Monday, 31 March 2014


A Policeman (names witheld), allegedly killed his 19-month-old baby after battering his wife in Benin, weekend.
Vanguard gathered that the incident occurred at a flat in Sam Enobakhare Crescent, off St. Saviour Road, Benin.
His wife said last Tuesday they were at home when her husband's countenance suddenly changed and when she tried to find out why, he pounced on her.
Contacted, Dr. Jolly Nosakhare Iguma, the Chief Medical Director of Jonos Medical Clinic where the baby was taken to, said a mother and her daughter brought in a dead baby a few days ago.
He said: "On close examination the baby was pale, yellowish, with tooth bite injuries on his face.
"Since the baby is not old enough to fight with any person, I wondered who bit the baby. However, if he was brought in early enough, the baby would have been transfused with blood. He may have died of jaundice."
When newsmen visited the residence weekend, it was deserted as neighbors claimed not to have seen any of its occupants in the past few days.
Contacted, the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Foluso Adebanjo said he is yet to be briefed, but promised to comment on the issue later.

Na wa o. Nothing wey man no go hear. How person go kill him own baby eh? Abi na him landlord help am give him wife belle? Na only God go help us cos sometimes wetin I dey hear dey confuse me.

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Actor Joseph Benjamin was a guest on Rubbin Minds yesterday Sunday March 30th where he opened up about his divorce. When the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, asked him if he was finally divorced, the father of two said he was 'working on it.'

Ebuka also took him up on rumours of violence and infidelity being the reason for his separation, Benjamin said it wasn't true. What he said below...
"A lot was misconstrued and I will not hold anyone responsible for it because everyone is entitled to their opinion and for me I believe that when you embark on a journey like that, it is something that, it requires the two people involved to have a certain form of understanding. Let me go a bit spiritual with you here, the Bible says can two work if they do not agree? So there should be some form of agreement. You guys should have this certain joint that kind of links you up together and if to an extent its not there and one feels that there is a need for you to like maybe, move on, lets be matured about this, let things go in a very calm and subtle manner. So that's basically it. I would say that (this is on a bid to being very particular of what I say) because that is how it was misconstrued. So for me that is what informed the decision and I would say because I am on national television that there was no form of violence. There was no report of
infidelity. She is an amazing person, I give her that credit, I would always say that because I am not one who would talk down any human being" he said.

Na wa o. Divorce don dey become culture for our Naija celebs o. Before before, people dey shame to divorce but now, the mata be "how many times have u divorced". God help Naija marriages o.

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Sunday, 30 March 2014


This season's Premier League title race continues to be one of the most tightly ever contested after Chelsea and Manchester City dropped points once again.

The Stamford Bridge side slipped to a surprise 1-0 defeat at Crystal Palace, causing Jose Mourinho to write off their title hopes, while City were forced to settle for a point in a 1-1 draw with Arsenal at the Emirates.

The big winners, therefore, are Liverpool, who move top of the table after they defeated Tottenham at Anfield.

The Reds are in superb form, having won the last seven Premier League games in a row and now thrashed Tottenham 4-0 making 8 wins in a row.

Brendan Rodgers' men are two points clear of Chelsea with just six games of the season left to play.

However, Liverpool do still have to face both Chelsea and Manchester City in the run-in, although, perhaps crucially, both games are at Anfield.

Meanwhile, it must also be remembered that Manuel Pellegrini's men have a game in hand on the Reds and will claim the title if they win all their remaining games.

So wetin una feel? Shey time don finally wey Liverpool and Gerrad go finally win league abi na just wash them dey do.
Abi anoda drama go happen next week wey go make Chelsea top league? Where Arsenal dey now after all their ginger?
Well, if liverpool no win league this year, na till Jesus come before them go fit win am o.

