Friday, 27 February 2015


Reports the Kardashians have scored $100 million from E! for 4 more seasons are NOT true ... they're only getting a measly $80 mil ... TMZ has learned.  NBCUniversal called the $100 mil story "grossly inaccurate." But our sources connected with the network say the word "grossly" may be grossly inaccurate, because we're told best case scenario they could earn in the $80 million range (with ratings bonuses) for 3 seasons with an option for a 4th. We're also told the deal is all-encompassing and includes all of the work the family and individuals do for the network. And get this ... Y chromosomes are personae non gratea for the new deal. We're told Scott Disick has his own deal outside the Kardashians and Rob will only get paid per episode if he ends up on the show at all. As for Bruce -- he'll only look like a double X -- but we're told his X and Y chromosomes are not part of the deal either.  As for why NBCUniversal put out such an unusual statement ...
our sources say they don't want it out there that the cash register drawer opened in a big way, although we're told the original report definitely had over-inflated numbers.

Menh, see money just to watch how family dey live. I think my family need get t.v show.

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The South Korean Constitutional Court at its plenary session on February 25, 2015, blazed the trail by striking down a 60-year-old law banning adultery by making it legal.

According to the Guardian UK, the long standing law had forbidden the act with anyone caught being jailed for two years but now, the citizens are free to indulge.

In an unprecedented judgement, the presiding justice, Park Han-Chul, remarked that though the act of adultery is bad and immoral, the state has no power to interfere with the individual lives of the people and as such, no one caught will be punished.

He said:

"Even if adultery should be condemned as immoral, state power should not intervene in individuals' private lives."

In the past few years, close to 5,500 people have been formerly arraigned on adultery charges with 216 people jailed for 'committing' in 2004 alone, something liberals find to be infringing on people's rights.

In the past adultery could only be prosecuted on complaint from an injured party, and any case was closed immediately if the plaintiff dropped the charge, a common occurrence that often involved a financial settlement.

O boy, e mean say if you like your neigbour wife or husband, you fit kolobi am and nothing go happen.

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There are no perfect relationships, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't expereince a measure of peace with your partner.

However, a lot of relationships end abruptly even when it could have been prevented, but because the couple are too immersed in their anger, they can't find a permanent solution to their problems.

There are some characteristics that either you or your partner may possess, that could ultimately ruin your relationship.

Criticism: Relationship expert John Gottman, who wrote The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, is known for determining the success of a marriage within five minutes of meeting the couple. One of the deciding factors is evidence of criticism. Gottman knows couples will complain in their relationships, but he differentiates complaining from criticism. Criticism is more 'global' because it attacks the person and not their behaviour. So, how do we know if criticism has crept in? An example would be, "The reason you didn't pick up the kids is not because you forgot. It's because you are a terrible father." Know how to spot criticism, because it could be killing your relationship.

Mind reading: The easiest way to set a relationship on a death spiral is to play armchair psychic. Mind reading takes a posture of assumption instead of listening, judgment instead of compassion. When we try and read the thoughts, motives, and intentions of another person, their voice is taken away. It dehumanizes the partner and does not give them room for explanation. We all struggle with this one because it's easier to play 'mind reader' than listen to your partner. If you say, "I know why you did this…" there's a possibility mind reading has entered the relationship.

Unrealistic expectations: When you begin a relationship, there are certain underlying expectations. These boundaries get wrapped up in behavior and action. This might be particular chores around the house, how money is spent, or how children are disciplined. Problems emerge when these expectations become unrealistic and the partner feels crushed under the weight of their failing behaviour. Most likely this will lead to an unhealthy relationship.

Control: The desire to control your partner, according to is rooted in fear and insecurity. A controlling attitude has more to do with us, and less with the partner. When control enters a relationship, an underlying fear is buzzing behind the surface. It may be fear of not knowing the future. Fear of abandonment. Fear of being seen as a terrible spouse. Until we get a handle on our own insecurities the partner will suffer. If we constantly say "Don't do that," or "Stop doing this," we might be a control freak.

Comparison: Comparing your current partner with a former relationship is a guaranteed disaster. The comparison is unfair. No one person is the standard for all relationships. If they were so great why did the relationship not work out? Testing your current relationship, based on a prior one, is a good way to kill your relationship before it begins. Relationships are complex because of timing, maturity of the partner, and emotional stability. These factors change over time.

