Sunday, 9 October 2016


The moment i heard about this movie some months ago, i mentally rated it a "must-watch" movie
.To be honest,i dunno which is more worse between this and Bovi's "its her day" movie.

I really had high hopes about this movie (come on,its a sequel to AY's 30 days to Atlanta).First of all,Olamide's performance in the first scene was disgraceful to say the least.His lip sync of his Shakitibobo song was off key,left me wondering if he had any real musical talent.

How do i put this nicely?What the hell,I'd just say it,the movie was an EPIC FAIL.Ay should have stuck with the success he recorded with 30 days in Atlanta.Damn,how hard would it be to leave when the ovation is loudest?

The movie is one which offered me two moments of laughter, when I should have been losing count. Sadly, the anticipated comedy movie has lots of jokes falling flat - jokes that make it unexciting to watch.

Watching "A Trip to Jamaica" was like sitting through a boring reunion where you find everyone and everything annoying, but still sit through, hoping to find a connect.(I had to o,afterall i paid na). Unfortunately, the connection didn't come. Not from the cast, not from the story, and certainly not from the few funny scenes!

I'd say the comedy didn't come naturally for the characters at all. Even Funke Akindele wasn't any better than AY.The movie is below par because they were basically trying too hard to amuse the audience (and you know how that ends...Disaster).

Again,the sound quality was really poor.I could barely hear most of the conversations,while some scenes were too loud.The patoranking and Cynthia morgan scenes were not even close to funny or necessary in my opinion.

When the movie ended,i was relieved,like how did i sit through this?I thought AY would surpass my expectations considering the success of his earlier movie.

If you loved "30 Days to Atlanta,' you would definitely find "A Trip to Jamaica" less interesting!

NB:These are my thoughts on the movie,you may like it afterall.