Thursday, 21 July 2016


Cheating husbands!! One of the most heartbreaking stuffs that can happen to a faithful, devoted wife!

A shocking footage has emerged of an enraged wife beating, stripping and dragging around her husband's 'mistress' after catching the 'cheating couple' on holiday.

The wife spotted her husband with the mistress at Wenzhou Longwan International Airport in eastern China's Zhejiang province.

Immediately she swung into action, attacked her man's lover right there while her husband is caught 
up in the middle trying to separate the pair.  Passersby also tried to reason with the woman and try to break them up.

In the footage posted on site Toutiao, the wife can be seen in a white T shirt and black trousers while the mistress is wearing a black T shirt with a red skirt.

people have commented on the story defending the mistress and saying that the husband is to blame.
One user commented:

 'Smart woman do not fight a mistress. There is a visible reason for her to lose her man. Do not blame the mistress, blame yourself.' 
While another said:
 'Nasty little mistress. Always want something for nothing.'
And one user wrote: 'Do not hit. She should be stripped in public.'

When a woman catches her man -  be it husband, boyfriend, fiance cheating with another woman, who would you say should be beaten up? The mistress or the man?

Or should the heartbroken just walk away from the cheating couple?

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