Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Months after his inability to visit murder sites in the troubled Southern Kaduna region of Kaduna state, Governor Mukhtar Yero finally surfaced in the 'killing field' yesterday, only to be greeted by angry women who protested, naked, against the governor's negligence and poor leadership.
An indigene of Sanga local government, residing in the United States, Barrister Sunday Ugah, who is presently in Nigeria, sent SaharaReporters New York office pictures and details of the governor's visit to Fadan Karshi, where terrorists killed over 40 persons last week.

Ugah said all attempts by some prominent politicians to dampen the protest fell on deaf ears as the women said the governor was on a political campaign and not making condolence visits.
His e-mail read:
"It is absolute nonsense that, since March to date, about 1000 people have been killed in Southern Kaduna. [The governor] never came until today, in the name of last week killings, but we all know it is for political reasons. He came in company of hundreds of security personnel. We have no business with his politics, but we will speak in the ballot. 
Over 200 were killed in March in Kaura local government, he refused to go there. The same thing happened in June here in Sanga, over 200 were killed. Our parents protested almost naked and we told him he is not a leader but a combination of deceit and lies. Next month we will take our case to Chatham House in London, where we will address the world of the genocide going on in our villages, and how representatives from the Senate down to state assembly have failed us completely. 
We are not docile, we are documenting everything, the senator is only bothered about her re-election like the governor, the same for all the politicians. And the world will hear us, they are killing us like animals and none of them can raise a voice because of vested interests."

Hmmmm, omo e b like say the women don tire for the Governor abi na political scam? U know say these country funny and him opponents fit go pay some women make them carry the show out.

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Jezz, if these is the rap game, then I no rap o. Why can't some people accept defeat. Read below how mediatakeout reports the story

Three Georgia men - Joey Betrail Garron, 28, Robert Carl Johnson, 23, and Ketorie Glover, 23 all of Columbus, Georgia are all under arrest. Police claim that they could not handle losing to a woman in a rap battle, so they allegedly raped, shot, then beat the woman. And if that wasn't enough, the ANIMALS then doused the woman with gasoline - and set her on fire!!

It all started when the three men decided to "battle rap" an upcoming female rapper. The FEMALE RAPPER WON - and the angry losers pulled a gun – and forced the 36 year-old victim into her car.

The women was taken to the vacant lot where she allegedly sexually assaulted by all three men, doused with gasoline, set on fire, shot several times and left for dead.

Well, thank God say the woman survive as one good samaritan wey God send quickly off the fire for the woman body carry am go hospital wey treat am.

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Inner Coven Society Worldwide, a non-political affiliate and association of witches, said there was no vacancy in Aso Rock, come 2015 presidential election.According to the society, it had been revealed that the election had been concluded in the spiritual realm and won by President Goodluck Jonathan.

President-General of the society, Dr. Omo Ebosele, said the destiny of Nigeria concerning 2015 general elections had been concluded by supernatural forces and no mortal had the capacity to alter it. He explained that such conclusion had the general backing of the principalities and powers that operate both in the high places as well as the earthly realm.

He continued: 
"The Inner Coven Society World-wide, as the minds that have travelled into the unseen and the unknown, is using this opportunity to say that the 2015 presidential election in Nigeria is a foregone issue. The election has been won and lost in the spirit realm. The candidate who by destiny has the overwhelming support of our society as well as other supernatural principalities in the high places is President Jonathan and he has won the election."The Inner Coven Society worldwide is not a political organisation; neither are we affiliated to any political party or association. Our society is the general assembly of all the witches across the various continents of the earth; we are not evil in our operation; we supernaturally discern and support any course that is meant for the good of the people across the various countries of the world.Divine hand is solidly upon President Jonathan, but as it has been from the time of creation; the evil forces who do
not mean well, who are out to scuttle divine agenda are against him. But there is no cause for alarm because the battle has been fought and won already in the spirit. 
Our proof is we were also the first to warn that the 2011 election was going to be bloody in some states, and that two sitting governors were going to die in office before the expiration of their tenure, if the necessary spiritual intervention is not sought. Of course no one need to be told the of the bloody violence that erupted in some Northern states during and after the election and remember two governors who were involved in air mishaps, one of the two governors did not survive the air accident. The other survived it because of our spiritual intervention," 
 "The issue of Boko Haram will soon fade out from our daily reality as a country. Our society is not evil in operations neither are we fetish, but we have supernatural powers to control events for the good of humanity,"

My people, nothing wey man no go see o. When witch people now join politics eh? Sote witch don dey do press conference?
The country really hard, everybody dey find favour.

