Saturday, 30 November 2013


The Archbishops of Canterbury and York yesterday published the Report of the House of Bishops Working Group on Human Sexuality.

And according to it, gay couples should be allowed to have their relationships blessed in church.
DailyMail reports that the report, written by former civil servant Sir Joseph Pilling and a team of senior churchmen and women, was published seven months after the Church first indicated it is looking at 'accommodations' for same-sex couples and four months after the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, told Church leaders that 'we must accept there is a revolution in the area of sexuality.'
It signals an end to the Church's longstanding insistence that gay relationships are sinful and less worthy than heterosexual marriage.

And may now open the way for a reversal of the CofE's opposition to same-sex marriage and the eventual appointment of actively homosexual priests and bishops.
Archbishop Welby said yesterday that bishops will now 'consider the report and decide how such a process might best be shaped

Na wa o. So devil don carry chair sitdown for high table inside church. Nothing wey man no go hear again o for this world. Soon, we go hear say them don find door go heaven.

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There is the rumour that Unizik would be resuming on the 2nd of December 2013. This was made known by the school S.U.G P.R.O
But when the campusamebo crew tried investigating the validity of the news,we got mixed reactions from reputable sources.
Calls were placed to some lecturers in various departments (I no go call names before them use SSS and Efcc find me o) and they said they are not aware of the new resumption date.
One even said "I am I'm Abuja, pls don't disturb me"

An anonymous source who works in the school administrative block confirmed the news but sad he is not sure if the lecturers would comply. He said

"Let's watch and see what happens on monday. But those who are far from awka should wait and see if all the lecturers ould resume"

Anoda source close to the school management said
"Be in school on monday"

Make we dey look sha. We still dey c if ASUU chairman unizik branch go fit pick our call make we ask am weda unizik don call of the strike.

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University of Nigeria chapter of Academic Staff Union of Universities on Friday said its members would not resume work on Monday unless their demands are met.
The UNN-ASUU also had harsh words for the Minister of Education, Dr. Nyesom Wike, for issuing the order directing lecturers to resume work on Monday or get sacked.

The union, however said that it wouldn't react officially to Wike's order until President Goodluck Jonathan speaks.

"We have not heard from the President, so we cannot speak officially on the matter. It would be senseless to begin to react to a statement from Wike since he is a tout.

"What we would simply say is that, we don't have any business with touts like Wike whose children are studying in Ghana, yet they (people in government) cripple the education system in Nigeria," said Dr. Ifeanyi Abada, Chairman of UNN-ASUU.

Abada said Wike's order cannot hold and vowed that ASUU would unleash terror if the minister attempts to carry out the order.

This lecturers dey vex o. But Government sef no try @ all. U wan sack lecturers, who u wan employ eh. Shey nah people wey dey work for park? Make government and ASUU people sitdown 4 square table discuss the problem find solution cos if campusamebo start e own, noboody go hold me o.

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Academic Staff Union of Nigerian Universities [ASUU], Calabar Zone, has reacted angrily to the order to return to the classrooms issued to them by the Supervising Minister of Education, Nyesom Wike, saying that the action would worsen the strike action rather than solving the problem.
ASUU accused the minister of deceiving  President Jonathan on the crisis, alleging that Wike and some other unnamed officials of the Government did not want the lingering problem between the union and the Federal Government to be resolved.
According to the zonal coordinator of ASUU Calabar zone, Dr. Charles Ononuju, with such threat the crisis would linger far longer than expected.
In a statement in Umuahia,. Ononuju said that the union received with shock the pronouncement by the supervising minister, saying the crisis could not be resolved that way.
"We received with shock the pronouncement of by the Supervising Minister of Education, Wike, that lecturers should resume work or be sacked", Ononuju said.
He said that the union had gone far with discussion on how to resolve the crisis and was waiting for President Goodluck Jonathan's reply to their letter after their meeting when the minister came up with the "unfortunate" pronouncement.
"Sacking lecturers will not solve the problem but will compound it. Wike should resign and come to the university and teach. This is not the way to go if they go this way, the crisis will not be resolved in the next 100 years", he warned.

This calabar ASUU chairman dey vex o. My people, 100 years no be beans o. Even Abraham no wait God reach 100 years. But if nah so, nah to dey will your Admission to your unborn children.

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Friday, 29 November 2013


Yesterday, US rapper Wale in a radio chat with Toolz on Beatfm said the reason he's never been to Nigeria until now was because his parents, who are both from Ondo state, were so poor they couldn't afford a bring him home.
"I grew up poor. We lived in DC, in the projects. Getting a ticket to Nigeria on $20, 000 income yearly, to my family that wasn't really... you I was a 15 year old with a decent job, I'm not going to save up to go to Nigeria. That wasn't what I was thinking when I was that age. And then I was in college and the money tight right then. And then I get this record deal when I dropped out of school, you're running around so much you don't even have time to see your own parents"

But me dey wonder, them poor, still get money fly U.S. Them come leave all the Ghetto places for U.S come go stay for Washintin wey be capital. My people, if nah por be dat, then people go like poor. Wale no just wan come Naija before. Him no get excuse.

