Friday, 25 September 2015


Self-confidence is one thing everyone should have all the times. It's not a thing of appearance but a thing of the mind.
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Self-confidence comes from inside out and takes a lot of effort to maintain. To keep your self-confidence in check, daily practice is required to feel
more in control. And as they say, practice makes perfect.

According to Entrepreneur, here are 6 ways to boost your self-confidence daily:

1. Be assertive not aggressive: People listen more when you sound confident rather than fighting to drive your point home. Watch your favorite speaker deliver a speech and you'll know what it takes to be assertive.

2. Dress smartly: You feel better when you look good. Your choice of clothes and accessories should suit your work setting. Looking smart also does a lot of good in boosting self-confidence.

3. Develop a positive energy: A positive mindset can do a lot of good for your self-confidence. Your positive energy rubs off on others which in turn makes them accept and listen to all you have to say.

4. Confident body language: A person's body language can show two things, a lot of self-confidence or a lack of one. You'll only be treated the way you present yourself to others. A self-assured body language makes you not only in control but people will have much more confidence in you as well.

5. Always be prepared: They say luck is when preparation meets opportunity. You prevent a lot of things from going wrong when you are well prepared for eventualities.
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6. Don't be inactive: Being active gives you a lot of courage than you'll normally feel.

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