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There was anxiety at the University of Uyo (UNIUYO) campus in Akwa Ibom State yesterday when a part one student (names withheld) was caught with two hand grenades tucked in his bag by operatives of Peace on Campus Initiatives (PCI), an anti-cultism NGO operating on campuses of higher institutions.

Two improvised explosive devices (IEDs), widely speculated as hand grenades, were found in a bag that belonged to the suspect by some students, who alerted the PCI.

National Coordinator of PCI, Mr. Oliver Cromwell, said yesterday that his men in the UNIUYO chapter got information about the suspect keeping the IEDs, and trailed him to his males' hostel.

Cromwell said his men on discovering the bombs that were well-packaged in a bag in the hostel's room, apprehended the suspect and invited the  anti-bomb squad of the state police command, Ikot Akpan Abia, Uyo, to the scene for verification. The squad detonated the two devices and searched the hostel rooms for more.

The suspect who was said to have confessed during interrogation, to keeping the explosives, dismissed that he bought or made them with intent to wreaking havoc on campus. According to him, he found the devices within the school premises, saying he was trying to hand them over to the university's security.

"It all started on Friday when I was coming back from church. Just close to where the construction was going on, I saw two white things on the ground. When I picked them, I saw the instruction 'hand grenade."

He however, did not explain why he did not alert the school security.

The command's spokesman, Mr. Etim Dickson, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, who confirmed the incident, however, explained that the explosives were local devices, which could have been invented by any of the science students in the university.

Promising that the police would investigate, Dickson urged students and parents not to entertain any fear about possible breakdown of law and order in the university community. "The incident had been properly taken care of. We are on top of the situation as we urge all students and employees of the institution to go about their normal businesses. We shall get to the root of the mater," he said.

The university don confirm say na true say them catch the boy with bomb but them no go talk put for the mata as the mata don dey police hand.

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Monday, 22 September 2014


Barely days after being heavily critisised for whipping her butt with the Mexican National flag, she has taken her performance in another direction by wearing a p€nis nose.
This was for her last performance in Mexico.

Omo eh, Miley Cyrus really dey craze o. Wear prick for nose, she for just put am for mouth make we know say she don kolo.

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A 30-year old man has allegedly raped a 20-year old girl in Lagos, southwest Nigeria and uploaded her pictures on the internet.

The suspect, Olaniyan Oluwakayode, who hails from Osun State, allegedly raped the girl in his apartment at Ifako area of Lagos. He was arrested by the police and brought to the Lagos State Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, WAPA, in handcuffs.

The victim (name withheld) from Akwa Ibom State, alleged that after being raped, Oluwakayode snapped her pictures despite pleas from his sister to desist from such barbaric act, saying Oluwakayode was never her boyfriend as he claimed.

"He stops me anytime I am going to work. He approached me and I told him I was not ready to give him a reply. I did not go to his house. On my way back from work on Tuesday last week, I saw someone running out of his house, because there is a bush around their compound so he jumped from the fence down and held my hand and said he wants to do what's on his mind.

"So I asked him why would he do what's on his mind when I have not even accepted his advances, he said he would do what is on his mind today; so he dragged me  into the bush. When I wanted to shout, he brought out a knife and said if I shouted, he would kill me there.

"So from the bush, he dragged me to his house and locked the door. I tried all I could to open it but I couldn't because the door is an iron door and  very strong. He used his legs to hold my neck, he tore my skirt, my pant and my bra. He beat me very well on my head, neck and body and removed my pant and he slept with me. After he finished sleeping with me, I couldn't shout again because he was beating me and forcing me to open my legs. When I refused, he also held my neck so I couldn't shout," she alleged.

•Oluwakayode in handcuff after he was arrested

According to her, when Oluwakayode's sister came back around to 9.00pm, she asked her brother to open the door, asking him if he wanted to kill somebody's else child.

The victim said when he heard his sister shouting, he took her to the second room and still slept with her after which she urinated on the floor.

"His sister then came through the second window and pleaded with him to let me go, telling him that if she was the person that was being treated like that, would he be happy about it?  I started crying. I am 20 years old and I work as an Office Assistant and I learnt Fashion Designing.

"He has been asking me out for a long time. I was never his girlfriend, I have my own boyfriend. He raped me with pains, even his sister was crying and he snapped me immediately and his sister even said she will call his mother because even if she was the one they did that thing to, he would even over react," she stated.

