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A lecturer at the Kwara state College of Education, Oro, Mr Kayode Odeyemi has uploaded on social media photos of himself working as a labourer at a building construction site just to earn N1,500.

Making an appeal to the Kwara state government to pay workers salary, Mr Kayode said the hardship many lecturers are going through as a result of the non payment of salaries is unbearable. According to him, he has no option than to do what he’s doing so as to be able to feed. Scroll down to see more pictures:



About 144 virgins from the Olum­ba Obu`s fold are warming up to organize a lav­ish banquet for their father in the lord, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, to mark his birthday which comes up in November.

Speaking to journalists on the theme for this year`s birthday activity, a close source to Olumba Obu, said it would be centered on “World Peace” at the Headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star in Calabar.
NationalMirror reports that the Chairman of the Planning Committee, Dr. Goodnews Brown­son, also added that Obu`s birthday marking would attract dignitaries from the Nigeria`s enter­tainment industry like Nollywood stars, captains of indus­tries, business tycoons, academic icons and religious adher­ents from various denominations.


In a contest, only one person would emerge winner but when who you have a soft spot for doesn't emerge, it. Can lead to emotional breakdown and that was the case of CE0 campusamebo.
He attended the Miss Anambra with high hopes of seeing Miss Amaka, a one time Miss Unizik crowned winner but alas, it wasn't the will of God and in the midst of all, he busted into tears like a girl who just lost her boyfriend or a hungry baby.
He has never been seen in such a state in public before but well, after all, men still dey cry as even Jesus sef cry.


The biggest awards event in Anambra, Anambra Exclusive Youth Choice Awards just go endorse by Celebrity blogger Ladun Laidi who featured in the Skye Bank commercial alongside rapper Iceprince.
The prestigious Anambra Exclusive Youth Choice Award is not just like any other awards as it's a first of its kind in Anambra state and due to the resounding success of the first edition, more and more respectable people are partnering with the event.

I even hear say the Ministry of Education, The office of the 1st Lady of Anambra State and Anambra State Broadcasting service are also partnering with the event.


A student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State has narrated how robbers invaded their hostel,raping them and forcing them to have sex with each other..In tears,Bimbola (not real name) agreed to narrate her ordeal to a Punch correspondent last Monday.
What she passed through in August was painful, unimaginable and dehumanising. In fact, she might not be able to forget that night in her life.Ever since the incident, everything about her has changed, according to her friend.
In the night of August 13, 2015 – around 12 midnight – she said she and her roommate had returned from a night reading class in preparation for their forthcoming exam in November, locked their room and were about to sleep when they heard their hostel mates jamming their doors, screaming and walking up the hostel stairs.

Before they knew what was happening, the men were at their door and expectedly, they forced the door open.

 “Come out now or we will kill you,” she recalled what the men told her and her roommate, and with fear and trembling, the girls did their bidding.

Three hefty fearful-looking men, clad in black polos and jeans, armed with guns, machetes and axes had stormed their hostel – located in the Under G Area of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State – and demanded that all the students, both male and female, should gather in one room.

While one of the hoodlums stayed with the students, pointing guns at them should they ‘misbehave,’ the other two locked the entrance to the hostel, ransacked all rooms one after the other, stole the students’ laptops, money, debit cards, tablets and mobile phones.

But even after stealing all their property, the robbers were not done. The next command they gave the students was what Bimbola has not yet got over with.

She narrated,

 “They raped some girls in our presence, but not only that, they asked us to start having sex with ourselves. They called from among us a guy and a girl and asked them to have sex with themselves, right in everybody’s presence. They threatened to use their weapons on us if we didn’t cooperate. Then they asked all of us to strip naked. Since it was in the night, most of us ladies already had only our night gowns on, while most of the guys were just putting on boxers. They said we should all be naked. When they were satisfied, they called another pair of students to do the same thing and told everybody to watch.

“For about three hours, they dehumanised us, humiliated us. Unfortunately, nobody in the next hostel knew what was going on; if anyone knew, they would have helped us to call the police or the Student Union Government officials.”

But what was more pathetic about Bimbola’s story was that she didn’t just witness the whole action; she was also asked to have sex with a guy she never dated.

 “Everything happened like it was a dream. They pointed at a guy I knew as my junior and asked him to do ‘it’ with me. When I refused, they slapped me and I fell. I had no option than to do it. I looked at my roommate and she was already shedding tears for me. How humiliated I was!” she cried.