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The new national identity card will replace the current voters card after the 2015 general elections, the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), has said.
The Director of Technical Services at the commission, Mr Emma Ogungbe told Journalists on Thursday in Abuja that the identity card would enhance the integrity of the electoral process.
He explained that with the new identity card, NIMC could give the details of every eligible voter from a particular Local Government Area, Senatorial District or State in Nigeria.
"During election, you go to a polling booth, you get in there, what you do is carry your ID card with you, they check your name against what NIMC is giving them, tick it and you vote."
Ogungbe assured Nigerians that the new national ID card would put a permanent end to cases of election rigging including double or multiple registrations or voting.
He said the "new card is error-proof''.
"In fact, one of the ministers not long ago even came out to say after the 2015, the NIMC National ID card will become the voters' card.
"So, that just tells us that very soon, the National ID card will also become the voters card and there would be no need for ad hoc registration by INEC again.
"That money can now be used by government for other purposes to better serve Nigerians.
"We (NIMC) are able to identify you to be you. A time will come if government says NIMC, give me details of everyone in Lagos State, ages 18 and above, we will give it to them; it will be a seamless operation.
"Give me the list of people in so-so local government or the whole of Anambra state ages 18 and above, we will give it to them because they've already been in our database and it's been sanitised, we know they are who they say they are

But them neva know naija people. If them like, make them dey use blood vote, them go still rig the election. BUt make we dey hope sha.

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Kanye West took his "Yeezus" tour to New York and performed two back-to-back concerts at Madison Square Garden this last week. The New York stop allowed Kanye to help promote his work on 2-New York-based radio stations. West, who seemed to cool things down for awhile, once again turned up the heat in his latest radio interviews. His comments were made to Hot 97's: Angie Martinez, and SiriusXM's: Sway Calloway. Many listeners tuned in to hear the rapper's interviews, in which Kanye seemed to lose his mind.

During his interviews Kanye made numerous off-color and/or outrageous comments. Kanye commented on President Obama recently dropping his name in a conversation. Kanye told Martinez that the President did so because his name is the most relevant. In order for Barack to remain cool, West suggested that Obama needed to drop his name.

When Kanye was asked about money, he said that he needed to take it up another to another level. Specifically to the Jay Z and Diddy level, because West thought he wasn't quite on par with the other rappers. West specified that economic empowerment gives him choices that would help him with freedom and joy, and he's definitely seeking that joy that a fat wallet would bring.

Kanye West did have some nice words to say about Disney CEO, Bob Iger. West called him the most powerful man in media. West had been asking Iger to come and see his concerts so Disney could see that he's a nice guy and their brands would be a fit. Iger has told West in the past that the two brands don't mix. Kanye would go on to ask Martinez for an example of when has he done bad or talked down to someone. All West wants is to influence people and be recognized in this lifetime.

Kanye would go on to make comments aimed toward the sportswear giant, Nike. He recently designed a shoe called the Yeezys for Nike, that the rap star compared to the iconic Nike Jordans. When West asked for royalties from Nike, Nike denied him because he is not a professional athlete. A retort that fired up Kanye West to lose his mind and say that he goes to the Garden and plays one-on-no-one, which makes him a performance athlete.

At SiriusXM, Sway Calloway would ask West about his thoughts on fashion. Kanye would compare himself to Disney, Nike, Google, Shakespeare in the flesh, the Medici family and Andy Warhol. He insisted that he was going to be the "Tupac of clothing."

Kanye West don dey talk anyhow nowadays o. E b like say him mouth don expire. See people wey him dey compare himself too eh. Make dem tie am before him mad o.

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Thursday, 28 November 2013


The Federal Government has today given the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, one week ultimatum to call off the ongoing strike or face sack.
The federal government has given the striking members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) till next
Wednesday (December 4, 2013) to suspend its five-month old strike or face sack.
Supervising minister of education, Nyesom Wike, said this today in Abuja and directed all Vice Chancellors of Federal Universities to open the universities for
academic activities to resume and provide enabling environment for staff that resume for work.

The acting mnister come still tell te V.C's say make them put advert for both internal and external vacancies in their universities incase any of the lecturers refuse resume work.
Na wa o. This nah fire for fire between F.G and ASUU. Make we see who strong pass.

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Police enforcing Islamic law in Kano State on Wednesday destroyed some 240,000 bottles of beer,  the latest move in a wider crackdown on behaviour deemed "immoral" in the area.

The bottles had been confiscated from trucks coming into the city in recent weeks, said officials from the Hisbah, the patrol team which enforces the strict Islamic law, known as Sharia.

It is reported that the Sharia enforcers called Hisbah destroyed over 240,000 bottles of beer along with over 8,000 litres of local brew called burukutu.

Kano's Hisbah chief, Aminu Daurawa, said at the bottle-breaking ceremony, he had "the ardent hope this will bring an end to the consumption of such prohibited substances."

A large bulldozer smashed the bottles to shouts of  "Allahu Ahkbar" (God is great) from supporters outside the Hisbah headquarters in Kano.

Kegs containing more than 8,000 litres of a local alcoholic brew called burukutu and 320,000 cigarettes were also destroyed.

"We hope this measure will help restore the tarnished image of Kano," said Daurawa.

Since September, the Hisbah have launched sweeping crackdowns and made hundreds of arrests in Kano following a state government directive to cleanse the commercial hub of so-called "immoral" practices.

The 9,000-strong moral police force works alongside the civilian police but also has other duties, including community development work and dispute resolution.