The suspect, Oluwakayode denied raping her, saying she was his girlfriend.

"I was fighting with my girlfriend but they are accusing me of raping her. I never deny the fact that I snapped her picture when she was naked. We were fighting inside, but any other allegation levelled against me is a big lie. The only thing I did which I do not deny is that I snapped her naked picture.

"We were fighting inside and she has been hurting me for a very long period and we had an issue which made me delete her number. Last week, she flashed me. When I saw the strange number, I called the number back immediately. When I heard her voice, I asked her what she wanted because she told me that her name was Blessing, until we had the issue and she said her name is Comfort," he explained.

According to him, he met her passing by in June when he approached her to ask her for her phone number, which she obliged.

"Immediately, I called her and on her way back, she flashed me and I called her back and we met. She even came to my house and we sat outside and talked. She agreed to date me. There was a day we spoke on phone and she was asking me if I had an apartment, I told her that I didn't want to rush into anything, that I wanted to settle down in my business. I do branding in my house at Ifako.

"They said I raped her, but one thing is that I have a conscience and she also has a conscience and let our conscience judge. I believe with all the proof, the truth is that I never denied beating her, I did beat her with my head on her face and on her back when she held my manhood; so all the allegation of bringing out a powder, a knife and belt, I did not do it because I have a conscience and she has a conscience, that's all," he explained.

Well, we hear say them go carry the boy go court soon as na court go get final say. Now the boy say the girl na him babe, the girl talk say na lie? Abeg, who we go believe.

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Hahahaha! At least these one go purse ebola comot from the state... The Oyo state governorship aspirant of PDP Aloa Akala gave out hand sanitizers to encourage people to vote for him!

Everybody using ebola to their benefit. May anoda politician go share free ebola drugs next.

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Word on the street is that our darling black beauty ini edo is bleaching, they claim Ini Edo sparked speculations of her bleaching after being seen all over in different complexions.
Some say she's already a customer of Dencia whose Whitenecious cream has become an euphemism for bleaching.

Well, I doubt this gist, because sometimes last year i read an interview she granted, discouraging her fellow actresses from bleaching….

But if you look these pics again, e be like say her skin change colour abi na good environment make her body change?

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Today, Empress uche Akwuobi aka Empress slim a 300level student of Educational management and policy Unizik adds another splendid year to her age.
A friend of hers, Amupitan Eyitayo wishes to say a Happy birthday to her cos she has always been a special friend. He said:

"You are such a special friend,
Who deserves a special day;
For being who you are and
Bringing joy in every way.
You make me smile and laugh,
with everything you do,
So today I get to send
A special Birthday wish to you.
May all you heart desires be granted
And may you continue to put smiles on
The faces of people. You are and would
Always be a special friend.

Happy Birthday."

We the CampusAmebo crew also dey wish her happy Birthday and abeg, no spoil your friendship with these boy cos him really get u for mind.

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A corper serving in Nassarawa State posted this pic online and I couldn't help laughing out loud... Choi! Chelsea fans are too many jare! Every tout, agbero and alaye dey support

So chelsea fans no fit pay for viewing centers, well Arsenal fans get money buy DSTv watch match for their house.

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It is unbelievable. It sounds strange, though this is not the first
time such would be happening. Each time the incident occurs, it sounds
untrue. But it has happened again and there is a living being serving
as a confirmation. A bouncing baby boy named Moses Okiki Bolutiwatife.
The 'it' is incest committed by a 42-year-old Segun Oderinde against
his 16-year-old daughter (name withheld)

The name, Boluwatife, means 'As God wills', but is it really the will
of God for a man to sire a child through his own biological daughter?
Okiki also means 'fame' but is it this kind of fame the little baby
would have wished himself? This is the strange thing that has happened
in the Oderinde family in Gboro Compound, Igbeti, Olorunsogo Local
Government area of Oyo State.

Crime Reports learnt that Oderinde and the mother of his daughter, one
Funmilayo (37), divorced each other 13 years ago when the girl was
just three years old. The young girl was in her mother's custody until
when September 2013 when Oderinde insisted on taking his daughter into
custody. Not only that, he insisted that his daughter should be
sleeping in the same room with him.

Things however took a turn, according to reports, when on December 25,
2013, the teenager's sleep was rudely interrupted by her father who
came home drunk at about 1 a.m. asked her to get up. The girl's eyes
widened with shock and fear when her father brashly told her to remove
her dress.