She further told our correspondent,

 “It was not a night to remember. I wish I could erase it from my memory. My friend and I returned to the hostel that night after reading in the school because our exam is fast approaching. If I knew something like that would happen, I would have stayed in the school till the morning, but I needed to prepare for the following day’s work. I had just finished having a shower when my roommate and I observed something was wrong. There was no light, so we couldn’t see properly, but we observed that our hostel mates were all jamming their doors at some men’s command.

“They cramped all of us in one of the rooms upstairs and we were all frightened. My parents are not yet aware of this incident and I don’t wish to share it with anyone again. I only agreed to speak to you because my friend here encouraged me to and I feel something should be done by the authorities concerned to stop this barbarism. I know I’ll be fine soon.”

Since July when they resumed for the semester, the students of LAUTECH have been witnessing robbery attacks and rape by the same set of unknown men – who call themselves ‘Three MOPOLs’ each time they barge into their victims’ hostels.

The Welfare Officer of the Student Union Government of the institution, Ridwan Okedara, said he could not count the number of calls he had received ever since the incident started occurring in July up till about two weeks ago. He said it was unfortunate that the hoodlums had yet to be apprehended.

He said, 

“I’ve received calls in the past four months almost every passing night about this incident. Victims and eyewitnesses usually say the robbers were always three and they would tell them they were the ‘Three MOPOLS,’ but we are not sure if they are not even more than that. For instance, there were some nights when I received calls that the robbers were operating in the Adenike Area (a popular students’ residential area near the school) and I would quickly call our security officers to go to the said hostel, but few minutes later, I would receive a call that they were operating somewhere else.
“Before the security people could get there, the robbers would have left and we would hear they had started operating somewhere else. We don’t know their tactics yet. From what we have heard from eyewitnesses, they would enter a hostel, pretend as if they were looking for somebody and before the students knew it, they would threaten them with guns and machetes and ask all of them to be inside one particular room after collecting their phones, laptops and money. They ask the students to strip off their clothes – both male and female, then ask them to start having sex with themselves. They could call a male from say 200 Level and ask him to have sex with say a 400 Level female student.

“These robbers rape our students and then ask the students to have sex with themselves. We’ve heard a case when the robbers used white handkerchiefs to wipe the private parts of the students after the act. We are also suspecting ritualism here. They go to hostels anytime from 8pm to 1am and from eyewitnesses’ accounts, there was usually no light anytime the hoodlums carried out their operation.”

This is exactly what another victim of robbery in September by the same

The other victim who spoke with our correspondent said, 

“It was very dark and there was no light to see their faces when they came to our hostel. They told us they were the ‘Three MOPOLS,’ and mere looking at them, we could not imagine how they were able to gain entry into our hostel and ordering all of us to go inside one room. We were told to take off our clothes and they raped some of the girls. They didn’t rape me and they didn’t ask me to have sex with anyone, but they stole my laptop and phone. It was traumatic. It was like experiencing hell that night.”


After stiff competition and edging out the other 20 contestants, 300level unizik student Okeke Blessing Chidinma won the prestigious Miss anambra contest. Well,the event lived up to expectation as the ABS team lead by Uche Nworah put up a first class show that swept the audience off their feet.

Well, many expected it to be a horse race between Miss Tyler representing Njikoka L.G and Miss Amaka Representing Anaocha L.G who came second and third respectively.

Omo, this gal don turn big gal over night. Hope say she no go dey form now.

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Four fake soldiers arrested at Idi-Araba, Agege and Mile 2 areas of the state were yesterday paraded by Commissioner of Police Fatai Owoseni.
According to the Nation,they are John Izunwanne, 25, John Otu, 23, Richard Acha, 22, and Simon Anthony, 39. Materials recovered from them included: two pairs of the Nigerian Army camouflage uniform; a pair of Army uniform, Army camouflage T-shirt,  a pair of boots, two Army belts and two jungle hats. Anthony told reporters that he was dismissed from service as a corporal for falling out from duty.
“I was dismissed in January 2014 for falling out from duty. I am from Adamawa state. I wanted to use the uniform to travel to Lagos because I had no transport money. But unfortunately, I was arrested by soldiers,” he said.
Acha, a welder from Benue State, said he found the camouflage T-shirt inside the bag his brother gave him at Ikeja cantonment said

“I wore it. I was arrested for wearing the army T-shirt,” he said.
Izunwanne said he bought the uniform at Ojo Cantonment on September 2. He said:
“I wanted to go and sign my army recruitment form at Ojo Barracks when I bought the uniform at the Mammy Market. However, on October 7, my friend had a court case and I was to appear in court as a witness. The court was in Agege and I did not have the transport fare to go, so, I decided to wear my uniform to save me the cost of transportation.”
Otu, a member of the Citizen for Peace and First Aid Missions in Nigeria, said he heard his friends were arrested and went to the police to secure their bail, only to be arrested for wearing the uniform.