Alcohol is typically easy to find in Kano, including at hotels and bars in neighbourhoods like Sabon Gari, inhabited by the city's sizeable Christian minority.

But the Hisbah boss vowed that this was set to change.

"We hereby send warning to unrepentant offenders that Hisbah personnel will soon embark on an operation into every nook and cranny of the state to put an end to the sale and consumption of alcohol and all other intoxicants," Daurawa said.

Na wa o. This Sharia law sef. So person no go fit drink beer again? Abeg if u dey Kano, and u like beer, dey ur toilet drink am o cos if them catch u, them fit cut ur mouth comot o.

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Remember Wale is in Nigeria for a show this weekend.
Olamide and Kay Switch are also in the pic.
Well, I no fit talk wetin them dey do for he studio o. E fit be excursion for Wale.
If u look the first picture well well, u go see on guy dey wrap somethIng. Sha make we dey watch if Don Jazzy and D'banj go use this chance do song cos I know say e don tey wey them dey the same studio

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Comedian Julius Agwu has dragged telecoms giant Etisalat to court for blocking his business line. He is demanding for N100million as compensation for jobs lost, contact lost, for the inconveniences, and for being mistreated by Etisalat staff. Below is a statement from his lawyer, Festus Keyamo...

"We are solicitors to Mr. Julius Agwu, one of Nigeria's most sought after entertainers (hereinafter referred to as "our client") and on whose behalf we write.
Our client is the owner of the Etisalat GSM phone number 08189555555, which he uses as his business line. On the 8th of October, 2013, our client travelled out of the country and returned on the 17th of the same month. Upon his return, he tried severally to make calls from the aforestated GSM line but same could not connect. Not only could he not make calls, he also could not receive calls on the said GSM line. This continued for some days until he got a message that his line had been blocked by the network provider.

Sequel to the above message, our client promptly visited your Abuja office at Hilton to report the matter. He was attended to by one Miss Joan, who informed him that somebody swapped his line. After our client successfully answered the security questions put to him, he was informed that his line had been restored, but the credit balance on the line was not returned.
Surprisingly, our client's aforestated line was blocked again after he left your said Abuja office. Once again our client visited your office at the local wing of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Ikeja, Lagos to lodge a complaint, but painfully, nothing was done about it.

However, after sometime, our client was invited for a meeting at your head office in Lagos on the 14th of November, 2013 which he duly honoured. Present at the meeting (in addition to the officials of your organization) was Mr. Mobolaji Okusaga, the Managing Director of The Quadrant Company, in his capacity as media agents/managers for Etisalat Nigeria.
At the end of the meeting, our client was told for the umpteenth time that they would get back to him, which they again failed to do.


It cannot be over emphasized that your actions of unlawfully blocking and/or swapping our client's line occasioned loss of business opportunities to him. As you are aware, our client as one of the most sought after Nigerian entertainers needs his phone line to be easily accessible to keep his business going. It therefore goes without saying that our client has lost some business opportunities as a result of your actions.
TAKE NOTICE that we have our client's firm instruction to demand and hereby demand the sum of N100,000,000.00 (One Hundred Million Naira) as compensation for the loss of business opportunities and the inconvenience caused our client by reason of your unlawful and unjustified blocking and/or swapping of our client's Etisalat GSM phone line.
TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that in the event that you fail, refuse or neglect to accede to our above stated demand within seven (7) days from the receipt of this letter, we shall be compelled to set in motion against you, all legal machineries necessary to obtain legal remedy for our client.

Thank you. 
Yours sincerely,


Nna na wa o. Me tire wen me read this tori. Networks dey misbehave wella but N100 million no be small money o. Sha, if them pay JUlius, me sf go drag my network go courtt as their "plz call me back" no dey go. You know how many people wey for don call me?

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Chris Brown surrendered his phone and the Internet while in rehab for anger management, but he didn't give up his weed without a fight.When Chris enrolled in his court-ordered rehab joint after last week's progress hearing in the Rihanna beating case ... he asked the rehab staff if he could bring his weed along.Chris told staff the Mary Jane was prescribed by a doctor for a medical condition -- depression --  but the staff rejected his request. We're told Chris kicked up a stink, claiming pot makes him calm, but the staff was unbending.As we reported, the judge in the case ordered Brown to enroll in a live-in anger management facility for 90 days following his previous stint in anger rehab, when he was booted after just two weeks .
Chris Brown funny sha o. Talk say nah doctor tell am make him dey take weed. I know say some people go support am. But me dey sure say nah the weed dey worry am. Hm head no carry am.

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In a radio interview with Angie Martinez yesterday, Kanye said he isn't worried about how his relationship with Kim K is affecting his career, saying she's so beautiful it doesn't matter if she is uncool.
'I don't give a f*** what type of jacket she got on. Ladies and gentlemen y'all acting like this ain't the most beautiful woman of all time! Arguably of human existence. The top ten of human existence.'

Kanye also said dating Kim has taught him that life was about more than 'whats cool or not cool'.
'I felt like our love story is a love story for the ages. I felt like when we first got together it's a Romeo And Juliet kind of thing. Like she's a reality star and I'm a rapper and people talking about how our brands connect and it doesn't fit. And I'm just so tired of brands… It's not about branding at a certain point. I loved her from the first day I saw her which I said on Bound.'