Routine: All relationships get stale. When partners get comfortable with one another they stop doing the little things. Eventually, boredom and disinterest set in. But this is normal. It just means we need to mix it up. Maybe we need a new routine. A date night every Friday night. A vacation to an exotic locale. Taking up a hobby together. Or finding different ways to communicate with one another. Routine doesn't need to have the last say in a relationship. Identify it. Mix it up. Watch your relationship come back to life.

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The police in Abia state have arrested George Maduabuchi pictured above for allegedly selling his 14 month old son for N300,000 to a herbalist. According to a report by Punch, George, a native of Owerrinta in the Isiala-Ngwa South Local Government Area of Abia State had connived with his accomplice, one Obinna Erondu who is now at large, to sell his own child

Narrating how her son was allegedly sold by her husband, Ebere, the pregnant wife of George said after her child had developed cough, her husband had asked to take him out to get some medicine only for him not to return with the boy. When she asked the man where their son was, he couldn't give her a good explanation. She said she quickly raised an alarm which attracted their neighbors who called the police.

"When I demanded explanations on the whereabouts of our son, he could not offer any convincing answer." she said

Confirming her statement, the State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Joshak Habila said; "Luck ran out on Maduabuchi when the wife alerted the police on his questionable role when the baby fell ill and he took him out and did not return with him.".

When interrogated, the suspect denied selling his son but says he took him to a herbalist who offered to cure him and also gave him some money

"The herbalist gave me money and told me that he could not heal the baby. I therefore left the baby in the herbalist's home."he said

Some people get mind sha. Just because of suffer, man decide sell him own pikin. Life hard o.

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The First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, Thursday, urged women in the country to vote for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), saying no one loves Nigerian women than President Goodluck Jonathan.

She tried a pun about the slogan of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC), as she boasts that the PDP acts more and talks less.

"The PDP is a party that talks less and does more, unlike the APC that tells new lies every week.

When you catch them today, they will tell another lie tomorrow. We (PDP) do not tell you about change because we are not bus conductors that ask for change," said Mrs Jonathan at Orerokpe, Okpe Local Government Area of Delta State, where the PDP Women for Change Initiative Presidential Rally held.

"We are now in a digital age and we should reject anyone who wants to take us back to analog days.

They keep saying they will do this and that. They should tell us what they have done for Nigerians while in office. As for President Jonathan, he has vowed to do more when he is re-elected.

"President Jonathan has brought a lot of innovation and empowerment programmes for us women. This is because no one loves the Nigerian woman more than Mr. President and the best way to pay him back is by re-electing him."

The First Lady cited the Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria, YouWin and Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme, SUREP, as some of the empowerment programmes the President Jonathan administration was using to empower women and youths in the country.

Speaking at the rally, Delta State governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan, applauded the developmental achievements of President Jonathan. "When someone does well in office, you should return that person to office and that is why all Deltans are prepared to re-elect President Jonathan as President, come March 28."

Well said, but everbody still need change sha. But people dey forget say change na grdual process.

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015


A wanted Mafia boss, Montella Ruso Anthonio has been arrested after he became born again and was baptised on a video that ended up on YouTube.

As part of the ceremony to wash away sin, he was taken into the sea off the Italian coast of Pinetamare and immersed under the water by the priest.

But when police saw the video posted online by the pastor, they were able to identify the region, and the pastor, and from there were able to quickly capture Montella by finding out from other parishioners where he was staying in the commune of Villaricca near Naples.

He had gone on the run after being convicted and jailed of being a Mafia boss and for drug trafficking

Parishioner Adelmo Iadanza said: "He seemed like a nice man, I am sure there must have been a mistake. He kept himself very much to himself, but was always in church at the weekend."

Police said he would remain in custody before being sent back to the capital Rome to start his five-year jail term that been suspended while he was on the run.

Oyibo people sha. If you like be born again, justice must catch up with u.

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Josephine Agwu recently went viral after she returned N12m to the owner at the Murtala Mohammed Int Airport, Lagos. The Lagos State House of Assembly plans to honor her soon. According to reports, Josephine earns N7,500 monthly.

These woman go make good wife o. Menh, wetin she do no easy as if n some people, them ready treak go america with the money.

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Better people. So on page 43 of Punch Newspaper today is an advert by West Africa Examination Council, WAEC, where candidates, now born-again & seeking restitution, confessed to hiring people to sit exams for them. Not only did they confess, they also returned their certificates to the exam body! In all, 178 people were involved. Is this hope for a new Nigeria? When are you joining them?