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 President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor in an interview with Punch yesterday bared his mind on the notion that Nigerian pastors milk their poor church members. Excerpts:
People claim churches milk the poor and live big on them. What's your take on this?
It is cheap to criticise; even to criticise what you don't understand. People don't understand what they say about the church milking the poor. Can a poor man have money to pay tithe? A man who has no job, can he pay tithe? No, he won't be able to pay. So how do you milk a man who has no milk? 
In a church, you have both the poor and the rich. It is generally not the poor that finance the church. It is those with the means. A man, for example, who earns N10,000, how much is his tithe? His tithe is N1,000. A man who earns N500,000, how much is his tithe? His tithe is 10 per cent which is N50,000. How much would you milk from a man who pays a tithe of N1000? 
I even hear people say that the poor give money to start schools, but their children cannot go to the schools. How will they give this money when they are poor? The truth is that, the people who actually give this money are those who have the means to do so. Those people make it possible for churches to start schools.
Now again, why do churches charge high fees in school? You didn't ask me that, but I'm just throwing that in free. People must understand that there is a standard. The church wants to maintain the standard. In those days, some people will say that when missionaries started school, it was free. Don't forget that those missionaries were being financed from different places. Who is financing us today? We are financing ourselves. If I got free financing, why won't we make education free? You must also understand that at the time, the cost of living was not the way it is today. The educational system of Nigeria is in serious trouble, so we need to up the standards. And to do that, you should be able to hire the best hands. If you hire the best, how do you pay them? Where do you get the money to pay them? How do you put the right infrastructure in place? How do you do many of the things that need to be done? How do you run the generators?
Why do you think we have so many poor people in the church and many rich pastors?
Remember that the pastors are pasturing both the poor and the rich. They are all in the same assembly. Both the poor and the rich.
Those who have the means in the church take time to be kind to their pastors. That is something most people don't realise. They give their pastors money, food and different things. For example, a member of the church goes to his pastor and says, 'I feel led to give you a car. Take this car.' Now the pastor has a car. Did he steal it?
As I sit here talking to you now, I can tell you that I am training almost 100 people in institutions of higher learning. Nobody is going to broadcast that. On every 26th of December, I organise what I call poverty alleviation. I have been doing it now for about eight years.

Hmmmm, me no go put mouth for these mata o cos na God pikin them be. Na to leave them with God but sha, nobody fit guy with Jesus talk o.

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Wednesday, 26 March 2014


A woman alleged to have kidnapped a 10-year-old girl stripped herself to avoid arrest, yesterday, at the Ajegunle Police Division.
The woman, said to have identified herself as a serving Assistant Commissioner of Police, allegedly kidnapped the primary school pupil who was on her way to school, at Barra Street.
Eyewitnesses said the attention of some passers-by was attracted following the pupil's fruitless effort to free herself from Comfort's grip.
An eyewitness, who gave his name as Mr. Joseph Ogbonna, said: "Out of curiosity, we decided to find out what the problem was and the girl said she did not know the woman. But Comfort said she was taking her child to Area B Command.
"A man among the crowd asked the girl to give her mother's telephone number which she did. We dialed the line and her mother surfaced."
An angry mob almost lynched Comfort before a police patrol team from Ajegunle Division took her to the station.
However, at the station the suspect reportedly became incoherent and stripped herself, causing the male policemen to flee leaving the female officers to attend to the suspect.
One of the residents of Olubukola Street, who out of curiosity went to the station, was said to have disclosed that Comfort was mentally deranged and had attacked a pregnant woman.

Them for beat the devil wey dey inside the woman. But thank God say police show cos by now, na anoda thing I for dey write.

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Hot mama Kim Kardashian left little to the imagination on Tuesday, March 25, when she stepped out in New York City in a see-through lace dress that exposed her black underwear and matching bra underneath. This is supposed to be fashionable.

But how u take feel the dress, e make sense. Well, e try o.

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Monday, 24 March 2014


Every day for the thief one day for the owner. Toh (lol like some of my readers will say). So a Benue businessman who loves to sleep with under aged girls after enticing them with money has been caught while having sex with one of them who was supposed to be in school at that moment. Toh, here is how CKN is reporting the matter…. My people things are happening o, lol…

A Businessman who has been notorious in molesting and having sex with young school children has been caught in the act in Benue State. The businessman (name withheld) was apprehended while having sex inside a bush path with his latest catch who was old enough to be his daughter. Someone who noticed the act quickly alerted other people and the swoop on the two lovers .He was caught pants down having sex with the girl whose mates were in school. The man was given the beaten of his life, paraded naked and later handed over to the police. Some of his neighbours, who spoke about the incident, said the man uses his money to entice school girls with mouth-watering offers.

Na wa o, so after all the money wey the man get and all the gals wey him dey see, na girls wey get groundnut breast dey sweet am ab. The man na real pervert. Them suppose cut that rope wey dey between him leg.

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Sunday, 23 March 2014


Davido na wa o. Instead of make him try revive the boy, him dey snap photo with am.