He then admitted he allowed the Keeping Up With Kardashian cameras to capture his elaborate marriage proposal to Kim last month.

'When we got engaged I made sure the show was there because I felt like that would make her happy. Regardless of how it was shot I felt like this was a moment she would want to have.'

This wan wey Kanye West talk say nah she be the most beautful woman wey don live for this world, e be like say wetin Kim K wash put for Kanye West strong. Make kanye West go brazil make him see fine gals wey go make am forget Kim K.

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Rapper Wale of the MayBach Music Group has arrived Lagos for the 'Step Up to VIP' event by Johnnie Walker holding this Saturday November 30, 2013 at Oriental Hotel, Victoria island.
Wale was supposed to be here for last weekend's Ice Prince's 'Fire of Zamani' album concert but couldn't make it cos the show promoters Kilimanjaro Entertainment allegedly failed to buy his flight tickets.

And no forget say Dj humility dey beef Wale. Make Dj humility no go do anyhow near Wale before him collect bullet.

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Nigerian wonderkid Kelechi Iheanacho will sign a deal with Manchester City, according to his father.
Iheanacho was named the best player at November's Under-17s World Cup after scoring six goals, including one in the final, as his country triumphed in the United Arab Emirates.

He has since been linked with moves to Porto and Chelsea but his father, James, claims that the Etihad Stadium will be his next destination.

"As I am talking to you, I have chosen in my mind that Kelechi is going to Manchester United," he told SuperSport's 'Monday Night Football', before appearing to correct himself by saying: "I have told you that he is going to Manchester City."

Iheanacho senior later confirmed to that the player's family made a joint decision on where he would go in a meeting on Monday night. "We prayed [on Monday] and, after due consultations with family members, we came up with Manchester City, believing he has a future there," he explained. "That is where he will be uplifted."

Where hear say Iheanacho papa, James done try well well for Iheanacho and say nah him be the pillar for iheanacho football success.
Some people been talk say the Iheanacho papa talk say nah €1million ponds club go pay for Iheanacho but him deny am talk say nah bad belle people talk dat one.

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Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, on Monday pulled out of the ongoing strike embarked on by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).
The school authorities took the decision following the failure of the ASUU National Executive Council which met in Kano at the weekend to put to an end to the strike.
A statement issued by the institution's Registrar, Mr. Sam Egwu, said academic activities will resume in all the university campuses on Tuesday.
The statement said, "Having waited patiently for Federal Government and ASUU to resolve the impasse occasioned by the over four months strike embarked upon by the union to no avail, the management of EBSU on Monday, November 26 resolved to reopen the school.
"We therefore inform all concerned that teaching and learning will begin fully on Tuesday, 26th, November, 2013. This is to enable us cover what we have lost to the strike."

This wan wey schools don dey comot from the strike small small, e neva reach to make ASUU call of the strike?
Abi nah plan wey F.G wan use take scatter ASUU? Make we dey look.

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The Federal Government, yesterday, condemned the new conditions which Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, insists must be met before the five-month old strike could be called off.

The three conditions were payment of four months salaries, which accumulated during the period of the strike; immediate implementation of the N1.2 trillion offered by the government to public Universities, starting with the release of N100 billion this year and the balance of N1.1 trillion to be spread over five years from 2014.

The union also demanded that the salary arrears must not be paid in piecemeal.
These were some of the resolutions reached by members of the National Executive Council, NEC, of the union that met in Kano on Friday.

But Supervising Minister of Education, Nyesom Wike, talk say ASUU mind dey back with all this kind conditions but sha, him g carry the conditions tell Mr president. No forget say students dey talk say if government pay lecturers all the four months salaries, say lecturers go pay for house rent of students.

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Monday, 25 November 2013


Award-winning American actress Angelina Jolie reportedly spent a whopping $19million on secluded heart-shaped island for her baby-daddy Brad Pitt's 50th birthday coming up on December 18th.

The Island is located 50 miles away from New York and was designed by Brad's favorite architect, Lloyd Wright.

We hear say the Island nah 11 acres and nah for 2008 them build the Island.
This kind gift nah him be gift of love, no be card and flower.

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Looks like some schools are tired of the on going ASUU strike and have decided to pull out. The Enugu state University of Technology ESUT pulled out last week and are already taking exams.
University of Lagos was rumoured to have pulled out but the strike is still very on there. The lastest schhool to pull out is Adekunle Ajasin University , Akungba Akoko which should resume today and begin lecturers Dec 2.
But the Academic Staff Union of Universities, Adekunle Ajasin University,  Akungba-Akoko branch, has warned the management of the school not to reopen the school as the national strike of the union is still in force.
Dr. Busuyi Mekusi, who heads the school's ASUU, said the union was not part of the resumption plan by the school's management.

In a statement made available to journalists on Thursday, Dr. Mekusi said, "ASUU Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko branch wishes to dissociate itself from the purported resumption of academic activities in the university."

The Asuu chairman for AAUA talk say make people forget wetin school management talk say the strike still dey on wella o. And them no dey enter class until National Asuu call off the striike.

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After almost five months of failed negotiations, Nigerian university lecturers have agreed to end the ongoing strike.

However the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) have stated three conditions which must be met before the strike could be called off.

The conditions will be presented to President Goodluck Jonathan along with the Federal Government team today and if all parties are in agreement with the terms, the strike would be called off.