These one mean say if all Naija youths turn born again, space no go dey fr Waec office to take collect all the wuru wuru certificate.

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015


One of Nigeria's most famous boxers, Bash Ali has been arrested for allegedly causing trouble at a bank premises in Abuja last week Thursday. Bash Ali who was there to demand from the bank authorities why the directive from the President to issue some amount of money for the sponsorship of a Guinness Book of World Record fight has not been met, met his waterloo when the bank authorities said he was trespassing.

The Bank, Nigerian Export – Import Bank, NEXIM, accused the boxer of threatening to blow up their premises with a bomb alongside three men he came along with. The police were called in and the four of them were arrested and charged for nuisance the following day at an Abuja court after spending the night at SARS.

Ali however said the reason why the bank has not been showing so much interest in the project or willing to release the funds was because they demanded a 10% bribe from him, which he out rightly declined. And now they are trying to silent me because I have decided to speak out and take action, he explained.

"I never said I will bomb their office. If any institution owned by government disobeys the order of Mr. President because of corruption, that institution should be closed down. That is what I said."

Hearing on the nuisance and threat to life charges, as well as Mr. Ali's bail application, begins on March 4.

Na wa o. Everyman dey hussle no be small. But the bank for don pay am the money wey presido talk make them give am.

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Wow! Doesn't Jim Iyke look just like Kanye here? Spotted at Toronto airport..

Jim Iyke get style sha. I. Really dey miss him movies.

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Lagos State House of Assembly, on Monday, invited one Josephine Agwu, a cleaner with one of the cleaning concessionaires at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos, for finding the sum of N12m and returning it to the owner. According to the Deputy Whip of the House, Hon. Rotimi Abiru, this will be the third time the lady will be finding a huge sum of amount and returning it to the rightful owners. He said the second time she found one, the owner just gave her a mere $50 as compensation. So he wants the house to compensate her, especially now that she just returned a sum of N12m she found. Josephine is said to be earning just N7,800 a month. 

Wetin them go call this kind woman. Mugu or virtous woman? 3 times opportunity just waka come.

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Monday, 23 February 2015


Looks like the valentine season has really drowned someone o. Top eastern comedian Mc Gentle,
literarily would do anything for blogger , Linda Ikeji just to show how much he appreciates her work.

Mc Gentle  @Gentlecomedian is a popular Nigerian comedian based in South East of Nigeria and a graduate of Biochemistry.

He won Comedian Of the Year All Anambra State universities award 2013, he was MTN 2nd runner up comedy contest (UNIZIK) 2012,  Comedian Of the year, Anambra Exclusive Youth choice award 2014, and 2nd runner up Amstel Malta Showtime comedy challenge. Yeah, and his show, Awka Most Wanted rocked big time.

Okay! Enough said about him. Mc Gentle seriously gushes about Linda Ikeji. The young man had this to say :

   "… There are times when a mind is forced to put into words the expressions of one's inner most feelings.. Such a time has come and what has to happen is happening…
   I am trying my best to find the best way to say a big WELL DONE to the achievements of the well renowned blogger in Nigeria, LINDA IKEJI".

He continues " When I begin to imagine how much she has put into this art of hers . I have no other option other than to bow in honor of her achievements.bIt is clearly evident that her  accomplishments are already speaking better than I can for her.

 Giving my interest into expressing my strongest belief in the greatness of Linda Ikeji. I continue to celebrate your existence and impact into the days of our generation. Making the best of news get to all and sundry within minutes is a good job worth honoring

I feel privileged to be blessed by your impacts. Remain enriched with God's favor.  Thank you to @LindaIkeji for her blessings to our generation. From McGentle."

M.C Gentle carry big shovel dey find gold but these gold go hard to dig o. Baba, begin dig hard o.

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NATIONAL Co-ordinator of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), Otunba Gani Adams, yesterday, said that six million members of the group have resolved to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan at the March 28 presidential polls.

He said OPC members took the decision at their National Co-ordinating Council meeting after taking time to assess President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Major Gen Muhammadu Buhari (retd) of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

He made the disclosure at his Lagos residence while hosting Special Adviser to President Jonathan on Niger Delta Affairs, Hon Kingsley Kuku, who came to solicit his and OPC's support for Jonathan's re-election.

Adams said OPC is rooting for Jonathan because of his human rights records in not arresting or detaining any activist since he came to power, convocation of national conference and promise to implement the 633 recommendations that will help to restructure the country, which he said is in the interest of the Yoruba and South-west.