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International Superstar and Uk Rapper Tinie Tempah, just recently announced that his tour will begin on the 30th of March, and Wizkid would be a special guest. Following a couple of collaborations with International acts like Akon and Chris Brown, fans and friends of Wizkid would be much delighted at this news.
Wizkid is one of the hottest entertainers in Nigeria at the moment, with a lot of hit tracks to his name.
Well, Wizzy na your time be this, flex well o. More grace abi na grease to your elbow.

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2face and Annie tied the knot on the 23rd of March 2013. Happy 1 year wedding anniversary to them. 

Menh, she still dey hot even after two children. Who talk say money no good make them put am for prison.

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Former Afro Pop star, Soul E, who is now Prophet of God, has revealed his recent revelations about Nigerian superstars, Wizkid and Davido, and they don't sound too good.
Soul E in a message published on his Facebook page, claimed that God has shown him Wizkid being poisoned in a revelation. Also, star singer, Davido was revealed to have been involved in a fatal car crash.
"When GOD gives a vision he gives it so we are careful and pray, as i was sleeping the lord open my eyes and saw wizkid been poisoned he needs to be very careful and get close to GOD, i also saw Davido in a very fatal motor car accident i stand a prophet and i cancel this, finally i saw ASO ROCK on fire the president needs to delay 3day of fasting and pray for the nation. Am not here to make any one afraid, if GOD reviews a vision he is ready to save.
Naija na wa sha. Which kind prophet Soul E wan be like this o. If na so him wan use gain popularity again, we no gree o. Make him no use prophesy beef these young boys o. Soul E just accept say your time don pass ooooooo.  

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Saturday, 22 March 2014


Tragedy struck in Dopemu area of Lagos when two friends, identified as an official of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, and a Customs officer, allegedly engaged a panel beater in a scuffle that led to his death.
Problem started when the deceased, 38-year-old  Abiodun Akeju, was driving his commercial bus after closing  from his Opebi workshop and his bus hit the vehicle of the uniformed men in traffic gridlock.
As gathered by Sunday Vanguard, the officials dragged the deceased out of his commercial bus and engaged him in a scuffle. Battered Akeju was said to have been rushed to hospital where he died.
The suspects were said to have been arrested and detained at Alabo Division, Dopemu, Lagos.
In an emotional laden voice, Akeju's elder brother, Olawale, told Sunday Vanguard the family wants those who killed the deceased  to be brought to book.

Life really hard o. So the policeman just look say the easiest way to end suffering na to kill himself. But eh, the country hard o. So na so this man go sha.

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Tragedy struck in Dopemu area of Lagos when two friends, identified as an official of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, and a Customs officer, allegedly engaged a panel beater in a scuffle that led to his death.
Problem started when the deceased, 38-year-old  Abiodun Akeju, was driving his commercial bus after closing  from his Opebi workshop and his bus hit the vehicle of the uniformed men in traffic gridlock.
As gathered by Sunday Vanguard, the officials dragged the deceased out of his commercial bus and engaged him in a scuffle. Battered Akeju was said to have been rushed to hospital where he died.
The suspects were said to have been arrested and detained at Alabo Division, Dopemu, Lagos.
In an emotional laden voice, Akeju's elder brother, Olawale, told Sunday Vanguard the family wants those who killed the deceased  to be brought to book.

Hmmm, see custom officer o, them no go go find their mate fight for airport eh, dey beat helpless citizens to death. Na only God go judge them.

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Friday, 21 March 2014


Hmmmm,Manchester United have been drawn against Bayern Munich while Chelsea will face Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League quarter-finals.


Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid
Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund
PSG vs Chelsea
Manchester United vs Bayern Munich

David Moyes' side produced an impressive, and crucial, 3-0 win over Olympiakos in their last-16 second leg on Wednesday and have been rewarded with a two-legged tie with the holders.

The first leg will be held at Old Trafford.

Meanwhile, Chelsea travel to Parc des Princes to face Ligue 1 champions PSG before the return leg at Stamford Bridge.

The two teams have faced each other once in the past, coming in the 2004-05 group stage as the Blues beat the French side 3-0 before being held to a 0-0 draw at home.

Elsewhere, two of La Liga's title-chasing sides go head to head as Barcelona and Atletico Madrid meet for the fourth and fifth time this season - the previous three meetings have ended as draws.

Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund complete the quarter-final draw in a repeat of last season's semi-finals which the German side won 4-3 on aggregate.

The first legs will be played on April 1 or 2 before the second legs on and April 8 or 9.

