Monday, 8 August 2016


News or should we say rumours making the rounds is that a crowned beauty queen in Anambra, Miss One Nigeria has been dethroned and the 1st runner up crowned queen. Read full statement below


Ngozi Azubuogu assumes throne as Miss One Nigeria World

•Miss Adaobi Okafor Dethroned!

Emilet Dreams Concept, owners of Miss One Nigeria is announcing to the general public the dethronement of Miss Adaobi Okafor (winner of Miss One Nigeria 2016).

Following investigations by EDC, it has been discovered that Miss Adaobi Okafor has broken her codes which she had vowed to keep to, earlier on May 20, 2016 - the day she was crowded queen.

For the following reasons, Miss Adaobi Okafor ceases to be a queen with the company and ceases to be an ambassador of EDC and henceforth all contracts with her have been terminated:

1. Since being crowned queen, she has regularly deviated from carrying herself in a queenly manner but has chosen to drag her crown in the mud.

2. She has engaged in very embarrassing actions lacking of dignity such as fighting amongst others.

3. She has wrongfully represented the company at meetings and courtesy visits without the prior knowledge of the company.

4. She has been found wanting in the area of community service as she has failed to present ideas on her choice of pet project to carry out, and she's failed to get involved in projects by the company.

5.She has engaged in other very embarrassing actions which are not dignifying of a queen which for the sake of her image, the company has chosen to be kept away from the media.

6. She has also turned deaf ears to several cautions and advises from the brand; and has regularly thwarted efforts by the brand to mould her and correct her wrongdoings.

With regards to such, individuals, government agencies and corporate bodies are being advised to note that she has ceased to be a part of EDC, therefore any association with her henceforth remains on a personal level.

In line with the above, Miss One Nigeria 2016 1st runner up, Queen Cynthia Azubuogu from today August 8, 2016 now assumes the throne as Miss One Nigeria World.

Emilian Chinonye
CEO, Emilet Dreams Concept"

We contacted a reliable source in the winners camp to ascertain this and sshee said the winner has been of good behaviour and would kick off her August Charity where 20bags of rice and other items would be donated to charity. She also said her court in junction would soon be gotten from the court.

On contacting a reliable source in the 1st runner u camp, she said there is an atom of truth in the above released publication.

Efforts to contact the pageant organizer, the winner of the pageant and the 1st runner up proved abortive as of the time of this post.

Disclaimer: no publication written above expresses the view of the publisher.

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