He said: ''OPC is a group of six million people. We sat down at our National Co-ordinating Council to decide on who to vote for between President Jonathan and Buhari and the support for Jonathan is unanimous."

"Now, we have come out to support Jonathan because of the National Conference.

We have been clamouring for National Conference since 1992, even our leaders could not organise it.

President Olusegun Obasanjo organised the National Political Reforms Conference with a lot of no-go areas.

In the end there was a stalemate. "Now a minority, Jonathan, did it. The only no-go area is the unity of the country.

He gave us open cheque to decide the future of Nigeria."

This election sef. Wahala here and there. Well, all na the same old story.

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Nigeria's top actress Genevieve Nnaji has reportedly purchased a new mansion in Accra, Ghana. The new edifice valued at $4 Million dollars by property experts is around the Achimota area of Ghana.

According to CityPeople, Genny prefers the area to East Legon for reasons best known to her. The property, which is being guarded by a security company, is her private property which she will occupy anytime she is in Ghana.

She joins the likes of many Nigerian big boys and top government officials who are buying property aggressively in Ghana. It must be recalled that Genevieve isn't new to Ghana and its people as she used to live there during her 'ban days'. It was during that time that she released a couple of singles.

Hmmm, four million dollars no be beans o. My sister must turn actor. But where she see that kind money.

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Sunday, 22 February 2015


The Lagos state governor hung out with kids recently where they shared stories and drinks.

Him for go Bariga and Ajegunle go find pikin wey him for stay with no be all these ajebuta children.

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Saturday, 21 February 2015


The pretty daughter of General Buhari who trended some few weeks back was spotted at Piccadilly square London with Ovation boss, Dele Momodu

Well, if Buhari no win, problem don dey o.

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Saw this yesterday. It reads:
Please help us stop this exploitation by AFE BABALOLA UNIVERSITY, ADO-EKITI. This is a cry for help. SOS!! 
In view of the current hike in fees which is really bizarre we as students have expressed our sincere disappointment but this is not a single battle. Initially, the fees was approximately 1.7 M but rose overnight to 2.6M.  
Our parents are complaining and we are feeling their pains because they want us to achieve our dreams. We really need the social media to join us in this battle. This exploitation must stop. We can't protest because we will be expelled. Please hide my e-mail address.‎ Thanks in advance. 


Like seriously, how do these universities suddenly make these increases?! And it's not like they also provide some extra luxuries to these students to justify the increase.

And its not like if person go private univesity they would provide jobs after graduation or the person go turn president. Naija na real place o. Soon, pure wter go turn N100.

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President Jonathan says despite former Pres. Obasanjo's recent verbal attacks on his administration, he still sees him as his father and his first Political son. GEJ said God used people, including the former president to make him become the President of Nigeria. President Jonathan said this in an interview with Tribune in Lagos

"First and foremost, Obasanjo is a father to me. By divine providence and the grace of God, I am the President of Nigeria today. It is not by my strength. But God uses human beings to actualise His own blessings on human beings. And He used so many Nigerians, including former President Obasanjo, to play one role or the other for me. I became the deputy governor of a state, became the governor, the vice president and president. I have no issues with him, and I really don't want to join issues with President Obasanjo.

I think it is not necessary. But I will use this opportunity, because you asked, to just plead with my father that he is a leader, a former president of the country. He has led the country more than anybody, eight years of democratic governance and almost four years of military governance. No other person has that kind of record. The stability of this country is critical in terms of the economy of this country. Rating agencies downgrade countries that are going into elections because the feeling is that there would be crisis. When you paint the colour of instability for your own nation, you are doing so much injustice to the country because it affects the economy of the country, not just affecting the country in terms of security and social issues alone.

It affects the economy directly. So, I plead with very senior citizens that Nigeria is dear to us; we don't have any other country than Nigeria. So, actions and inactions, or utterances, should be guarded so that we don't expose our country to the international community as if it is a country in danger, a country that is about to collapse. You are frightening investors, especially those who invest hot cash, to pull out their money from the country and that would affect the stock market and it would affect the economy. For one reason or the other, Obasanjo may disagree with me as his first political son. You can even disagree with your own biological children, as a human being, not to talk of disagreeing with your political children. So, he can agree or disagree with me, but the utterances have to be managed in a way that it does not affect the economy and security of this country"he said.

On how he felt watching Chief Obasanjo destroy his PDP membership card on the television, Jonathan said the incident had no effect on him because the attacks had been consistent.