Thursday, 20 March 2014


A Tibetan mastiff puppy has been sold in China for almost 2 million dollars. A property developer paid 12 million yuan (1.9 million dollars) for the one-year-old golden-haired mastiff at a luxury pet fair which held in the country on Tuesday. Some reports have said its the most expensive puppy ever. 

For person to buy dog this kind amount, d dog suppose dey catch thieves, dey talk and if possible dey fly o.

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Last week in 'trending' we brough you the response of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of the Christ Embassy Church on the decision to abort a pragnancy after being raped. He had said "No child should be brought into the world by force…" and that the lady could make the decision to keep the pregnancy or not. Pastor T.B Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations clearly disagrees.

Pastor Chris had noted that it is not an easy decision as only victims know what they are going through

The question now is whom to agree with. Is it Pastor Chris or TB Joshua?

Well, me no go like get pikin wey be bastard o cos na mental torture for the pikin but abortion sef na big wahala as many girls don follow abortion die.

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Jim iyke, nollywood's baddest guy. Make we dey look am sha.

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Christ Embassy Oregun is currently on fire. Source of the fire unknown. The fire started around 5p.m and till now, fire fghters never show. More details shortly.

Well, we hope many valuables no scatter inside the fire.

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Nollywood actor, Chidi Mokeme turned 42 yesterday March 17th and he had a lil party with friends to celebrate. Annie Idibia and hubby Tuface were there. Meanwhile, Chidi is also on the latest cover of Redsheet Magazine with actress Beverly Naya.

Money good o. So Chidi Mokeme do reach 42 years o. Him still dey look like young bros o.

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The Uefa champions league trophy has been on a tour round the world for fans to have the experience of the trophy near them.
Yesterday, the trophy was in lagos and Uefa choose Kings College Lagos as the 1st call for the trophy to be displayed.

Well, at least some kings college boys don see the trophy live before many Arsenal and Man city players. Abeg make uefa dey do trophy club tour so that people like kompany and wilshere go fit see the trophy before them retire from football.



Chris Brown was in court yesterday Monday March 17th to face a judge for violating his probation and by the end of his hearing, the judge denied him bail and ordered that he remains in jail until his next hearing...which is not until April 23rd. This means he will be in jail for at five weeks. Oh dear!

His request to enter a new rehab facility after getting kicked out for the second time was denied...

Chris Brown sat motionless in court as the judge attributed his inability to stay out of trouble as the reason for his decision to deny bail and remand Chris into custody.

Now chris brown go really experience the thug life wey him dey find. By the time prisoners beat am eh, him go know say rehab beta pass jail. Sha, I dey pity him skin color, make e no go turn red or even blue.

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Kanye West has been sentenced to 2years probation and 250 hours community service after the attack on a photographer at Los Angeles Airport in 2013, E! News reports.

Kanye pled no contest to one count of misdemeanor battery yesterday in response to videographer Daniel Ramos lawsuit against him. Kanye attacked Ramos at LAX airport in August last year as the paparazzo tried to take photos of him

Minus the two year probation and community service, Kanye is also required to complete 24 sessions of a level-2 anger management program and he must turn himself in to the LAPD for a formal booking. Kanye agreed to all this to make the case disappear from his record.

Shey wen Kanye west dey form Mike Tyson, him no remember say jail dey. Thank God sha no be 2years for jail if not him for marry him babe for inside prison.

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Monday, 17 March 2014


Members of the Boko Haram sect last night around 10pm attacked the Pela Birni village of Hawul LGA of Borno state, killing at least 2 people and burning down churches and houses. Reports say the men came into the Christian dominated village with AK 47 rifles and other powerful explosives which they used to shoot people indiscriminately and also set homes and churches ablaze. Amongst the churches destroyed was the Church of the Brethren.

Chairman of Hawul Local Government Area, Dr. Andrew Usman Malgwi confirmed the incident and said he has informed the higher authorities

"Yes there was an attack in one of my village yesterday which led to wanton killings and destruction of property. We have communicated to relevant security agencies on the matter who have swung into action with a view to apprehend the perpetrators, we have also mobilized our people to ascertain the damage and assist the displaced Persons as an interim measure" he said.

Government too dey talk for these Boko Haram issue with no action abi them dey fear Boko haram? Boko haram no be spirit, na human being. Abeg make government find them before them do pass as them dey do.


Lady Gaga shared a photo of herself having a wash in green water a day after a weird performance in Austin Texas where she asked a friend to vomit a greenish substance all over her during performance of her song 'Swine'. The friend put a finger down her throat and threw up a revolting-looking green substance all over Lady Gaga to the amazement of fans. She shared this pic a day later showing that she'd cleaned up.

