Thursday, 18 August 2016


I have know this company for four years now to be specific. Every cologne of mine has been from this shop. So for all the hugs and times we had a hand shake and you got a good scent of my cologne, just know it came from chriswell cosmetics.

 They are dealers in all your sorts of cosmetics and costume. From usa and canada.

They can give you Pink lips in days ( i mean from MI's black lips to the likes of  Dj exclusive,  timaya's, majhid michael, lynx 's lips...) your lips will just begin to get as pink as you never expected.

Your stretch marks will get creams that will make them fade gradually and constantly till they are gone.

Do you want to give better quality to your skin? Make it the choice you always wanted.. come and check on our creams ( we specialize in knowing the exact cream that gives you the colour you want)

We have Body sprays, perfumes, underwears,  liquid soaps and tablet soaps of any kind.

Kit hair relaxer, fair and white products, fair and white gold products , Bismid products... neutrogena produts.

We have all sorts of lipsticks.

Just call 08067068882 and we will deliver, our prices are affordable.

Or meet us at After unizik school gate ifite opp pionier transformer close to mountain due restaurant ...

Written by corporate street boy
For chris well cosmetics.

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