26 million bank customers across the country will tomorrow, 31st of October, 2015 have their bank accounts closed due to their failure of not getting a Bank Verification Number (BVN). It will be recalled that the first deadline was extended by few months which will end tomorrow.

Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, while extending the deadline had said no extension would be made, while non-registered bank customers would be barred from accessing their money and will be unable to make any transaction in their account after tomorrow. Let’s see how this will play out.


In light of the recent legalisation of gay marriages in America by the US Supreme Court, the American public sector is now officially not recognizing the titles of "Mother" and "Father".Courts, schools and official public records will no longer provide recognition for the title "Mother" and "Father" in their move to appear more gender-neutral sensitive.
The move is also geared towards transgender individuals who prefer to be known as the opposite sex.Instead of "Mother" and "Father" the US courts and other official record keeping offices will refer to parents as "Parent 1" and "Parent 2, which will cateri for same-sex and transgender parents.
My people, do you see what I am seeing?? These are truly the end times...

Thursday, 29 October 2015


Students of IMG Secondary School, Oke Ado, Ibadan, on Wednesday, went on rampage following the death of one of their colleagues allegedly flogged to death by a teacher. The student reportedly slumped and gave up the ghost as a result of the severe punishment from a teacher for arriving late to school.
Invaluable properties of the school were destroyed by the students who took to protest before the members of Nigerian police force came to rescue the situation. The identity of the deceased could not be ascertained as at press time while policemen had cordoned off the area.
An eye witnesses who claimed anonymity said

 “trouble started when the student arrived school after classes had commenced for the day, he reportedly told the teacher he came late due to illness.”
“At that point,” the eye witness added, “the principal, who was passing by asked the teacher the cause of the discussion.”
The principal allegedly ordered the teacher to flog the student for coming late and in the process of the flogging, the student slumped. “All our efforts to save the student proved abortive,’’ the eyewitness added.
No fewer than 10 fully armed policemen were seen on surveillance at the premises of the school with three of their vehicles parked near the school gates.
Nigerian Tribune...


Ladies, not every guy is a member of the lucky sperm club. Not every poor guy today is worth investing in. Some are simply hopeless and will never hit it big.

Some are purely millionaires in the making. But to spare you from waking up one morning realizing you’ve invested your time, effort and youth for nothing, here’s the rule of thumb I’ve used to sift out good penny stocks.

1. He knows he is good at something

Knowing his worth is usually the first step towards wealth creation. Baby-sitting, baking, gardening or whatever so long as he recognises that the skills he honed are exchangeable for money.

2. He is self-disciplined

He has the ability to concentrate on future financial goals without swaying from everyday tasks that will lead him there. No matter how boring or unpleasant.

3. He blames himself, not others

He thinks it’s always his fault. Either partially or entirely. It might seem a little sadistic but it’s him actually knowing that he has control over his environment, decisions and ultimately his own future.

4. He lives below his means

It doesn’t mean he’s a miser. He chooses to accumulate more wealth rather than to succumb to short-lived pleasures of buying a Rolex or a BMW. Someone in the relationship has to make this sacrifice at the beginning. If not him, who else?

5. He is a doer

He doesn’t blabber on and on about how he is going to do something great. He just does it. He doesn’t complain about doing stuff. He just does it.

6. He is extremely curious….

He takes time and effort to figure out the nuts and bolts of why things work or don’t work. Opportunity sometimes arises when he stumbles upon an unserved niche.

7. He is thick skinned

He has the balls to execute his crazy plans. Whatever they may be. Failure doesn’t concern him. Or should I say he isn’t afraid of being laughed at if he didn’t succeed. He repeats 6 and tries again. Investing in men is largely based on intrinsic value. You’ll win some and you’ll lose some. But when you do win, make sure you win big.

So good luck ladies. May the dating market be forever bullish.

- See more at:


Operatives of the Udenu Division of the Nigeria police Force Enugu state command have nabbed a fake naval officer who gave his name as one chukwuneke Onah.