Na wa to lady Gaga o. If shw wan show picture, make she show, no be her yeye back she dey show guys. If she really dey crae, make she show the live thing jooor.

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There are very strong indications that out-of-favour Super Eagles player, Osaze Odemwingie may likely re-join the Stephen Keshi-led Eagles in their remaining friendly games before they hit Brazil for the World Cup in June.
Strong-headed Osaze was  left out of the Eagles in 2012 when he took offence for being substituted  after a very poor outing in a Nations Cup match in Rwanda. When Keshi wanted to recall him he expressed misgiving about his substitution and Keshi felt that he was not yet ready to play for Nigeria and give his all. Keshi looked away.
Osaze  took to tweeters to ease his frustration, blasting Keshi and the Eagles crew for what he reasoned was wrong.

But we gathered that he may have pleaded Keshi and Keshi is also set to welcome him back by inviting him to the team as soon as possible.
A very dependable source informed us that Osaze who appears  in form in his new club, Stoke City has apologised to the Eagles coach and told him to forgive him of his tantrums.
"Keshi is human and was touched by the change of heart of Osaze in asking for forgiveness. He(Keshi) wants the best for the Super Eagles. Since Osaze is doing well in his club and has shown remorse, he will soon open the doors for the ''prodigal son'', our source said.
The Super Eagles would be glad to welcome Osaze who hit a brace against West Ham at the weekend as his club won 3-1.
While Osaze's come-back remains a cheery news, our source was silent on the fate of Villarreal hotshot, Ike Uche whose chances of coming back to Eagles after his last outing in the African Cup of Nations win in South Africa are still unclear. Keshi had frowned that Ike Uche lacked  tactical discipline,  an accusation that shocked both player and keen watchers of football.

Abeg, make keshi no waste time welcome osaze back to the team o cos we need beta striker for super eagles. Most of our strikers no dey play ball @ all. E be like say them dey dance azonto for field.

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The white wedding of songbird Tiwa Savage and her hubby/manager Teebillz will hold April 26th in Dubai. It was initially billed for February in the Maldives Island, but the couple moved the date and venue for personal reasons. Their star-studded traditional wedding held November 23rd in Lagos.

Menh, I hear say this go be wedding of the year sha. Shey everybody don dey do wedding for Dubai, make them relax, me na ontop moon or even inside water I go my own.

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Tears flowed  uncontrollably when the Samson family received news that their  17-year-old daughter, Forester Samson had been stabbed to death in far away Moscow, the capital  of Russia.

According to a family source, Forester was sponsored abroad by one Mercy who is suspected to be trafficking  Nigerian girls  on the promise that she would assist them  with  decent jobs in Russia. The teenager  without hesitation, but with the approval of her mother had jumped at the offer with high hopes. Only for them to get a call from  Mercy, on Tuesday March 4,  2014 that Forester had died in an inferno. That Forester was stabbed before being set ablaze. The deceased's elder sister, Sonia Samson told TheSunNews:
  "Her madam is the one that called us on Tuesday and told us she was locked in a room and set ablaze by some unknown Russians. She told us that she was rushed to the hospital, that they were treating her.

"Later that day, she also told us that she was initially stabbed before she was burnt. Not too long after, she told us that she was dead. The madam said she was not the only victim in the attack. She said there were five other Nigerians, that another one died four or  five days after the attack.

"My sister died mysteriously, just as another sister of mine was also killed by  armed robbers. Sincerely, I am confused because I don't know why all this is happening to us. Particularly for me, it is so painful that I don't really know what to say or do. This is a difficult time for the family and I believe we need to be more prayerful more than ever before."
The late Forester, who would have been celebrating  her 18th  birthday on March 30  hails from Igbekhue in Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Edo State. She completed her secondary education  in 2013.

Forester's father, Friday Osazuwa Samson was killed four years ago in Benin by suspected armed robbers. He was shot in broad daylight in front of his shop at Upper Sakponba. Until Friday's death, he was a successful businessman, a distributor  with Sona and Bendel breweries.

Siblings and other relatives of the late Forester's father are worried and pained by circumstances surrounding how Forester was lured into traveling to Russia, which they described as shady. Recognizing the fact that she did not travel to Russia for further education, even as they were not also informed of such plans, they are calling on concerned authorities to wade into the matter.