As expected, the girl refused her father's abnormal command but
quickly complied when she saw him brandishing a well-sharpened,
glittering cutlass, with a threat to sever her head in a jiffy if she
was not fast in obeying his instruction. He succeeded in having sexual
intercourse with her, albeit forcefully.

Unable to comprehend her father's action, the girl reported the
incident to one of her stepmothers, who promised to find out if her
claim was true. Whether the woman asked her husband or not, the girl
did not know.

Her ordeal however continued when the man had sex with her again in
March and April 2014, unknown to her that she was already pregnant
with the first encounter. When she started feeling weak by the end of
April, she was said to have been taken to Ronke Clinic, Igbeti, by her
stepmother who is a nurse and was confirmed to be pregnant by one Mrs
Elizabeth Aremu.

The proprietress of the clinic reportedly informed the girl's father
and her paternal grandfather of the result of the pregnancy test
carried out on the girl and her confession which indicted her father.
Oderinde was said to have denied the allegation and started
maltreating his daughter until the case was reported at the Igbeti
Division of Oyo State Police Command on April 30, 2014.

When the report was received, The Divisional Police Officer, Mr
Oyelere Ishola, was said to have taken the girl to General Hospital,
Igbeti where the pregnancy was re-confirmed. She was referred to a
diagnostic centre to ascertain the duration of the pregnancy, and the
ultrasound scan done at one Bethsaida Hospital, Igbeti on May 1, 2014
indicated that the girl was four months and two weeks pregnant. She
was given the second week of September 2014 as the expected delivery

Crime Reports further learnt that the DPO and the Divisional Crime
Officer had to take it upon themselves to register the teenager for
ante-natal care at the General Hospital and while investigation was
ongoing, Oderinde, who had initially denied having carnal knowledge of
his daughter, confessed to have committed the act but denied
impregnating his daughter.

Based on the confession, Crime Reports gathered that on May 30, the
incestuous man was arraigned in Magistrate Court, Kisi on charge
number MKS/8C/2014 on a three-count charge including rape. He was
thereafter remanded in prison custody.

The teenager was reported to have delivered a healthy baby boy on
September 9, 2014 and on September 16, the baby was named Moses Okiki
Boluwatife Oderinde. This means that Oderinde is the father and
grandfather of his daughter's baby!

Speaking with Crime Reports from her mother's house where she had been
staying since she was discharged from hospital, the teenage mother
narrated her story thus:

"I was living with my mother until 2013 when my father asked me to
come and live with him. On December 25, 2013, my father woke me up and
asked to remove my clothes but I refused. He drew a cutlass and
threatened to kill me if I did not do his bidding. Afraid, I removed
my clothes and he forcefully had sex with me. He was the first man to
sleep with me because I had never had sex before then.
"The following day, I reported to one of his two wives who was a nurse
and she promised to ask him, but I don't know whether she eventually
did. In March, 2014, he did the same thing again and I ran to his
second wife's house and reported to her. She asked me to swear to an
oath with a bible but I refused since I knew I was saying the truth. I
started sleeping in her apartment.
"In April, he came to tell me to return to his apartment to do some
things for him but I refused to go. His wife however put pressure on
me to answer my father's call since he wanted me to do some things for
him at home. I followed him after much pressure.
"Unfortunately for me, on Saturday preceding Easter celebration,
precisely on April 18, he had sex with me again. All the while, I did
not know I was pregnant. I had my last menstruation in December 2013.
"My stepmother suspected I was pregnant and took me to one Mrs Aremu
who confirmed the pregnancy. The case was reported at the police
station and I started living with my paternal grandfather until I fell
into labour. My mother wanted the pregnancy to be aborted but the
doctor said he could not do it.
"After I was delivered of the baby and my grandfather was told that
the baby has a striking resemblance with my father, he ran away and
has not been seen since then.
"Since the confirmation of the pregnancy, the DPO and the DCO were the
ones who purchased baby things and other items that I would need
during and after delivery. They also paid my hospital bill. I now stay
with my mother and she is helping me to take care of the baby."

The girl appealed to members of the public to come to her aid so that
her education would not be stalled. "I want to return to school. I was
in JSS2 when this happened but I don't want it to mark the end of my
academic pursuit," the girl said.

Abeg make them check well, I no sure say that wicked man na the girl
papa. Of all the girls wey dey these world, nah him daughter hungry
am. Abeg, devil too much inside the man body.