He was nabbed by the security operatives during their routine patrol and on 24/10/15 in the morning at orba in udenu local government Area of Enugu state as he has been monitored based on intelligence gathered that a certain man wants to sell a vehicle believed to have been unlawfully acquired.

It was further gathered that the suspect who was already dressed in a uniform suspected to be that of the Navy was already negotiated with a buyer in respect of the hilux vehicle which he initially claimed he bought through customs action before operatives closed him up.

Meanwhile on the spot enquiry conducted on him reveal that he is not a naval officer and also never bought any vehicle from customs auction.Investigations have commenced in full scale just as the suspect is begging for forgiveness.


Oh My God, this is really a sad news. According to, Sam Sarpong who is a British-American actor, who also played a lead role with Nigerian actress, Omoni Oboli in the very popular movie, Anchor Baby has committed suicide. Infact, the suicide happened yesterday but the news broke out this evening.
According to Ed Winter, spokesperson for the County of Los Angeles Medical Examiner - Coroner, confirmed the news to the website, saying Sarpong died on Tuesday after jumping off a bridge.

How sad could this be? He was 40 at the time he died. Interestingly, Sam told Hollywood Live in July 2013 how he has made it from being poor to being a rich man through international modelling. He said;

“I went from barely being able to pay my bills to now being an international model. I made a lot of money early. Luckily I had my father to guide me.”

Sam also modelled for Tommy Hilfiger and was the face of the brand for several years. We can only pray for his soul to rest in peace. Sad! sad!! sad!!!


Ace Comedian, Julius Agwu, says he has re-dedicated his life to God after surviving a brain surgery.The 42 year old has also vowed to live a Christian life from now after God gave him a second chance... According to City People , he made it known that he would be opening a Christian nightclub called Believer’s Lounge (Tabernacle)at Lekki in two months time. He said there will be no alcohol and smoking in his lounge. The Comedian is also going to launch a TV show which he calls C.E.O (Christian Entertainer’s Outreach) and is to release a gospel song titled Second Chance.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


According to a journalist on facebook, a wife caught her husband (man pictured above)in bed with her mum and poured hot water on him. Some people say the man deserved it.

But wait, Wetin she do her mum?


Eight contenders are set to contest for the position of FIFA president by replacing Sepp Blatter, come February, 2016 as the FIFA presidency election takes place. However, our very own 63-year old Segun Odegbami couldn’t make it. Mr Segun has blamed the Nigeria Football Federation for his failure saying their help rather came too late to make him qualify.

Those that made it are; Michel Platini, Prince Ali bin al-Hussein, David Nakhid, Gianni Infantino, Tokyo Sexwale, Jerome Champagne, Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim Al Khalifa and Musa Bility.

So one of these people will be FIFA’s next president come 2016.


Dr. Okezie Emenike, an Abuja based physician has said that abnormal sexual activities that irritate the urethra can increase the risk of kidney infection.

In an interview with News Agency of Nigeria, he said “infection that enters through the opening of the urethra can infect the bladder, which can later lead to infection of the kidneys.

“Having sex that irritates the urethra can easily allow bacteria to enter the bladder and cause the development of kidney infection.

“Anal sex, pregnancy, kidney stones as well as prolonged use of urinary catheter are also causative factors to kidney infection.”

He further explained that women were most at risk of developing kidney infection, noting that the urethra of women was closer to the anus, which made it easier for bacteria to enter the urethra.

He said “Certain medications, HIV and damage to nerves around the bladder also pose risk of developing kidney infection.

“It helps to remove bacteria from the body through urination.”

He added that “The consumption of cranberry juice is beneficial too in preventing kidney infection.”


The World Bank has asked for more time to provide a detailed report on the loot of former military dictator, Sani Abacha, saying the loot is too huge for it to handle. The World Bank said this in response to a request by civil society group, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) asking for a comprehensive document detailing all the loots of the former military dictator which is estimated at $11.3 billion and stashed in foreign banks.

“In response to your request, we would like to inform you that we are still considering your request and we will need additional time because the money involved is too huge for us to handle.” World bank says
The World Bank added that although it takes just 20 working days to respond to such requests, under special cases, it could take longer time.