According to a source, who was part of the ASUU session at Mambayya House in Kano, the conditions are:

•Commitment from the President that any review or reconsideration or renegotiation of the 2009 Agreement will not substantially affect the pact which is the cause of the ongoing strike;

•Immediate payment of all outstanding salary arrears and allowances of varsity teachers without victimization; and

•A written commitment from the President that the Federal Government will commit N225billion annually to the funding of universities for the next four years.

There is a fourth condition, which is said to be "personal" to ASUU, bordering on the need to be wary of gradual loss of public sympathy.

The union leaders were said to have recognised public goodwill for the strike and the need to avert any action that could erode such confidence.

The source said: "Our leaders are meeting with the President on Monday to table these conditions. Once the President accepts these three terms, the strike will be called off.

"In principle, members voted about 60-40 per cent to call off the strike, but they added a caveat – that ASUU leaders should extract a commitment (signed and sealed) from the President.

The union is said to have insisted on the three conditions because during talks with the Federal Government, it was apparent that the government wanted a renegotiation of the 2009 Agreement.

"If ASUU had accepted to renegotiate the entire Agreement , it means there will be no basis for the ongoing strike. The worst that can happen is either having the abridged version of the 2009 Agreement or a phased implementation of the document," the source added.

Asuu na wa o. Them don hold our education for five months and still dey do yanga. Some people even dey talk say this strike dey political. Which one person go follow?

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A 12-year-old girl, Chisom Okechukwu, has committed suicide, hanging herself at her family compound at Nnoche-Uduke Community in Okpoitumo in the Ikwo Local Government Area of Ebonyi state. Miss Okechukwu, a primary five pupil at Nnoche-Uduke Primary School, was said to have left home on Saturday and was not seen until Sunday morning, hanging on a tree at the back of her compound.
Her dangling body was discovered by her younger sister, Ndidi, who was going to the pit toilet at the back of the compound.
A witness, who spoke on condition of anonymity, disclosed that Ndidi raised the alarm which attracted their parents and other members of the community who came and brought the girl down.

"The whole scenario brought tension and confusion in the community as people were seen in clusters discussing the death.People, especially some members of Miss Okechukwu's family are of the opinion that she did not commit suicide and insisted on a thorough investigation to unravel the true cause of her death,'' said the witness.

He claimed that a neighbour to the Okechukwu family had reported to the girl's parents that she stole her egg which made them to beat her.

"After the incident, Okechukwu went inside their house, changed into her new cloth and left the house only to be seen dangling lifeless on a tree on Sunday,'' he said.
An elder in the community, Friday Itumo, told NAN that the incident had brought confusion to the community as such a tragedy had never been experienced before in the community.
"Mr Okechukwu is not the girl's biological father as her mother came in with her when she re-married Mr. Okechukwu after her former husband's death.
"Her former husband's family members are now insisting that Mr. Okechukwu should provide their daughter alive and this has compounded the problem," he said.

Well, people for the town done dey go cry with the. Family of the girl, even her primary school classmates.
Sha, police talk say them go investigate the mata well well as person fit don kill the girl come hang am make e for be like say nah suicide the girl do.
Finally,them don carry the girl dead body put for mortuary.

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Sunday, 24 November 2013


A member of the House of Representatives from Ondo State died in the early hours of yesterday after what security sources said was a sexual affair with a female banker in his private residence located at Gwarinpa Estate in Abuja.
Rep. Raphael Oloye Nomiye, who was 50 years old, was until his death representing Ondo, Ilaje, Ese Odo in Ondo State under the platform of the Labour Party.
The lawmaker was said to have died shortly after an affair with the banker (names withheld).
The spokesperson of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) police command, Hyelhira Altine Daniel, confirmed the incident, saying the command was still investigating the cause of the legislator's death.
Information from neighbours and witnesses at the deceased's residence at Second Avenue in Gwarinpa Estate said the banker, who managed his accounts, was said to have rushed down for the one-storey building to inform the policemen on guard at the house that "oga just fell down and is vomiting blood."
They said when the policemen entered into his room upstairs, they found him laying on the floor with a towel tied round his waist, while he bled from the mouth. He was then quickly taken to a private clinic on 3rd Avenue within the estate in his official Toyota Camry 2012 car with Registration Number 148B Rep.
It was further learnt that doctors at clinic declined to attend to him, saying it was a "serious" matter, following which he was then rushed to the National Hospital, Abuja, where he was later pronounced dead.

Some amebo people inside police talk say the banker been deny say she and the honourable been dey dance kukere for bed but nah when doctors wey do autopsy for the man body talk say the man just climb woman before hm die, nah him the banker confess say she and the man dance kukere well well.
Them talk say the man been get wife and children o. Wetin dis man wan tell God nah him Kill am eh? Say him carry person wey pass am?


The Real Madrid star was depicted lying on train tracks in an advertising campaign in Sweden prior to their World Cup play-off clash, prompting uproar from Portugal

Pepsi has been forced to apologise for a Swedish viral campaign involving a voodoo doll of Portugal international Cristiano Ronaldo. The company ran a number of adverts ahead of the second leg of the World Cup qualification play-off bewteen the nations on Tuesday, with the Real Madrid star depicted as a small doll lying on train tracks with the caption 'We're going to pass over Portugal'.

