Monday, 28 November 2016


Afro-Juju creator, Sir Shina Peters, cannot stop thanking God for the exploits his son, Clarence Peters is making in the African entertainment scene. The legendary singer while
showering encomiums on his video director son, also expressed the desire for the lad to become far bigger than him in the entertainment industry.
He told The Point, “Clarence is my only child who had taken after me, and the joy of parents is for their children to achieve more than them. So, I am happy that, in my life time, I have a son who is doing great. This is a rare privilege, I am grateful to God for that. My prayer is that he should yet achieve greater things.”
SSP also asserted that he was not going to ever retire from music because of his passion for his craft and that ‘artistes do not retire’.
“If you have passion for what you do, even if money is not coming in, you will not get tired. That is why we are telling these younger ones to go into music for passion, not fame or money. Artistes do not retire, though I am aware that civil servants do. If an artiste does not sing or perform again, things might not go well with such person. The only thing that could make me to stop doing music is death. But provided I am still alive, music is all I want to do.
“I still go to shows like never before. I might not been seen all over the places Nigeria, but I am always booked across the country. I just returned to Nigeria and I am booked till February,” he added.

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