Hearing a child speak for the first time is one of the landmark moments no mother forgets.
But for Emma Murray, it was a moment she never thought would happen with her youngest child Aaron. According to her:
 “When Aaron was first born, I was told there was no way he could survive. I was told he might live for three minutes, three hours or three days. The doctors told me if it had been any of his other organs which had failed to grow, they would have been able to do something but they couldn’t grow him another brain. But right from the very beginning, Aaron proved he is a real fighter. 
The other day I was saying ‘Mummy’ to him. I was clapping my hands and he was giggling away. He looked at me, and said ‘Mummy’ back. I couldn’t believe it.
I’d been told my son would only live for a few minutes, but now here he was saying ‘Mummy’ - something I never thought I would ever hear.”

Just minutes after he arrived into the world, doctors told Emma Aaron had a very rare health condition called holoprosencephaly, which they said left him “incompatible with life”.
Born with only a brain stem and not a full brain, Emma was told to invite her closest family to the hospital to meet her newborn boy before he passed away.
Aaron was born in March 2013 after Emma was rushed to hospital with what she thought was a burst appendix. She didn’t know she was pregnant until she was in labour. She was later transferred by ambulance to Wishaw General Hospital where staff quickly realised her unborn baby had a larger head than most infants.
As soon as he was born he was rushed to the neo-natal unit. It was then a scan revealed Aaron’s brain had not formed properly. He only had a stem and not a full brain.

It was an incredibly emotional moment for mum Emma.
 “I was absolutely heartbroken. He was hooked up to every machine and had a hat over his head so we couldn’t see the size of it. I just sat by his cot rubbing his little hand. I was in total shock. 
Everything had happened so fast – I didn’t even know I was pregnant , I’d given birth and been told my baby was going to die all in the same 24 hours.”
Hospital staff helped Emma organise a baptism for Aaron, but within hours his condition started to improve and they realised he could even breathe unaided. And more than two years on, Aaron is not only alive but has utttered his first word - ''Mummy”.
While Aaron can’t walk or support himself and no one knows what vision he has, his family say he is very cuddly and tactile. He has managed to survive with no brain because he has some brain stem, so it helps him to breathe and carry out basic functions.
Holoprosencephaly is a birth defect affecting the brain which occurs in approximately two in 10,000 births.


Remember this classic 20th century blockbuster? The movie is going to be remade with 21st century technology for our viewing pleasure! Living In Bondage was produced in Igbo language and released 1992 by Nollywood practitioner Kenneth Nnegbue, and it starred actors like Kenneth Okonkwo (Andy), Kanayo O Kanayo, Bob Manuel-Udokwu, Ngozi Nwosu, Rita Nzelu, Francis Duru etc

Now, veteran Nollywod actor Ramsey Nouah alongside entertainment and business mogul Charles Okpaleke are coming together for the rebirth of the first successful Nollywood movie.

Both Nouah and Okpaleke are said to have bought the rights to redo the movie from the owner and producer, Kenneth Nnegbue and production of the movie will commence in 2016.
Also, the movie which will be star studded will have casts from Nollywood and Hollywood and it will be shot in three different continents, Africa, Europe and America.
Living in Bondage is often times used as the yard stick used to measure how long Nollywood has been in existence because the production of the film can be said to be the pioneer movie for birth of modern day Nollywood. Such films like Karishika, Yemi My Lover, Glamour Girls, Domitilla and the likes followed shortly after LIB.
Nollywood has truly come a long way since then.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


26 yr old Fatima Bombom Sani, an indigene of Kogi state and a graduate of Law from the University of Abuja made history at the Nigerian Law School Abuja last week after she was named the winner of 9 awards in the School.

According to Daily Trust, Fatima broke existing record in the Nigeria Law School by bagging nine separate awards compared to existing record of seven awards ever received at the Call to Bar of Nigerian Law School. The awards include the “Best Student of the Year (1st Prize)’’

.. donated by Sir Adetokunbo Ademola , Dr. Taslim Elias and Justice Atanda Fatayi-Williams; the ‘’Council of Education Star Award’’; Corporate Law Practice donated by Chief Adegboyega Awomolo SAN; Best Overall Female Student of the year award donated by National Association of Women Judges; Best Female Student in Criminal Litigation award donated by Mrs. Oluwatoyin Doherty, Best Student in Civil and Criminal Litigation award donated by Chief Joe-Kyari Gadzama SAN; and the prize for 1st Class Students donated by the Director General of the Nigerian Law School (NLS). Big congrats to her.


