Saturday, 15 October 2016


This is wrong!...what is she supposed to do now?Please if you know anyone that can help send this to them and lets find out what really happened.

Good day,my name is
Anita meme and an ardent reader of your blog and I comment as anniemem.

 I have a serious issue at hand in fact it's a matter that can kill me,please take out time to read cause I seek justice.i wrote WAEC in 2008 and I collected my original WAEC certificate in 2011 which I used to secure admission in the same 2011(benue State University makurdi) to study sociology.

I had five credits that includes mathematics and English which were a requirement for my admission.i had just graduated and was set for NYSC but Just two days ago, I came to school for my final clearance and to my greatest surprise, my school handed me a letter of expulsion, reasons being that English language in my WAEC result has been cancelled. 

I was shocked and I almost died. 

I immediately bought WAEC scratch card and checked online myself and truly my English language which has been C6 all these years ( the original certificate is with me) has mysteriously been cancelled. 

The question now is how can WAEC cancel my result that they have already awarded me a certificate for and don't even deem it necessary to inform me. I am sending you this message so you can help me seek justice because WAEC is about to ruin my life, the whole of my four years in the university is at stake now. I have gone to WAEC office in Makurdi and they asked me to go to the headquarters in Lagos to complain. 

I will attach a picture of my original WAEC certificate to this mail and a copy of the new alteration made by WAEC and the expulsion letter that I was given.

If you think you can help Anita,her email is

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