Another image shows the model of the 28-year-old with dozens of pins stuck in. The advert led to uproar among Portuguese nationals, with a Facebook group set up urging those angered to boycott the brand, prompting Pepsi to offer their apologies for the campaign.

"We would never want to put the sport or the spirit of competition in a negative light,We regret it if people were offended by the posts; they were immediately taken down. We would like to extend our apologies to all concerned."

Pepsi people don dey drink coke o because them suppose know say them no do well @ all. Sha, God still pass them as Ronaldo show them say no mata what, football dey him body.

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Popular Nigerian rap and hip-hop artiste, Nateo C revealed some intresting facts on a radio programm, "the drive time show with Gbemi" on Beat 99.9 f.m in lagos.
Nateo C revealed when asked if he had offically left storm records, he said
"I was never signed 2 storm records, was just working with them based on trust n as a family"
Nateo C also made some intresting revelations. He said
"I would love to work with phyno.... and my album should droping before Easter.....actually, I really don't like school, just had to build on what I have"

Nateo C come talk say him no go fit do reality show cos him no like make people put eye for him personal buisness. Him come talk say him go act if only the money go fit pay him bills.

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Saturday, 23 November 2013


The leadership of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU,  National Executive Council, weekend, met in Kano.  The secret meeting,Vanguard gathered lasted from Friday night to Saturday morning.
However, at the end of the meeting, lecturers  were not forthcoming with the outcome, which sources say was borne out of the promise made to President Goodluck Jonathan  by the union to inform him of its decision before going public.
It was learnt  that the NEC meeting which attracted 'fair representation' from over 50 universities was held  at Mambayya House. lecturers were divided on the issue of suspension of the over 5months strike.
The Universities lecturers were conveyed to the venue of the secret meeting in two  Coaster buses, secured by the union's Kano chapter, in order to  avoid the attention of the press and public.

One beta source wey dey d meeting talk say most lectures from northern universites talk say make them end the strike but the lecturers from the southern unversities no gree @ all. Sha, ASUU people no gree tell news people wetin them finally agree as them talk say them wan first tell Presido wetin them finalize.

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Davido really get mind o and has left many tongues wagging. Iyanya was bounced at Davido's 21st birthday party which held at Pavada Lounge Thursday night. Witnesses said, most people who weren't invited where not allowed to get in, and if you must, you must call one of the HKN group members, who will come out and take you in. Most people who felt they should be in, called Kamal, a member of Davido's group who was always in and out taking guests in. But when Iyanya got to the entrance, the bouncers said he couldn't get it.
People wey dey gate come dey tell the bouncers say nah Iyanya dem wan fall him hand o. The bouncers come talk say if him like, make him be Chrs brown or Jay Z, say if him no call Davido, say him no go enter.
Me no know weather nah network or nah Davido no wan pick call, Iyanya been try call but no reply. Na so Iyanya shake head like dog wey rain beat como for there.

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Thursday, 21 November 2013


Wande Coal, in a chat with the Factory 78 crew after his performance at the GTBank CTcrea8 free concert in Indigo, said his rift with Don Jazzy is over and we should expect a collaboration with Don Jazzy soon.

Incase u no know, Wande Coal and Don jazz y been get small mata over one song wey Wande Coal just release' "baby face". Don Jazzy talk say nah him get the song. Well e like say their mata don end.
Wande coal come use the interview talk say him go like date Tonto Dike and even Toolz if no be say Toolz don dey engaged.

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Football governing body Fifa, has opted to extend the voting period for the Ballon d'Or awards following a low number of responses from designated representatives. The original deadline passed on Friday, but voters now have until November 29 to make their choice, with the prize to be presented in Zurich on January 13.

Fifa also said those who have already voted are able to change their mind.

"Due to a low number of responses from coaches and captains of the national teams as well as media representatives and in order to ensure a representative number of votes Fifa and France Football have extended the deadline for the voting until 29 November 2013. Member Associations and media representatives who had been invited to vote on the above mentioned awards have been informed accordingly."

But people dey talk say Fifa wan use these wuru-wuru compensate Ronaldo after wetin Blatter, Fifa presido talk about am and also say that Ronaldo Hat-trick against sweden deserve vote. Well make we dey look o.

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Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Golden Eaglets defender Friday Njengo has passed on after more than nine months in hospital bed following a road accident which took place on February 3rd.

The accident, which occurred at the Dan Anacha Village in Taraba State as the players travelled from Jalingo to Calabar via a commercial bus, took place at a time the player, alongside teammate Adamu Abubakar were embarking on a journey for the first phase of the camping for the African Championship.
Njengo, was a regular member of the Manu Garba-led team during the qualifying series for the 2013 CAN U-17 Championship.

The deceased's condition was reported to have been worst than Abubakar's, who sustained head injuries and shoulders and was immediately admitted at the Federal Medical Centre in Jalingo.

We hear say NFF chairman come talk say make them transfer the boy to National hospital Abuja where them been do operation fOr am.
But devil dance and the boy die on sunday night for hospital. NFF talk say them go tell us when them go bury the boy afta them talk with the boy family.

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Tiwa Savage will be getting married to her manager and fiancé, Tunji Balogun this Saturday, 23rd of Nov. 2013 at The Ark Vicinity in Lekki, Lagos. And Tiwa has decided to take it all traditional. King Sunny Ade has confirmed he will be taking the band stand on Saturday to her.
Tiwa wants something different for her special day, she wants it to be done like it's supposed to, a source said. 

