Monday, 14 November 2016


Girls always say they like guys who are emotionally open and tell them everything. Well, that’s true to an extent but there’s such a thing as too much information and it’s not everything that pops into your head that you should tell her. Things like…

1. THAT YOU CHEATED ON YOUR PAST GIRLFRIEND: Okay, you were a demon in the past and made a lot of mistakes you’re not proud of. But now you have a girlfriend and a clean slate, so don’t bring up your past indiscretions, or you’ll leave her doubting your fidelity and the relationship all the time.

2. THE INTRICATE DETAILS ABOUT YOUR PAST RELATIONSHIPS: Another big no-no to tell your girl is the nitty-gritty of what was great about your past relationship. Even if she asks about it, it’s all a ploy, so you better keep your lips sealed. Likewise, don’t talk about how your last relationship sucked.

3. THAT YOU WANT TO..ENTER HER PROMISE LAND (wink wink): There’s nothing more that can kill the mood faster that announcing, “I want to have sex.” This isn’t the Stone Age, so have some finesse. Likewise, you’re not in a restaurant with your girlfriend waiting for you, as you say, “I want to have some nookie with a little foreplay on the side.” Get to the foreplay already!

4. THAT ONE OF YOUR CLOSE FRIEND IS CHEATING: It’s common for many couples to share juicy gossip about their friends. Often, men are as much of a gossiper as any woman. However, it’s totally uncool to share about your friend cheating on his wife or girlfriend because she might end up not liking your friends and not wanting you to hang out with them.

5. THAT YOU’RE EQUALLY SCARED: While it’s nice to be open about your fears in life, try not to dabble on your little-boy fears. When your girlfriend tells you that she’s afraid of spiders or needles, don’t blurt out that you’re scared too. She tells you her fears because she wants you to be there for her and protect her, so if you tell her you have the same fears and do nothing to help her, she’s less likely to count on you anymore for her other fears.

6. THAT YOU JUST FINISHED WANKING:While there’s nothing wrong with a little spanking of your monkey, even if you have a girlfriend, she doesn’t need to know your schedule and frequency. If you tell her you whack off almost every day, she may come to doubt how great you both are together in bed, and she may also wonder who you’re thinking about while you go solo. She may even think you’re not satisfied with her, and this could lead to problems.

7. THAT YOUR BODY COUNT IS 30: Even if you’re very proud of your sexual conquests, you should never EVER tell your girlfriend about your number. It may be okay to brag about this to your friends, but to your girlfriend, your total number will always add up to 5 or more, whether you told her the truth or not. To give her some peace of mind, just give her a decent *small, very small* number and leave out your drunken hookups and one-night stands.

8. THAT YOU DON’T LIKE HER MOTHER:Her mother might be irritating, conniving, and sneaky—she doesn’t like you even if you try your best to show your good intentions. But the thing is, to her, her parents are the best, kindest people ever. If you tell her anything negative about her parent or any member of her family, she will always be on their side, so better keep your thoughts to yourself.

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