Wise man doings. Jonah dey handle this political suituation as a wise man. Abeg, make naija people free am.

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The Deputy Force PRO, Nigeria Police Force, Abayomi Shogunle tweeted this very interesting news earlier on today. According to him, a man was arrested in Ekiti for paying a sex worker with 2 fake N1000 notes.

How the lady take keep her mouth when she dey make the report at the station?

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Thursday, 19 February 2015


Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe will turn 91 years old on February 21st and the country's ruling party, Zanu PF is planning to host a $1million birthday jamboree to celebrate him just as they did last year when he turned 90.

According to an official of the ruling party, Tongai Kasukuwere who spoke with Zimbabwean media, the party had raised 60% of the total money needed for the birthday jamboree which is expected to be hosted at the luxirious resort town of Victoria Falls.

"We have sourced more than half of what we want and more companies and individuals are promising to contribute in the near future. We are looking at a sizeable figure which is befitting the magnitude of the person whose birthday we are celebrating. To us as Zanu PF youths, this is a moment to celebrate his achievements and greatness and celebrate what he has done for Africa and the world as a whole." he was quoted as saying.
President Mugabe came into power after Zimbabwe's independence in 1980.

Na wa o. See balling wen peoplefor the country deey suffer.

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A serving senator who resembles a governorship candidate of one of the oil rich south south states was papped sleeping on duty while senator Nenadi Usman of kaduna south was addressing the house.

U fit guess who this senetor be? Naija na wa o.

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The Anambra State Governor has really proven to being not just a hard working Governor but also one who LISTENS and RESPONDS to the aspirations of his people, one out of many whom have seen and heard of the good works of the Noble administration, heard the call for support and decided to answer by compensating the Unizik transport sector with two (2) brand new long busses for ease of students movement around school.

The President of the Students Union Government on behalf of the loving students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka truely appreciates this kind gesture and appeals to him to please do more.
The President also called out to other meaningful philanthropists to find ways of improving the welfare of the good students of Unizik.

Chief Willie Maduabuchi Obiano, we greet the Noble in you.
Thank you for Unizik Students!

The busses 'll convey students to anywhere within the four walls of the university at 10Naira only and ll convey students to and fro from the School gate to town at 20Naira only...

Hmmm, these na real flexing for students as transport no g dey chop their money again.
These Noble Eyisi s.u.g government wan carry heaven come unizik o.

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Tragedy struck in Oremeji, Ibadan, Oyo State, recently when two middle-aged men died in the process of evacuating a "soak-away" pit.

The duo, Wasiu, a bricklayer and Solomon, a vulcanizer (surnames with­held) had been employed at No 12, Sobande Avenue, Oremeji, to evacuate a soak-away pit at the back of a two-storey building when the fatal accident occurred, they went into the pit and never came out.
When Daily Sun got to the scene of in­cident, residents who knew the two men had stormed the area, while some police­men were seen speaking to neighbours in the area. The lifeless bodies were also found laid on the floor by men of the Oyo State Fire Service, who had rushed to the area in the hope of rescuing the two victims.
The two who were allegedly hired by the landlord and tenants had resumed duty early in the morning when the in­cident occurred. It was gathered that the two had employed a pumping machine to suck out the first set of waste.

They had applied chemical to the last vestiges of the waste when Solomon entered to continue evacuation, but got weak due to heat and the strong smell of the chemical. It was said that Wasiu, who later tried to rescue his colleague also died in the process.

"It was not until 10am that the third person working with them came with pipes and found out that they had died in the pit. He was the one who raised the alarm," said Adeseun Okunade, a neighbour.
"He said he was at Ijokodo when people came to tell him someone familiar to him had drowned in a soak-away pit: "I just rushed here to meet the policemen on duty and we were asked to wash their bodies."
Oladimeji Akamo explained that Wasiu and Solomon must have accepted to do the job due to the poor financial situation affecting most artisans in the state, since it was not in their line of trade. Another woman who was being consoled was heard crying that Wasiu had a wife and three children and was reluctant to take the job.
It was gathered from another resident who did not want his name in print that the mother who was brought to the scene had been taken away, having been told her son only sustained minor injuries and had been rushed to the hospital.
The whereabouts of the landlord and tenants are still unknown, as the build­ing has been deserted since the incident occurred.
When contacted, the the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Adekunle Ajisebutu, who confirmed the report said detectives were immediately dispatched to the scene on getting the report.