We hear say people wey go arrange the wedding nah the same people wey arrange baskemouth wedding and bella Adenuga wedding. No forget say no be me talk say person wey she wan marry don born one daughter o.

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Nigeria na wa. AN Effurun high court, has sentenced a 24 year old secondary school student, Moses Akatugba, to death by hanging for robbing GSM handsets and recharge cards, just as a commercial motorcyclist, popularly called 'okada' rider was also jailed 15 years imprisonment for robbing a female passenger of  her GSM handset.
Moses was convicted on a two-count charge of conspiracy and armed robbery contrary to section 6 (b) and punishable under section 1 (2) (a) of the Robbery and Firearms  (Special Provisions) Act Cap R11 Volume 14 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.
Prosecution told the court that the convict with others now at large "robbed one Mrs. Akpor Mazino of the sum of N113,930 cash, 3 GSM handsets, 54 various denomination of MTN recharge vouchers, 28 Econnet vouchers and 25 GLO vouchers valued over N100,000 at Number 30 NNPC Housing complex road,
The victim in her evidence gave a vivid account of how she was robbed of the items at her shop at gunpoint.
Na so anoda court for Asaba sentence okadaman to 15 years because of say him rob him passangers with toy gun. Me no talk say wetn then do good o, but the punishment too much o.
If nah so, many politicans suppose don die and dey sentenced to hell fire with flogging. Abeg, make the Governor of delta state look into this matta o.

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Justin Bieber threw a party on Friday (Nov. 15) and he made all his guests sign a confidentiality agreement. In a formal contract obtained by TMZ, everyone in attendance "agreed not to tweet, text, phone, Facebook, record, write or in any other manner spill the beans on what went on inside" at risk of paying the petit Canadian $3 million -- "no trial, no arguing, just pay up."

If that doesn't sound fun enough, TMZ also reported that "sheriff's deputies" (not cops, sheriff's deputies) were called three times and one of Bieber's neighbors said the authorities smelled marijuana.

We hear say for the party, the setting be like how Adam and Eve dey for garden of Eden. Drink be like water, people see food dey run and say boys pluck enough orange wey dey grow for babe chest. Them squeeze am sote water begin dey comot.

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A danfo (commercial bus) driver whose bus was among the five buses blocked by the officials of LASTMA at the Palmgrove bus stop, Ikorodu, striped completely naked to avoid arrest.

The LASTMA officials had blocked five vehicles for picking passengers by the road sides.
Drama ensued when the officials took over the wheels of four buses and an old man who drove the fifth bus stripped himself, prostrating by the front tyre of the vehicle and rolling on the floor.

When LASTMA people see say the papa don naked, them tire for the man, come write him plate number waka.
Una remember say like 2months ago, anoda driver been do this Kind thing. Mayb for their union, them tell the drivers say if them wan comot for Lastma and police wahala, nah to naked go solve am.
So soon, drivers go dey tie wrapper so dat e go easy for them to naked quick quick when police hold them.

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David Beckham been visit the Brazil national team for their hotel in Maimi when them been enter U.S
Omo, me no know say Beckham like picture o cos picture wey him snap for there fit full photo album. I even believe say Beckham snap with the driver of the team bus, and even hotel gateman

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Today, some contries would celebrate while some would cry and reminisce on missed chances as the remain teams that would take partt in the Fifa world cup in Brasil 2014 would be decided. Below are the fixtures

World Cup Qualifying - UEFA
7:00 PM - Romania vs Greece
7:15 PM - Croatia vs Iceland
7:45 PM - Sweden vs Portugal
8:00 PM - France vs Ukraine

World Cup Qualifying - CAF
4:00 PM - Egypt vs Ghana
6:15 PM - Algeria vs Burkina Faso

International Friendly
8:30 AM - Australia vs Costa Rica
2:00 PM - Russia vs South Korea
5:00 PM - Slovenia vs Canada
6:00 PM - Liechtenstein vs Estonia
6:00 PM - Malta vs Faroe Islands
6:30 PM - Gibraltar vs Slovakia
7:00 PM - Austria vs United States
7:00 PM - Norway vs Scotland
7:00 PM - South Africa vs Spain
7:30 PM - Netherlands vs Colombia
7:45 PM - Poland vs Republic of Ireland
8:00 PM - Belgium vs Japan
8:00 PM - England vs Germany
11/20 1:00 AM - Brazil vs Chile
11/20 2:00 AM - Ecuador vs Honduras

The match wey go sweet me watch nah the France match. I wan see the magic wey them go do. Also, today go determine if nah Ronaldo or Ibrahmovic go come world cup. Nevertheless, I pity Egypt and pray say make Ghana n disgrace them for their home.

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Monday, 18 November 2013


The crooner of "Yetunde", the popular late 1990's hit Olufemi Mayomi, popularly known as Fada U-Turn is dead.

The sad event happened on Sunday, November 17th after a long battle with a kidney related disease.

A family member disclosed that he had been on admission in the hospital for 10 days before he passed on.

The dancehall artiste who died at a local hospital 'Abundant Grace,' located at Ajangbadi bus stop, Ojo, Lagos, was 36-years-old. He was buried the same day at the Badagry Cemetery.