They are accusing Mercy of human trafficking and  calling on National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) to investigate the activities of this said Mercy. They also want the Nigerian Embassy in Russia to as a matter of urgency unravel the mystery surrounding the death of their daughter.

The dastardly act took place on March 3,  2014. Since the news  broke, the entire family has been thrown into mourning.

Sonia, who still finds it difficult to believe that her sister was gone, lamented that Forester's death was too painful for her to easily accept. To her, she would have better been dreaming and be glad  that the story was not true.

Meanwhile, Forester's uncle, Mr Saturday Samson Osazuwa accused Forester's mother of conniving with the said madam (Mercy) to deceive and persuade the teenager to travel abroad. He queried why Forester's mother, Elizabeth, decided to hide his niece's whereabouts from him. Saturday, who now acts as a father figure to the children since their father's death, said the mother refused to disclose where Forester was, even as he insisted on seeing her.
He said:
 "The mother was aware that Forester had traveled abroad. Not just that,  I believe she was part of the arrangement that her  17-year-old daughter  should  travel abroad. It is really unfortunate and wicked of her to have taken that decision.

"If my brother, her husband was alive, he would never allow such a thing for any of  his children. What was Forester looking for in Russia? Was it to go there and school? Certainly not. Now, she has caused the entire family pain and sorrow. The girl was beautiful and intelligent. I still cannot understand what she was sent to Russia to do at her tender age.

"For more than five months, her mother was dribbling me whenever I wanted to see Forester. I sent for her to come and see me on a number of occasions but they kept telling me that she was residing with her mother's relatives in Benin here only for me to receive a call from them that she was dead in a fire accident in Russia. This is the girl that they kept telling me was in Benin. Until her death, the mother refused to tell anybody in our family. If she thought that the children belonged to her alone, that is where she's mistaken."
Also, an uncle of late Forester's father, Mr Evabayekha Christopher, described Forester's mother as  callous. He wondered why any reasonable mother would send her own daughter  abroad for monetary reasons.
His words:
 "What exactly will Forester be doing  abroad when she was supposed to be studying at the University of Benin or any other higher institution of learning in Nigeria? What she did is unacceptable to every member of our family."

Na wa o. See wetin to travel abroad don cause eh. If she die true true , nobody know. Dead body them no see. Make parents dey careful on how them give their pikin out o.

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A Connecticut Bishop who heads the Miracle Faith World Outreach Church has died in front of his congregation last week Sunday after his family reportedly publicly confronted him about a past act of infidelity that his wife of 50 years, Christine, pushed him to confess in the presence of his congregation.

The Bishop confessed to his wife that he had an affair long time ago, and he felt it was right to tell her now because he wanted to be 'clean'. 

The wife after the Sunday service announced to the congregation that the Bishop has a message for them.

Soon as he walked him, not knowing what was waiting for him, his wife said, 'tell them what you told me', the shocked Bishop didn't know what to say and he made the confession.

But his congregation were glad he did, and they started echoing the same words, 'we forgive you, we love you'. But it seems his immediate family weren't pleased as one of his sons attacked him, and his daughter poured him water.

The bishop who couldn't look up immediately suffered heart attack and was pronounced dead at the hospital he was rushed too.

The Police have been invited to look into the matter, but they said there was nothing criminal about it.
A church member said the matter should have been handled privately, and the Bishop who doubles as a certified marriage and family therapist was shocked his family treated him that way, and that was what led to his sudden death.

A close church member also said his wife had asked him who the lady was, but the man replied that it does not matter any more because she is no more.

Women and their wahala eh. So now she go happy say the man don die abi. If to say the bishop no talk say him cheat na problem, him talk, na still problem. Abeg who finally lose?

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Sunday, 16 March 2014


The Defence Headquarters on Saturday said Special Forces captured a massive armoury with arms and ammunition in one of the camps of Boko Haram insurgents near Lake Chad.

This was contained in an electronic mail sent to journalists on Saturday by the Director of Defence Information, Maj. Gen Chris Olukolade.

Olukolade said the Special Forces captured the large cache of arms and ammunition from a dump in one of the camps of the insurgents on Friday night.

He said the arms and ammunition were still being evacuated from the site where several of the insurgents were said to have died during the raid.

According to him, troops and men of the Mutli-National Joint Task Force raided camps, surrounded the outskirts of Duguri,  Polkime, Malafatori and other locations around the fringes of Lake Chad.

He added that large sums of money in different currencies and denominations were also recovered.

The defence spokesman said a soldier died and five others were injured in the operation in which seven insurgents were captured.

