Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Top 4 Reasons Why Funaab Is Not Growing Socially

Good day Friends,
Federal University of Agriculture,Abeokuta(FUNAAB) has so many Hardworking and creative  students. The Hustling Spirit in Funaab is Very High with all this we are not growing socially.

These are some of the reasons why Funaab is not Growing socially:
1)No Unity: When there is no unity among students we cant Grow socially .We have So many Active PR,Publicists and bloggers,
They Prefer to famz other campuses products. lets work with ours

2)Home Base Artistes not repping Funaab: i cant really blame them because we are not supporting them or promoting them .I seriously don't know why they decided not to Rep Funaab outside.
For Example; Kiss Daniel Graduated From Funaab,there is nothing bad there if he brings all these  campus shows like Skuki and friends,coke studio and so on..
Ycee is always repping Unilag,Cdq is always Repping LASU,Ajanaku rep Funaab Also.

3)Competition: competition is needed but we are supposed to Compete with other schools not ourselves. If we work together,we can achieve it.
4)Money: Even though I'm not the social director of my school,I know some basic things That happens .
The money The school drops for social activities is not encouraging at all and they will be expecting the social director to perform magic by bringing an A'list Artiste to grace the events, it is not easy to work with that kinda money.
They should please Try and increase the money.

If We can work on all this we will definitely be active socially

One Funaab Always


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