Monday, 29 June 2015


We all know it, and talk about it every year. The fact that BET International Award winners are given their awards backstage, and don’t have a chance to receive their award live or give a live thank you message (usually pre-recorded).

Considering that most of the artists nominated for the
international award fly in various countries in Africa or Europe it kind of seems unfair. But no artist nominated has ever been vocal about it even when their fans are. In the past years, some have even defended BET and claimed they didn’t receive their award backstage even when it was clear they did.

Fuse ODG just proved he’s bold enough to put an end to all that with a tweet he directed at BET saying that he didn’t come for the award show because he feels disrespected to receive his award backstage.

True talk, make them know say some people dey wey still get levels.

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