Thursday, 18 August 2016


its a pity that the FUNAAB everybody knew is gone.. we now have a school in which Robbery case happens almost everyday..
we now have a school in which there is disorderliness among our Excos
we now have a school in which the health centre no longer have enough workers to treat the students
we now have a school in which everything is now being postponed(inaugural, convocation, resumption)
we now have a school in which the academic calendar is no more straight...

what caused this morning protest was because, 2 hostels were robbed over the night(in which this is not the first time of its happening)
Adejoke hostel was robbed with Phones ,laptops and some valuables were carted away with a student seriously injured on his head..
This instigated the protest because this is not the first of its happening in funaab,it has become a regular routine in funaab environment with Robbers/burglers upsetting the peace of the students but the best the school could do is to fold their arms and look...
The road leading to the school has been blocked making it impossible for any vehicle to go in or out of the school..
The student union president popularly known as DENCO addressed the crowd at the protest and stated three things that would be done if at all the student would stop the protest
*NO ACADEMIC activities till a lasting solution is found

* School management should write a letter of commitment to the students off campus to show that they are also property of the school from hence forth

* The commissioner of police Ogun state should be presented at the protest right way .

If any of this three is not put in place the protest would move to the school..
Students are already moving to the main Express road(abk-Ibadan)


Do you know that our VC was invited by EFCC yesterday?
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