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A student of the National Open University of Nigeria, Abdulmalik
Sa'idu, has been languishing in a police cell for over 20 days on the
orders of the Governor of Katsina State, Ibrahim Shema, for posting
details of an alleged fertilizer scam in the state on his Facebook
wall, Premium Times reports
This was disclosed to Premium Times by Mr. Sa'idu's family and lawyer.
Abdulmalik was first invited to the Katsina Government House on August
28 by a phone caller who claimed he had a message for him. But when
Abdulmalik arrived at the governor's office, he was promptly arrested,
handcuffed and taken to Batagarawa Police Station just outside the
state capital, Katsina, and detained on the orders of Mr. Shema's
aide-de-camp, Shehu Koko, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, DSP.
According to his father, Maiyawo Sa'idu, while the young student was
not charged with any offence, he was accused of cloning the governor's
phone number and using same to call the state Commissioner for Local
Government and Chieftaincy Affair, Sani Makana, with instructions that
Mr. Makana deposit N3 million in his account. Mr. Sa'idu said his son
was innocent. He said if indeed Abdulmalik cloned the governor's
number to dupe a commissioner he wouldn't be tricked to come to the
Government House to be arrested. "I think they are trying to frame
him. I know my son cannot clone the governor's number and call a
commissioner to put three million into his account," Mr. Saidu told

He said Abdulmalik was arrested because he posted details of an
alleged fertiliser scam by the governor on his Facebook page. Mr.
Saidu said prior to his son's illegal detention, some officials of the
state government had warned his son to desist from criticising the
governor on Facebook. On one occasion, the General Manager of Katsina
State Road Maintenance Agency, Jamilu Umar, threatened to pay N2
million to thugs or policemen to kill Abdulmalik if he doesn't stop
criticising the governor publicly, Mr. Saidu said. Governor Shema's
Chief Press Secretary, Sani Malumfashi, rejected repeated calls made
to his mobile phone after this reporter told him he was calling about
Abdumalik's case.

Mr. Sa'idu said he is worried about the wellbeing of his son after
relatives were abruptly stopped from seeing him a week into his being
detained. "For the first week they used to bring him out to me. He
would eat in front of me and they would take him back to the cell but
for more than 12 days now, we have not seen him. They told me that
they have a directive from above not to bring him to me," he said.
"The DPO (Divisional Police Officer) told me they have a directive
from the Government House not to bring him out for his family or
anybody in Katsina to see him."

Akin Ajayi, a Kaduna based lawyer, who is helping the family on the
case, said the DPO of Batagarawa Police Station told him he had order
from above not to release Abdulmalik on bail. "I spoke to the DPO of
the Batagarawa Police Station and he said he cannot do anything
because it was an order from above," he said.

Mr. Ajayi said as a lawyer, the governor should realise that he was
breaking the law by holding the boy beyond 48 hours on a "frivolous
claim." "The governor is a lawyer, his deputy is a lawyer and the
attorney general is a lawyer and they all know that it is wrongful of
them to arrest someone and keep him in detention for more than 48
hours on a frivolous claim that the boy cloned the governor's number
and wanted to collect N3 million and some other concocted allegations
which are not proven. And they now kept the boy incommunicado. His
family cannot reach him, and these days because of the security
situation in the north, he could be killed," he added. Mr. Ajayi
warned that if Abdulmalik was not released he was going to send a
petition to the National Human Rights Commission and the Inspector
General of Police. The DPO of Batagarawa declined to talk to Premium
Times after he was asked on whose orders Abdulmalik was being held
beyond the 48 hours stipulated by law.

Naija na funny country o. Once u dey power, u go fit do wetin u like.
But wait o, why e be say na these boy alone them arrest abi the boy
over talk pass him mouth. Life na sense, if u no like government, na
sense u go use talk am.

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Sources told Saharareporters that the former army general popularly
referred to as "IBB" was rushed to Germany 10 days ago from his
hilltop mansion in Minna, Niger State. President Goodluck Jonathan,
who departed Nigeria for the annual United Nations General Assembly,
will pay a visit to the ailing general in Germany later today.

In a press statement released from the President's office earlier
today, Mr. Jonathan's handlers
claimed he plans to spend one day for a private visit in London.
However, Saharareporters learnt the private trip was being planned to
pay a secret visit to Babangida in Germany.

Mr. Babangida's ailment relates to a chronic back ailment for which he
earlier had surgery in Germany. SR's source disclosed that Babangida
is severely ill.  A friend of the former dictator downplayed the
severity of the ailment saying he is "getting better."

Well, we dey wish am speedy recovery from these him sickness.

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