doesn't make it wrong to invite comedians to church.

The Final Finally, The solution doesn't rest in stopping comedians from performing in church, but in carefully choosing who to invite to church. I say it again, "what better way to use your talent than to the glory of him that gave the talent"
The devil has gained much from the complacency and negligence of the church toward Christians with special grace and talents, its high time we do something about it, but then again what do I know. I could be totally wrong.

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