The defence spokesman was silent on the number of insurgents killed in the latest raids.

Our correspondent however gathered that 10 of them were killed.

It was also gathered on Saturday that members of the sect, who carried out an attack on the headquarters of the 21 Artillery Brigade of the Nigerian Army on Friday, were able to penetrate the barracks because of the absence of a perimeter fence around the sensitive facility.

A security source told our correspondent that the insurgents arrived the military facility from different locations and emerged from a tomato plantation near the barracks.

The source said the situation at the 21 Brigade headquarters known as Giwa Amu barracks was not different from other barracks in the North-East.

Meanwhile, there was tension in Maiduguri on Saturday as soldiers received an intelligence report that the members of the sect, who made an attempt at the Giwa Barracks on Friday were planning another attack on the Maimalari Cantonment, which is the headquarters of the newly created 7th Infantry Division of the Nigerian Army.

Source: punch newspaper

Abeg, them for kill 100 or even 1000 bko haram people sef. These Boko haram people don too disturb and them no deserve pity @ all o.

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A young father-of-one who came down with a common cold in November has now lost three limbs and skin from his face after the cold developed into a horrific flesh-eating bug. Alex Lewis, 34, had to have both of his legs and his left arm amputated after his feet, fingertips, arms, lips, nose and part of his ears turned black. His major organs shut down and the keen golfer, who has a three-year-old boy called Sam, spent a week in a coma as the deadly bacteria wreaked havoc through his body.

DailyMail reports that for Alex Lewis, the nightmare started only four months ago when he started suffering from a common cold. However, as his symptoms worsened, he was rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with a blood infection which developed into septicaemia and toxic shock syndrome.

Speaking from his hospital bed, Mr Lewis recalled how he went to bed early one night in November feeling unwell, only to wake at 2am, passing blood in his urine. His skin turned purple, his eyes dilated and he was rushed to hospital, where doctors later told his partner Lucy Townsend, he wouldn't make it. But amazingly, Lewis survived.
Lewis said:

'In a strange way it is the most amazing thing I have ever lived through. I think nothing but good will come from it. I think you cope because you have to. If you don't, chances are you will probably die. We have all got a resilience within us but it just doesn't get tested. As a family we have been tested in the last four months to the max. But you have to make the best of the situation, realise what you have got, not what you haven't got.

The 34 year old father-of-one, from Stockbridge, Hampshire, underwent a series of gruelling operations in December and January during which surgeons amputated both of his legs and his left hand. He now hopes that one day, he will walk again on prosthetic 'blade runner' limbs. See photos below.

Na only God fit save us from this wicked world o. See how this small bacteria don render the man useless.

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Saturday, 15 March 2014


Kayswitch and his Liberian beauty queen girlfriend Meenakshi Monica Subramani welcomed a baby in the early hours of today. The proud & excited father shared a pic of the bundle of joy on instagram.

The wey celebs dey take gve girls belle, born outsde weddlock don turn trend o. Everybody just dey burn as if say na competition. Make them no worry, girl wey me go give belle go born four @ once.

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A 35-year old man, Arinze Kingsley, has left a married woman, Mrs Amaka Ohanwe, partially blind after she allegedly refused his sexual advances. Amaka was seriously injured in her right eye when she was allegedly beaten up by Kingsley at a beauty salon. She said after undergoing several operations, the doctors at Apapa General Hospital confirmed that she cannot see with the eye again.

PMNews reports that following the assault, the police at Area 'B' Apapa arrested Kingsley and charged him with assault before Apapa Magistrate's Court after which he was remanded in Kirikiri Prisons in Lagos State. Both Amaka and Kingsley, who is still single, admitted that they were friends but Amaka said they were just friends not lovers. She said she stopped relating with Kingsley when she discovered that he was desperate to have sex with her despite the fact that he knew that she was married and had two kids. She said after several attempts by him to sleep with her failed, he became aggressive and when she noticed that, she started avoiding him.

Amaka said Kingsley eventually traced her to a salon at Pen Crescent, Apapa, Lagos where she went to have her hair done and attacked her in front of the beauty shop.

"He waited for me outside the salon. When he saw me, he started abusing me after I refused his advances. I replied him and he hit my eye and threw me on the floor. He started  hitting his head on my eyes until I started bleeding," she told the court.