A woman who died in a suicide pact with her boyfriend left a note in her diary begging people not to blame her partner - who survived. David Cole stole gas canisters and £11,000 from the pub he worked at in Bromsgrove so that he and girlfriend Leonie Roberts, 28, could live out their last days in style.
According to Mailonline,they bought a car for £2,000 and went to London where they went to the zoo, gambled in a casino and stayed in a hotel. They then drove until they ran out of petrol on the A387 near Loe.
The couple, who had made the suicide pact days before, then sat down together and let off the canisters.But despite experts saying they could release enough gas to kill someone very quickly, Cole, 36, survived the toxic dose, for reasons that remain unclear.
People spotted the car with steamed up windows in the layby the next day and when police investigated, he said 'I might as well tell you', and went on to explain that Miss Roberts' body was wrapped up in bedding in the back.
Mechanical engineer David Teasdale told the coroner:
'I cannot give any reason why the male survived and the female did not if they both remained in the vehicle.'Three days before her death she texted Cole to say 'let's kill ourselves together'.The diary revealed she had 'enjoyed the last few days of her life' and praised Cole for being 'fantastic' but hoped he would not 'bottle out because her decision was solid'.
The court heard only one of the canisters had its valve fully open and he woke up the next day feeling sick and shaking.Cole was jailed for four years after he admitted her manslaughter


The newly crowned most beautiful girl in Nigeria, Miss Anyadike Unoaku who represented Anambra was given a grand reception by her family at the airport when she arrived from calabar yesterday.
It was all joy for the family members as their daughter and sister made them proud.


Mueyiwa Omatsola, 23 year old University of Lagos student is the new Mr Universe Nigeria 2015 winner. The Delta State born model edged out 22 other finalists at the contest over the weekend to emerge the new gladiator. Congrats to him.

Menh, this guy body go make many girls craze o. His babe go dey fight wella 2 have him all alone.

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Temi Omolabake died last night October 26th in a motor accident in Zamfara state on her way back to Sokoto from Sango Ota, Ogun State. She was a 2015 batch A Corp Member serving in Sokoto state. May her soul rest in peace, amen. A friend of hers wrote her a tribute. Read

"I could remember the first day I met you at a person after hearing so much about you on phone. You were so pretty and young,I fell in love with your smile immediately. You were a loving girl,  your siblings' best friend, your parents' favourite and your fiance's little Bae. I saw you last on October 7,2015 when the traffic light stopped my bike and I heard that your tiny voice saying "Chicken, how far". You travelled the next day to Ogun State and until now I still wish you didn't travel. I loved you so much but you didn't even allow me to show the love well.... You were an ambitious presenter who had a lot of plans.. Now who would continue your sport program you started at Savannah TV, you gave us so much stress in thinking about a name for that program before we all decided on one. Everyone always gets to like you at first sight.... Trust me ,you can't meet her and not fall in love.
Rest in peace Lamina Temitope Balqis Omolabake.... My dearest talkative.
.....Adeniyi Sukurat Abidemi (2014 batch C Corp Member, Sokoto State)


The Osun State Government has announced the name for the new Ooni of Ife. The new man to sit on the throne is Prince Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi of the Giesi ruling house and a holder of Higher National Diploma in Accountancy from the Polytechnic Ibadan. Prince Adeyeye is 40 years old.
According to a Government statement, entitled “Appointment of a New Ooni,” , “This follows the completion of the due process and the communication of their (Kingmakers’) choice to the government.”

Ogunwusi will sit on the throne of Oduduwa, left by Oba Okunade Sijuade, who died on July 28 2015 in a London hospital.

The statement was signed by secretary to the state government, Alhaji Moshood Adeoti.


Peace Hyde is the stunning TV personality who has that banging Toolz like body. And according to IDJA, she said yes! Some of his followers actually thought he proposed and she said Choi!


Kogi State University is in the news for unpleasant reasons as lesbian sex videos involving students of the university recently emerged on the campus.

