Sunday, 23 October 2016


A batch of after-s3x pictures of the young woman named Miracle and her male lover went viral on social media on Thursday.

Now, the alleged runs girl in the nude pictures who hails from Akwa Ibom State, has reportedly taken the matter to police after the nudes went in full circulation.

For bringing her widespread embarrassment, she says the young man behind the leaking of the pictures must marry her if he wants to avoid further punishment.

According to a close source,"The lady (Miracle) is not a runs girl... She allegedly met this guy, who look just like ( #wizkid) last months at a bus stop.
And after about two weeks of knowing each other, she decided to give the guy her package. The source said she was fully aware when the guy was taking the pictures, But didn't think the guy will be so foolish to distribute the pics to his friends.

"The guy wasn't the one that leaked the pics. The guy sent the pics to a friend, and that friend sent it to another friend, and another friend-friends....That's how the pic finally made its way to the Internet.

"As at right now, the lady is planning on reporting her boyfriend to the police...OR the guy must marry her since she's now famous for the wrong reasons and maybe hard for to get a husband."

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