Amaka said it was their neighbours who came to her rescue and took her to the hospital, while Kingsley immediately started his motorcycle and rode off after attacking her. She alleged that after the attack, Kingsley boasted that nothing would happen to him because he has money to bail himself out of any difficult situation. Amaka reported the case to the police but alleged that she was asked to collect N30,000 for her eye operation in order to settle the matter out of court. Amaka said she had spent over N200,000 on the surgeries but they were not successful. She called on the state government to come to her aid and ensure justice was done in the matter.

Well. When them ask the yeye Kingsley wetin happen, he get mouth talk say him really beat the woman but him go like settle the mata utside court. Well, the magistrate for the court talk say him go use N50k bail himself.
If I be the woman husband, I go make the man know say them fit act Jet li for real. I him see himself for mirror, him go break the mirror.

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According to a new report by RadarOnline, the only cameras rolling or taking photos at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's May 24th wedding in Paris will be their own, because guests who will attend the star-studded I Do's will be forced to sign strict confidentiality agreements during which they'll agree not to discuss any details of the nuptials with the media.

What's more, cell phones will be strictly banned and confiscated if discovered! And it's all because the high-profile couple do not want a repeat of West's marriage proposal to Kardashian, which was leaked online by YouTube co-founder, Chad Hurley.
A source told RO:
"Guests will have to go through extensive security, even most of Kim and Kanye's celebrity friends. devices will be held at a secure location and if someone needs to use during the festivities, accommodations will be made, but a long way away from the festivities. This is all designed to discourage guests from using their phones."
If someone violates terms of the contract, they will likely be sued, the insider added.
"Kim and Kanye will be licensing the wedding photos for sale and it will also be broadcast on E! as part of their Keeping Up With The Kardashians series," a source said.
However, Beyonce and Kanye will not have to suffer the same fate, Radar has been told.
"There is no way Kanye would ever even dare to ask Jay Z or Beyonce to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or take away their cell phones. He knows that neither one of them would betray his trust."
With wedding preparations in the final stages, the couple has secured their prenuptial agreement.
For every year Kardashian is married to West, she will get $1 million, capped at $10 million
The title of their Bel Air, Calif., mansion will also be in Kardashian's name, even though West is footing a majority of the bill.
Kardashian will also keep all jewelry and gifts given to her by West.
What's more, money she earns from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, her clothing line and promotional appearances, will be considered separate and her sole income.
One of West's life insurance policies — it's valued at $20 million — will name Kardashian as the beneficiary, for life, even in the event of a divorce.
There are no clauses in the agreement concerning custody arrangements of their daughter, North

Hmmmm, na wa for oyibo people o. Sellng your wedding pictures? If na Naija u try seize person fone for wedding, the wedding go get part two o.

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Friday, 14 March 2014


A loyal Campus Amebo reader Dora from Unizik, a 300 level student of banking and finance turns one today.
Dora is a lovable girl, down to earth and a goal getter. We the campus ameb crew wishes her a wonderful celebration.

But abeg, no go celebrate forget yourself use head waka go house o.

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Nothing wey person no go see for Convenant o. Soon sef, them go ban make person dey look nyash or even them go tell u wetin ur brain fit think.

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The first Ever Fashion and Beauty Trade Fair holding in Anambra State. Tagged ''The ACE Fashion and Beauty Expo/Trade Fair'' @ Emmaus House grounds, Awka. Holds today March 14th & tomorrow 15th, 2014..
The Ace trend services in collaboration with Betnex klothing have set the stage for a better opportunity to trade fair, in the Ace fashion and Beauty Expo trade fair. The idea of this event is to make it possible for the general populace in anambra state to come and have an exposure to high quality designers goods which would be affordable at prices that are considerate.

Participating categories for the ACE Fashion and Beauty Expo:
Clothing and Accessories.
Shoes and Hand Bags.
Designer Clothes and Wears.
Hair extensions.
Cosmetics. Make-up and make-up artists.
Skin care products and services. Photography. Body Art (tattooing). Weight loss products and services. Dermatology.
Spa services. Perfumes.
All Fashion and Beauty products and Services.
This event would be an avenue for designers of all kinds, distributors of all perfumes, cosmetics, clothing and accessories, shoes and Hand bags to come and have a very good exposed level of mass exhibition to the better part of the city's population which is cordially invited to come and buy good quality products at affordable prices.

For enquires. Call 08054702388, 07060808320,
BB: 271FD43A, 268F61D8

Quality, Variety & Low Price Guaranteed.
Don't miss this opportunity.

March 14th and 15th @ Emmaus House In awka. Expect a high level of fashion sense. Be a part of this!

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