Some of the students involved are those of Economics and English Education departments.
The two students in one of the videos monitored by Vanguard, revealed how deep the culture of lesbianism had infiltrated the female hostels in the school.
One of the students is considering leaving the school to avoid possible stigmatization as the videos
had gone viral.
A female student in the Department of Zoology who craved anonymity, told Vanguard that lesbianism was becoming a big issue in the university.
She said young, fresh undergraduates were lured into the immoral club as many of them do not know what was in it before joining the lesbian ring.
“Kogi State University is fast becoming the comfort zone for lesbians. Many Jambites are lured into the ring because they don’t even know what it is all about.
What they do now is to relocate off-campus in order to enjoy the privacy needed for their illicit and immoral act. Once in it, it is so difficult to renounce because lesbians share a lot of gifts to keep victims in it. 
The authorities of this school may need to take drastic steps to restore the moral integrity and discipline for which we were known,” she said.
When Vanguard got in contact with one of the lesbians, she said she was lured into lesbianism in her first week on campus by a very wealthy 300 student.
She said she was not aware that their sex escapades were recorded, threatening to quit the university in order to save the integrity of her family.
“My attention was drawn to the video in circulation by one of my friends. When I watched it, I knew that was the end of my stay in this school. 
Many of my course mates already have the video, so it will be difficult for me to continue my academic programme because of possible stigmatization. I have brought shame to myself and my family,” she lamented.
Although the school authorities are yet to release an official statement on the scandal, sources close to the authorities said investigations into the issue of lesbianism among the students had commenced.

Monday, 26 October 2015


In a relationship we have what we call the 6p's . Meaning; prior proper preparation prevent poor preparation. It takes understanding to b outstanding.

1. Committing your relationship to God is the first step every partner should take.
2. You two must pray together concerning the things you would want to see in your marriage .
3. You both should seek to have a close relationship with God.
4. You both must develop a good communication skills with each other. Not just normal communication, but be able to express your feeling and toughts towards the relationship .
5. A man or woman who want to marry you for real will not pressure you for sex, because he or she knows that he will defiantly have it when you are finally in the marriage .
6. A proper courtship encourages and build one another, knowing the other person 's failure will affect the other.
7. Avoid relationship you are the only one contributing to it's growth or bearing the burdens , both spiritually , emotionally, academically, financially.
8. A proper courtship helps you discover your strengths, shortcomings and areas you need to work on.
9. You both will be not just partners, but best friends that jokes, laugh and have common intrest.
10. A man that loves you for real will always correct you when you are doing otherwise.
11. A proper courtship will build you up rather than tear you down. Avoid a relationship you are managing to be happy.
12. A proper courtship will involve families, you know his parent and he knows parent .
13. A proper courtship will help you overcome fear of trust, love, understanding, faithfulness. . Name it
14. A proper courtship will include you in his agenda, that is every decision he is making you are involved.
15. Having sexual desires in courtship is not a proof of true love. beware..
16. Do not give sex to get true love; you will benefit nothing eventually
17. A proper courtship requires a lot of commitment. So give it your best.
18. A proper courtship is built with trust in essence you are not moved by what people say .
19. A proper courtship will accept correction with understanding.
20. A positive and proper courtship end up in marriage when God is involved.


Once again, US business magnate Donald Trump has expressed his deep disgust for Africans by referring to them as lazy fools only good at eating, lovemaking and thuggery.

Speaking in Indianapolis, Trump who is also the republican Presidential torch bearer reiterated his promise to deport Africans especially those of Kenyan origin including their son Barrack Obama.

“African Americans are very lazy. The best they can do is gallivanting around ghettoes, lamenting how they are discriminated. These are the people America doesn’t need.

They are the enemies of progress. Look at African countries like Kenya for instance, those people are stealing from their own government and go to invest the money in foreign countries.

From the government to opposition, they only qualify to be used as a case study whenever bad examples are required.

How do you trust even those who have ran away to hide here at the United States hiding behind education? I hear they abuse me in their blogs but I don’t care because even the internet they are using is ours and we can decide to switch it off from this side.

These are people who import everything including matchsticks. In my opinion, most of these African countries ought to be recolonized again for another 100 years because they know nothing about leadership and self governance” Explained Donald Trump bitterly as he illuminated how he plans to reconstruct America and restore its lost glory.

“I promise to make America great again by restoring our dignity that we have since lost through Obama.

The more reason why I still believe that he, and his Kenyan brothers and sisters should be deported back to Kenya to make America safe”

Sources have indicated that Trump’s thrush did not augur well with the Carson Camp and they have since distanced themselves from Trump words.



For the first time in history, Nigeria's Communications Commission, the country's telecommunications regulator, has issued mobile phone firm MTN Nigeria, with a record $5bn (£3.5bn) fine for failing to disconnect subscribers with unregistered Sim cards bought before January 2012.
From that date anyone buying a Sim card in Nigeria has had to register it under their name by law. Phone companies were told to register their existing customers' Sim cards, which MTN Nigeria - the biggest telecommunications firm in Nigeria - has failed to do. In the meantime Nigerians continue to complain about poor services from mobile network operators and blame the regulators for not doing enough to solve the problem.