He said it was however, unfortunate that the police could not do anything to rescue them: "Efforts are already in place to get relatives of the deceased as preliminary investigation goes on."

Well, I no blame police cause them no teach them how to enter soak-away. But these na terrible way to die.

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Yesterday, former president Olusegun Obasanjo shocked Nigerians when he publicly shredded his PDP membership card. A video of him in the act with more details of what really happened is out and it's a must-see.

Leaders of the PDP from Obasanjo's ward around his former residence in Ita Eko, where he registered, had visited the ex-president to express their concern with his recent utterances against the government of President Goodluck Jonathan and what he considered as the President's role in the postponement of the general elections from February to March.

Obasanjo had alleged on Saturday that Jonathan had a "grand plan" to scuttle democracy in the country through the poll shift, accusing the President of trying to win the presidential poll "through hook or crook."

The guests in Abeokuta had told the former Head of State that they had come to plead with him to stop his criticisms of the incumbent president. They also informed him of the feelers that they were getting that the leaders of the party were planning to expel him from the party.

PUNCH reports Obasanjo asked his guests if they were with their PDP membership card, which some of them produced. He subsequently asked for his own, which someone brought to him.

He then directed the leader of the team to tear the card in shreds, telling the visitors that he was no longer a member of the ruling party.

The former president had last year resigned his membership of the party, when he was the Chairman of the party's Board of Trustees, arguing that he could no longer be in the same party and be led in the South-West by someone he referred to as a confirmed drug baron.

Just check out the reaction of supporters after the former president had his PDP membership card destroyed by the Chairman of his ward 11 Ita-Eko, Sumonu Oladunjoye

Na wa o. So where Obasanjo dey when Naija dey spoil abi him just wan enter APC cos him feel say them go win? Make we dey look.

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Monday, 16 February 2015


Victoria & David Beckham undeniably have one of the most beautiful celebrity marriages ever! It was one of the most important events of the New York Fashion Week calendar. But Vicky showed no sign of nerves as she arrived ahead of her Fall/Winter 2015 fashion show in the Big Apple on Sunday afternoon, where she was joined by her supportive family.

Her husband David and their four children Brooklyn, 15, Romeo 11, Cruz, 9 and three-year-old daughter Harper took pride of place in the front row at the catwalk presentation, where they were seated alongside Anna Wintour and her daughter Bee Shaffer.

Fine family. Money really good, see as the children fresh like people wey them put inside fridge.

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There is no other way to describe what happened to comedian Seyi Law and his wife Ebere other than a heartbreaking tragedy. The couple who tied the knot in 2011 sadly lost their child at birth.

The couple have been in the United States of America for the past few weeks anticipating their bundle of joy before the tragedy occured.

Seyi posted this sombre message on Instagram just a few hours ago.

My heart is blank,
My joy has disappeared,
Anger has become my companion.
The wait is over with a bitter end.
Oh Lord! why does it have to be me?
I am so imperfect and never denied it.

The pains of nine months has amounted to nothing.

We hope that Seyi Law and Ebere find healing within their hearts.

So so painful o. Sometimes I wonder why Oluwa dey allow somethings happen. Make Baba Gd console them.

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Sunday, 15 February 2015


His Excellency, Rotr. Comr. Noble Eyisi visited motherless babies homes on valentine day.
It was awesome and memorable yesterday as the Students' Union President of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Comrade Noble Eyisi, Joined fellow Noble Zikites, Nigerians and the world at large to celebrate the St. Valentines day with Motherless Babies at Tender Love Community Children's Home and St. Faith Orphanage, both in Awka Community.

He donated some valuable items to facilitate the welfare and healthy living of the Kids. Items like cartons of Indomie, Cartons of Liquid Milk, diapers to mention but a few.

The President in his remark expressed maximum satisfaction and applauded the management of the homes for their unbiased approach and caring attitude towards the upbringing of the kids. The President was quick to detect a rare acuity among the children; their ability to operate with guidance, modern electronic devices like his phone. it's a sign of good exposure. He urged the management never to relent in making sure that the children get the best at all times.

In return, the management of the homes applauded the President for identifying and always visiting them even before, during and after the SUG elections and prayed for God's mercy and Grace upon the President and his team.
They apologized for not allowing pictures to be taken with all the kids as they adhere to their strict privacy policy.

This Noble Eyisi don dey do tins wey make say him name dey really follow am. Comr Noble fit be the best S.U.G president wey unizik don get o.