Father UTurn who rose from poverty as an orphan, built a successful career as a songwriter, recording artiste, TV presenter and performer.

U Turn was from Kabba-Bunu in Kogi State where he first tried his hands on entertainment, working as a radio and TV presenter.

He signed a recording contract with Ultima Records where he had Nelson Brown work on his first album which proved to be a huge success. The hits 'African Culture' and 'Shakara' threw him into national limelight.

Before him die, him don do songs with people like them
Daddy Showkey, Daddy Fresh and Pasuma who follow sing "Yetunde".
As him die, him leave him wife Ajimoh with 5 pikin.
Nah God kno why him waka so so early.

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Sunday, 17 November 2013


Lagos State House of Assembly has appealed to the striking Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to consider putting immediate end to the over four-month old strike to honour Professor Festus Iyayi, who died in a ghastly motor accident on the Lokoja-Abuja road on Tuesday.

Iyayi, who was a former president of ASUU, was on his way to Kano with other eggheads to attend the enlarged National Executive Committee meeting of the union when the convoy of the Kogi State governor, Captain Idris Wada (retd), rammed into the vehicle he was travelling in.

He died instantly while others sustained various degree of injuries and are currently receiving treatments in the hospital. Chairman, Committee on Information, Strategy, Security and Publicity, Honourable Segun Olulade, made the position of the assembly known in a statement issued on Thursday, saying that "since Iyayi was on a mission for a peaceful resolution to end the strike, the union should consider ending the strike in honour of their late comrade.

"The nation is currently undergoing too much travails under the present Federal Government as a result of neglect on basic infrastructure such as road that claimed the life of such a literary icon," the assembly said, declaring that the Okene-Lokoja road was a death trap that had claimed thousands of  Nigerians before the ugly incident.

The house of assembly people come still warn all beg gvernors,politicans and people wey dey drive follow them say make them dey take am easy o. Say make them remember say no be them get road and make them try be like Governor Fashola wey dey take life easy.
The house of assembly people talk say this one wey this Prof die like this, say make lecturers no go over vex cos say nah naija students go suffer am.

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The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Saturday rescheduled the Anambra governorship election in 65 polling units in Obosi, Idemili North local government.
The commission said in a statement in Awka that the election would hold in the area on Sunday.
"Due to serious logistics and related challenges, the INEC wishes to inform all political parties, the electorate and the general public that it has rescheduled the election for Obosi Registration Area of Idemili North Local government Area.
"The election in the ward will now take place tomorrow, Sunday, 17th November, 2013 in all the 65 polling units,'' the statement signed by the Resident Electoral Commissioner in the state, Prof. Chukwuemeka Onukaogu, said.
Onukaogu said the accreditation of voters would commence at 8 a.m. in all the 65 polling units while voting would begin at 12:30 p.m.

The Inec oga for Anambra state talk say make people no vex say nah duble wahala wan give them on sunday say wetin happen for the re-vote no be him fault.
So if yawa still gas 2day, them fit do am on Monday o. Lol

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God has a plan for each of His own. Unfortunately, many children of God are mortgaging their destinies today. As promising as some may be in their walk with God, they may carry some spiritual contraband with them, such as idolisation of blessings or believe that they are okay as they are. Nothing grieves God's heart as much as seeing the children He loves fall short of His plan and provision for them. In John 10:10, He expressly declared His purpose of coming - to give you not just life but life in abundance. He wants you to succeed. He wants you to reach the top and become the best. He detests you stopping before reaching the top. Anything that holds you down from reaching the top is obviously one of Satan's bondage. Afraid that you might get to the top, Satan will do everything possible to stop you - by making you to rest when you have not reached your goal. In 1 Kings 13:1-32, God sent a young prophet on a mission. He was asked to go and deliver a
prophecy to a particular town. To show the gravity of the offence of that town, he was instructed not to eat, drink or take any honorarium from there. He was told to return home by another route on delivery of the message. If he had followed that instruction strictly, he would not have failed. But after delivering the message backed up by the miraculous, he took a different way home and decided to rest on the way and the devil caught up with him. One of our greatest problems today is spiritual slumber. We believe we have already arrived and as a result shut the gate of progress against ourselves. God wants you to be an eagle but you are already celebrating as an eaglet. Your destiny is not where you are presently, so you cannot afford to rest. When you rest prematurely you will surely get into trouble. While David rested in the palace at the time of war, he fell into a pit of sin. Are you resting after a major breakthrough? Stop! Arise and get on your
beat. Be watchful!

Hope say u go go church 2day? Abeg try go o.

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Friday, 15 November 2013


Wande Coal seems to have put the ongoing rift between him and former label boss Don jazzy. He is presently in the UK to headline an event at Indigo2 on November 15th 2013.

He made an appearance on Vox Africa UK where he spoke on leaving Mavin Records and he said,

"I mean everybody knows that I'm black Diamond. I've been with Don Jazzy for a while now so I just decided to do my own thing. There is no beef. I mean the song 'baby face' was supposed to be on my album, but since we fell out, it was just there. It was void.
I didn't have no contract. I was just there helping. I'm working on my album and its 95% there."

Him still talk say him and Don jazzy no get beef, but em small chicken dey between them. But nothing wey we no go here for Naija; person dey record label without contract?
Don jazzy if nah true, u need chop amala and beans o.

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