Pastor Chris Okotie has called out the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor for deceiving former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to contest in the last election saying..

 While preaching in his church yesterday, Sunday, October 26,  Chris Okotie openly said Oritsejafor told the former president, God has said he would win the election and he can go ahead with it.

 “Pastor Oritsejafor deceived Jonathan with a false prophecy from God that he (Jonathan) would win the election convincingly. The man (Jonathan) became convinced to contest after Oritsejafor had told him, using CAN’s name, that God had ordained him the winner of the 2015 presidential election,”
On why so many pastors kept mum on Oritsejafor’s prophesy, Okotie said;

“They couldn’t speak out because they were scared of being insulted. They were scared of being insulted for saying rubbish. They were scared of being insulted on the pages of newspapers. So, while I continued to write and speak that Jonathan was not the man, those of them who knew the truth in what I was saying chose to keep quiet out of fear.
“I told CAN and PFN that Jonathan was not of God; that whosoever would win would be one that had built a tabernacle in the presence of God.“I told CAN and PFN that Jonathan did not belong to the House of David and that since he did not belong to the household, his winning would bring more sorrow to Nigeria,” Okotie said.


Wande Coal has set the record straight saying contrary to wide spread speculations,God brought him out,not Donjazzy.During an interview with Channels TV, the former Mohits member said
"I give all the glory to God Almighty. He is been the one that brought me out because Everyone keeps saying it is Don Jazzy that brought me out. I feel like its just two magical people having great talent and they come together to create magic. So its not by one man, its by God."

He however admitted he misses his former boss ..He added

To be honest there is no lie about it. I miss Don Jazzy. When we are in the studio. he is funny. Trust me I am a comedian. I like to laugh. I like to joke. I like to create stuff. Jazzy is the same way too so I feel like our chemistry is mad but hopeful we could work together sometime. There is no beef, there is no stiff. I don't know why people are trying to create problems"he said


One of the internally displaced persons at Pompomari camp in Damaturu, Yobe state capital, has appealed to security agents to “arrest and kill” his son for being a member of the Boko Haram sect. The man, who is from Turo Kira village in Yobe, said his son attempted to kill him when the sect attacked his community. “I have nothing to do with him; he should be arrested and killed just like he killed others,” he said.
According to the Cable, the man, while speaking with reporters stated that he ha disowned his son.
Musa Jidawa, executive secretary of the Yobe State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), said the suspect was arrested after someone who identified him raised an alarm. “A member of his Turo Kura village identified the suspect and raised an alarm, saying he belongs to the sect and the suspect’s father, also an IDP at the camp, confirmed it, which led to his arrest,” Jidawa told journalists. He disclosed that apart from the boy’s father, his mother, wife and child, were all taking refuge at the camp. Jidawa added that two other suspects, who disguised as visitors willing to see their relations, were also apprehended. He said the agency had reinforced security checks and means of identification to ensure that non-members do not gain access to the camp.

Sunday, 25 October 2015


Kogi State University, Ayangba, has expelled 68 students for examination malpractice and poor academic performance, according to a statement released by the Registrar of the University.

In the statement released today in Lokoja, 19 of the affected students were expelled for various examination misconduct and 49 others withdrawn for poor academic performance.

Abubakar noted that some students also had their admission withdrawn for failure to register within the stipulated period and wrong entry requirements and that the affected students cut across all the faculties.


Cristiano Ronaldo made a young fan's day when he posed for a picture with him and signed his shirt. Ronaldo and his team mates were on their way to a game and as is customary, fans and the press waited by the team bus to catch a glimpse of their stars. One lucky fan who was in a wheel chair caught Ronaldo's eye and he broke from the team to specially acknowledge the kid amidst cheers. Other lucky fans had their shirt signed by the superstar too.


Miss Anambra, Unaoku Anyadike has been announced the winner of the 2015 edition of the Most Beautiful Girl in nigeria beauty pageant.

The 21 year old beat off strong competition from 36 other participants.

Miss Ebonyi, Debbie Collins emerged first runner up and will represent nigeria at the Miss Universe 2015 while Miss Abuja, Chizoba Ejeikecame second runnier up and will represent her nation at the Miss Tourism.

Chikaodili-Nna Udosen who represented Bauchi emerged as the third runner up and emerged Miss Ecowas.

The biggest winner of the night, Unaoku Anyadike will representNigeria at the Miss World 2015 which will hold at the republic of China on December 19th.