It was a thing of joy, a sign of blessing and endorsement from God when a woman gave birth during the campaign rally of Muma Gee last Friday, immediately the Mother of the newly born baby named the child Muma Gee, as a sign of remembrance of the encounter with the great woman.

And to crown it all, the baby was given instant scholarship from Muma Gee, starting from the age of 2.

With this development, the people of Ikata village in ward 6 in Ahoada East LGA are more conceived that Muma Gee is the chosen one who will bring Goodluck in their lives.

Hmmm, so these enter the world wen politician dey lie. This pikin g sabi wash person be that.

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US based rapper of Nigerian heritage Wale has said he is open to working with Nigerian rap star Olamide.

He made this known on Twitter on Thursday, February 12, 2015. The Maybach Music rapper tweeted 'God willing' when a fan asked if he was going to collaborate with Olamide again.

Wale has been a fan and supporter of Olamide's music for the past two years.

And no forget say two of them don been d song together wey be "make us proud". Make we dey look.

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Saturday, 14 February 2015


The Vice-Chancellor, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Prof. Charles Ayo, has hinted that the school may likely reduce its tuition fees in a bid to accommodate more students who will want to benefit from the quality education it offers.

Addressing a news conference on Friday over the school's recent Webometrics ranking as the first in Nigeria and West Africa and the 15th in Africa, he said even though there is no actual date for the likely review yet, the initiative would make admission into the school more affordable and competitive.

According to PUNCH, Prof. Charles Ayo explained that apart from the fact the Chancellor of the school, Dr. David Oyedepo, had already thought about it, the school management also had plans to
increase its internally generated revenue so as to augment its income, which would make the review easy.

He said:
 "Going by the thinking of the proprietor and chancellor, the commission is thinking of reducing the fees with a view to allowing more people to be able to benefit from the quality education that we have here, but it's going to be highly competitive. 
This may affect us because we would need to work more on our IGR, but we are up to the task. The beauty of it all is to be able to leave it open to all, however, we are mindful of our carrying capacity, which will only engender stiff competition before anybody would be able to get admission. 
By the next academic session, the university will be going into production of certain items and looking at our projection on the adventure, we are going to be raking in billions, which will supplement our income and with that, we can be sure that the fees would be reducing gradually, which also shows that education venture is not necessarily about profit-making but about service to humanity."

If I hear, na students them dey find. No more customers. *lol*

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Friday, 13 February 2015


Surgeons at the University of South Florida say that a 17-year-old who complained that his penis was too large has successfully undergone the world's first penis reduction surgery.
The U.S. teenager requested surgery because his penis had grown too large. He complained to doctors that the size of his penis was preventing him from having sex. He also said that it was preventing him from participating in competitive sports.

According to doctors, the teenager was experiencing priapism, or persistent erection.
Clinically, priapism refers to often painful erection occurring independent of sexual stimulation and lasting up to four hours. It happens when blood flowing into the penis is unable to drain due to blood cells with abnormal shape blocking the tiny vessels that supply the penis.

Episodes of persistent penile erection caused the teenager's penis to become firm and bloated.
He also complained that his abnormally "large and heavy" penis made it difficult for him to wear normal pants. He said he often suffered social embarrassment because his penis was often visible beneath his pants and could not enter any vaginal orifice.

Hmm, wetin some boys dey pray for na him this boy go reduce. Well, life na choice o.

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Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria's former president, has publicly expressed support for the electioneering campaign of Muhammadu Buhari, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC). Cable reports

Speaking at the launch of My Watch in Nairobi, Kenya on Tuesday, Obasanjo, who served his two terms as president under the same Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) platform that Jonathan is now running on, condemned the postponement of the election.
"The circumstances [Buhari] will be working under if he wins the election are different from the one he worked under before, where he was both the executive and the legislature – he knows that," he said. "It's a question of leadership – political and military. "He's smart enough. He's educated enough. He's experienced enough. Why shouldn't I support him?" 
 On the postponement of the election he said:

"The signs are not auspicious. I don't know whether a script is being played."
 He criticised the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan, accusing him of wasting the country's resources
. "You need to ask [Jonathan] how has he let [the army] go to this extent," he said "Many things went wrong: recruitment went wrong; training went wrong; morale went down; motivation not there; corruption was deeply ingrained; welfare was bad." When asked if he was still nursing further political ambition, he said: "I am an old man and I'm enjoying what I'm doing now… And then you forget I am a farmer; I have to manage my farm."

So Baba even accept the fact say politics no be for old people. Someone shld pls advice the old peeps in politics to pls retire o.

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Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Billionaire businessman Sir Emeka Offor and his beautiful 29 year old very pretty wife, barrister Adaora Ufondu are celebrating his birthday today. Pictured above are the super rich couple with Nigeria's top entertainers - Phyno, Flavour & Kcee who thrilled guests with their hits at the exclusive birthday party.

Money really good o. Imagine 3 big naija acts for one party? E no easy.

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Last week, Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe was the subject of many hilarious memes over his embarrassing fall .In the viral photos, most of his aides appeared to just stand by while he tripped ..
New eports claim 27 of his aides have now been suspended for subjecting the president to ridicule

According to TimesLive,Mugabe's security guards received suspension letters over the incident last Friday.Sources said up to 27 members of the presidential security and advance team have been suspended.Officials said an investigation was launched on the night that Mugabe fell.
"There are many departments that are being investigated, from Air Zimbabwe, the advance team and the security. I doubt if some of them will come back," said the official close to the developments.
"The issue here is simple. The security team was caught napping.

Na wa o. Even though say the security people jonze, but to suspend them dey harsh o.

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The Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd), has warned that further postponement of the March 28 election by the Independent National Electoral Commission will amount to "a civilian and military coup."

While advising INEC to take note of its constitutional limitations, he also ruled out participation in any election debate following the postponement of the elections.

The former Head of State, sounded the warning in an interview with journalists on Monday in Abuja during a courtesy call on him by the first elected President of Malawi and Leader of the Commonwealth Election Observers Group, Dr. Bakili Muluzi.

He said:

, "We told them about the change in the dates of elections and the constitutional limitations of INEC. That is the last card for INEC and they cannot delay the elections anymore. So, it is up to the government to facilitate a free, fair and credible election. 
If they fail to do that then, they will be indulging in a civilian and military coup because the constitution is very clear that certain days to the swearing in, there must be an election which will usher in a new government. So, there are no more excuses. INEC has given a document that they are ready for the election. 
They said they had trained their personnel, acquired equipment and have been distributing voter cards. But the security chiefs wrote INEC and demanded six more weeks. 
Okay, they have been given six weeks and that is the end of it. So we are getting ready for the election of March 28.

Election no be do or die sha. And nobody go give military chance for coup. People don wise finish.

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Monday, 9 February 2015


Do you have a charming, cute and captivating personality? Then register for Face Of Campus Amebo 2015.
Go to any Uba bank and pay the sum of N3000 to Flamez entertainments 1016408705 *Send your name, age, phone number, teller number, institution and upload a picture of yourself to and you stand a chance of winning
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Maddonna had jaws drop when she walked the Grammys red carpet with her butt out.The 56 year old star was rocking a custom Givenchy minidress..She walked the red carpet with Nas.

This woman no wan gree say she don old o. But oyibo people dey craze sha. If na Naija, police for don arrest am.

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A set of twin sister in South Africa recently married are now married to same man.

26 year old twin sisters, Owami and Olwethu Mzazi from Vosloorus, South Africa got married to 51-year-old Mzukiseni Mzazi.

Speaking with South African magazine, Drum, Owami and Olwethu disclosed that they had always dreamt of marrying same man as they have shared everything since birth.

 "We have always done everything together. We share everything. That is how our grandmother raised us," they said in the February edition of Drum Magazine.

"So when we decided to marry, we said any man that wants to marry one, will marry the other," they further added.

Nothing wey man no go hear. So how the man go cope? I go like see how the marriage go go.

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Senator Ngige kept to his word, he visited Unizik yesterday, and worshipped at "Garba square" with the President of the Students' Union, His Excellency, Comrade Noble Eyisi. He stayed through out the mass and spoke to the students concerning some of his achievements.

There after, he made a donation in cheque of ONE MILLION NAIRA to expedite the completion of the on going NFCS Church building project

Some sources claim his visit ws made possible by the S.U.G President, Rotr. Comrade Noble Eyisi who made sure that the distinguished Senator came to the rescue of the NFCS Students and the Church in general.
As we all know the students have been worshipping at the GARUBA SQUARE and have been clamoring to move to their permanent site.

Sen. Dr. Chris Nwabueze Ngige promised to do more if he eventually wins in the upcoming National elections.

The chaplain, Revd Fr. Christian Umeojilinnaka appreciated the Senator for such a Noble gesture and for his kind heart and willingness to help the Church and the People.

So na now all these politicans know say them go fit donate give church. Well, grab all you can now o.

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